Libraries as a Partner

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Libraries are key to reading!

Libraries are key to reading!

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  • – page 8 and page 11adolescent literacy team -
  • – page 8 and page 11adolescent literacy team -


  • 1. What I ReadWhat I Don’t Read And What I Know
  • 2. •Inquire, think critically and gain knowledge•Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, applyknowledge to new situations, and create newknowledge•Share knowledge and participate ethically andproductively as members of our democratic society•Pursue personal and aesthetic growth.
  • 3. What Lifelong Readers Need 1. A balanced diet of reading materials 2. A growing repertoire or smart-reader strategies 3. The social skills to interact around books and ideas
  • 4. Reading Volume / Access to Print 1. The diversity of texts in all classrooms 2. The level of reading volume among students 3. The number of opportunities students have to read during the school day
  • 5. Vocabulary 1. Ensure there are a variety of books at a range of reading levels in each classroom so that all students can learn from reading
  • 6. Instructional practices involving theuse of trade books in content areashelp to extend and enrich thecurriculum
  • 7.
  • 8. national campaign
  • 9.  inquiry providing access to print using resources to engage and motivate going beyond the textbook diverse learners - differentiation being authentic using concepts - essential questions any or all of the above!
  • 10. Range, Quality and Complexity ofStudent Reading 6-12“Given space limitations, theillustrative texts listed above are…representative of a range of topics &genres…”
  • 11. Additional recommendations 1. Teach students strategies for selecting books 2. Provide professional development to teachers to locate, select, and use a wide range of diverse materials in their classrooms and instruction.
  • 12. Tools – change databasesSelect Share – then email optionFull text – Case Study
  • 13. Additional recommendations… 3. Evaluate the quality of reading materials 4. Secure an adequate budget to increase classroom collections, continue to build quality central library collections, and enable easy access to electronic texts in every classroom.
  • 14. •Put library on your checklist•Look for partners•Use the AEA libraries Expect more…
  • 15. Iowa reading test scores rise with thedevelopment of school libraryprograms. The relationship betweenlibrary program development and testscores is not explained away by otherschool or community conditions at theelementary level.
  • 16. Kristin SteingreaberGPAEA MediaSpecialistBibliographyAvailable