organic apple insect control program biological 7-16-14


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beetleGONE! is derived from a natural microbe called Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. galleriae. It is considered compliant with the USDA National organic program positive list. beetleGONE! fits well within an integrated pest management program IPM. It is complimentary to mating disruption, granulosis virus, other Bt strains active against Lepidoptera (moths), spray oil and other larvacides. It was developed in collaboration with Michigan State, U of Wisconsin, UC Davis, Joliet Community College and other organizations. It does not impact bees or other beneficial insects and may be applied while bees are foraging without worries.

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organic apple insect control program biological 7-16-14

  1. 1. VIROSOFT ® CP4 BioTepp, Inc. January 2011 BioTepp, Inc
  2. 2. VIROSOFT CP4 HOW IT WORKS NATURALLYVirus occlusion bodies (OB) infected larvaeare viral DNA encodedproteins within a protective The virus infects the larvae,protein coat. reproduces and destroys Neonate the apple/pear worm.After codling moth egg hatchOBs are eaten by neonate Photos courtesy of This stops feeding andlarvae. USDA ARS worms die within 3-7 days.
  3. 3. VIROSOFT ® CP4Unique “Quebec” CP4 virus strain for Codling Mothlarvae population management & controlA naturally effective substitute for CM insecticidesMeets all orchard sustainable & organic standardsNo effect on beneficial insects or other creatures BioTepp, Inc
  4. 4. Managing Codling Moth with Granulovirus and Spinosad Dept. of Entomology, 2003 WSU Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center, Wenatchee, WA Kieth R. Granger, Jay F. Brunner and Michael D. Doerr 1st Treatment Rate AI/A Spray generation (OBx1013) Interval (#aplc.) Moths/tree Virosoft® 0.38 10 d (8) 0 Untreated --- --- 17.6Virosoft is a registered trademark of BioTepp, Inc., BioTepp, Inc
  5. 5. Comparison of Codling Moth Virus Products 2006 Michigan State University Trevor Nichols Research Complex L. Gut, M. Hass, C. Hipshier, J. Wise & K. Schoenborn 1st generation Treatment Rate oz/Ac % shallow % deep Interval (#aplc.) stings entriesVirosoft CP4 2 7d (5) 11.2 11.2Untreated --- --- 8.8 33.5 BioTepp, Inc.
  6. 6. VIROSOFT ® CP4Treated fruit meets sustainable standards OMRI Listed® BioTepp, Inc
  7. 7. VIROSOFT FORMULA IS STABLE J ECON ENTOMOL. 2008 APR;101(2):288-94. EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON LONG-TERM STORAGE OF CMGV FORMULATIONS. LACEY LA, HEADRICK HL, ARTHURS SP.Storage Stability 36° F 77° F 95° FTest TemperatureVIROSOFT CP4 31 mo.+ 31 mo.+ 9 mo.Months with = to or > 95% CM larvae mortality at above temperatures+ stability test stopped before end point reachedWill store even longer if refrigerated or frozen BioTepp, Inc
  8. 8. VIROSOFT ® CP4Apply 2-3.2 oz/acre every 7-14 daysIf Codling Moth pressure is high use 7 day intervalBegin sprays at egg hatch (2 weeks after petal fall) and continue asneeded but apply at least 2 sprays per CM generationApply in enough water for thorough coverage of the tree bark, foliageand fruitMay be applied to Apple, Pear, Plum & Walnut trees BioTepp, Inc
  9. 9. VIROSOFT ® CP4 IN PROGRAMSOptimize control of Codling Moth andother insects:Apply Virosoft CP4 in IPM programs withdormant oil, mating disruption, otherlarvacides, kaolin clay and cultural controls BioTepp, Inc
  10. 10. IP M & ORG A N IC P ROG RAM E X AMP LE S AGAINST 1 ST G E N E RA TI ON C M & L R S OF T S TA RT AL L OWS BENEFICIAL S TO AS S IS T A S S UMES US E OF M A TI N G D I S RUP TION & S C OUTI N GTiming Delayed Petal Fall 100-200 1st Cover 1st Cover 2nd CoverDelayed 50-100 Degree 220-250 350 450-600Dormant Degree Days Degree Degree Degree Days Days Days DaysTarget LR larvae & CM eggs CM larvae CM larvae CM larvaeCM eggs CM eggsIPM 1 larvacide Virosoft® + Virosoft +OP+0il + oil larvacide lavacideIPM 2 ovacide/ Virosoft + Virosoft +OP+0il larvacide larvacide larvacideOrganic Virosoft VirosoftHort 0il Entrust + oil + kaolin + oil +kaolin or Entrust®Virosoft is a registered trademark of BioTepp, Inc. Entrust is registered trademark of Dow Agrosciences LLC BioTepp, Inc
  11. 11. VIROSOFT CP4Recommended reading:Lacey, Lawrence A., Thomson, Donald, Vincent,Charles and Arthurs, Steven P.(2008)Codling mothgranulovirus: a comprehensive review,BiocontrolScience and Technology,18:7,639 — 663 BioTepp, Inc