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Homophone ppt
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Homophone ppt


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  • 1. Homophones
    • By: Kristen Stephens
    CI 350- Assure Plan Powerpoint
  • 2. What’s a homophone?
    • a word that is pronounced the same as another word, but has a different meaning and usually different spelling
    • Words like:
      • too, two & to knight & night
      • eight & ate ax & acts flea & flee
  • 3. Homophones can be tricky
    • The easiest way to tell homophones apart: pay attention to spelling, and memorize the definition that tags along with the spelling.
            • aunt- your father or mothers sister
            • ant- a tiny insect
  • 4. Homophone hint:
    • Sometimes it is easier to think of the homophones in picture form. Imagine the options in your head, then choose the correct spelling.
    • April (read or red) to the kindergarden class.
  • 5. What are common homophones? Common homophones are those that are used the most frequently. accept - take in except - other than blew- past tense of blow blue - a color eight - number after 7 ate- past tense of eat bare- uncovered bear- animal flour- cooking ingredient flower- plant poll- survey/vote pole- a long stick
  • 6. What are common homophones? Sometimes words have three homophones Words with three homophones can be tricky! buy- to purchase by- near to bye- goodbye to- directed towards too- also two- number after 1 their - belonging to someone they’re- they are there- direction
  • 7. Keep track!
    • Keep a list of the homophones you get confused with at your desk or in a notebook.
    • Make 2 columns. Put the homophones side by side and definition underneath. If there are 3 homophones, add another column.
    homophone 1 - brief definition homophone 2 - brief definition
  • 8. Is the list helpful?
    • Making your list will help you memorize the homophones that are confusing to you. It will also give you a reference to look back on.
  • 9. Wait, what are homophones?
    • Homophones are two or three words that are pronounced the same, but have different spelling and a different meaning.
    eight- like a number ate- past tense of eat