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    VVGR VVGR Presentation Transcript

    • The Violent VideoGame Researchers BY: Kelsey Sparks, Vincent Wilcox, Allen Hazelwood
    • How Violent Video Games Effect Adolescents
    • ● Argue both sides of the claim -harmful effects -positive effects● AgreementGroup Goal
    • Vincent - Harmful EffectsAllen - Positive EffectsProject overview
    • The Harmful Effects of Video Games on Adolescents
    • The Scenario (Bad Timmy)
    • ● Studies have suggested that exposure to violent video games increase angry and hostile feelings while interacting with others● 73% of violent video games reward violence as an effective way to handle conflict● Rewarding violence makes kids feel aggressive, violent behavior is rightIncreased Aggression
    • ● —Typical American Teen has seen 200,000 dramatized acts of violence and 40,000 dramatized acts of murder● Seeing so much violence makes kids more comfortable with violence● Not really phased by seeing or even performing violent actsDesensitized to Violence
    • ● Violent Video Games give kids eerie details on how to perform violent acts● Story of Michael Corneal● Video Games like COD allow kids to see how to kill in by putting them in the eyes of the killerLearning How to be Violent
    • ● Violent Video Games have a lot of harmful effects on todays adolescents● Desensitizes Youth to violence● Increases Aggression● Teaches Youth how to be violentConclusion
    • The Positive Effects of Video Games on Adolescents
    • The Scenario (Good Timmy)
    • Reasons to Play:● Fun● Competition● Leadership Opportunities● Problem SolvingExamination of ViolenceNormal Child Development
    • Idea that Violent Video Games create Violent Children...So wheres the violence?● Lowest child violence rates in 40 years● Chance of child dying in school is 7/10,000,000Decreased Violence Rates
    • Reasons to Doubt Research about how Violent Video Games Affect Children:● Little to Zero Results● Inconsistent Methods● Ignored VariablesIn 2011, the US Supreme Court claimedinformation too unreliable for a case!Inconsistent Research
    • Due to:● Normal Child Development● Decreased Violence Rates● Inconsistent ResearchI find it hard to believe violent video games turnchildren violent!Perhaps Timmy can be good afterall!Conclusion
    • The Compromise
    • Negative Positive ● Desensitizes Youth to ● Fun violence ● Competition ● Increases Aggression ● Leadership ● Teaches Youth how Opportunities ● Problem Solving to be violentRecap of Covered Topics
    • ● Video games in moderation● Parent Intervention● Other activitiesOur Solution
    • THE END Thank You for Listening!