Behind the mask african masks


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Behind the mask african masks

  1. 1. Who’s Behind the Mask? This presentation provides images of masks from different museum collections. The resources here support a unit entitled “In the Spirit Of…”
  2. 2. African Gallery... Veranda Post, iroko wood and pigment, 1912-1916 Agbonbiofe Adeshina and assistants, African (Nigeria), died 1945 Ackland Fund, 91.974 Mask, wood with natural and European pigments, brass tacks, buttons, tusks, human hair, fabric, bells African, Liberia or Ivory Coast, probably Dan or We (Ngere) people, 20th century Gift of Michael H. Glicker, 81.62.1 Mask, wood, before 1932 Africa, Liberia or Ivory Coast, Dan People, 20th century Burton Emmett Collection, 58.1.236
  3. 3. the Ackland Art Museum Mask, wood, pigment, cloth, Africa, Nigeria, Idoma people, 20th century, gift of Dr. Harold J. Lurie, 72.35.2
  4. 4. North Carolina Museum of Art Ancient Americas Collection Peru, North Coast, Sican culture, about 1000-1476 Kero (Ceremonial Drinking Vessel) Gold alloy Purchased with funds from the State of North Carolina, 74.1.3 Costa Rica, Atlantic Watershed/Central Highlands, about 500-1000 Trophy Head Effigy Vesse Ceramic with incised decoration Gift of Dr. Clifton F. Mountain and Mrs. Marilyn T. Mountain, 96.4.41
  5. 5. NCMA’s African Collection Nigeria, Yoruba Beaded Crown, 20th century Glass beads and grass cloth, H. 20 3/8 in. (51.7 cm.) Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hanes, 77.2.10 ©NCMA Nigeria, Niger River Delta Sawfish Headdress, 20th Century Wood, mirrors, and paint, H. 27 1/4 x W. 19 7/8 x L. 89 3/8 in. (69.3 x 50.6 x 227.0 cm.) Purchased with funds from various donors, by exchange, 85.1 © NCMA Nigeria, Kingdom of Benin, Edo Leopard Hip Pendant, probably 18th Century Cast brass with copper inlay, H. 9 1/2 in. (24.1 cm) Purchased with funds from the bequest of W.R. Valentiner, by exchange, 99.2
  6. 6. Indians of British Columbia Transformation Mask Milwaukee Public Museum
  7. 7. Native American Masks from New Mexico Dream Spirit War Bonnet Medicine Bird Native Son Designs by Gregory Dunn found at The Adobe Trading Post
  8. 8. Animal Spirit Four Winds Touch the Sky Native Son Designs by Gregory Dunn found at The Adobe Trading Post
  9. 9. Mexican Devil Mask Milwaukee Public Museum
  10. 10. Alaska’s Tlingit Tribe Shaman’s Mask National Museum of Natural History, 1996.
  11. 11. Alaska’s Bering Sea Eskimo Transformation Mask Black Bear Inua Mask Bird Mask National Museum of Natural History, 1996.
  12. 12. Siberian Masks National Museum of Natural History, 1996. Wood Mask by the Maritime Koryak
  13. 13. National Museum of Natural History, 1996. Leather Mask by the Reindeer Koryak Leather Mask Chukchi
  14. 14. Mardi Gras Magic Lady Luck Pulcinella - Cirque de Soleil The Jester