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General presentation

  1. 1. Kristoffer Snabb Background: Computer Science: Interactive Digital Media, Sustainable Global Technologies, Networking business > 3 years with softGIS team
  2. 2. SoftGIS projects involvement Questionnaires with different themes: perceived environmental safety, perceived environmental quality, mobility, childrens questionnaire etc. Continuously open services for participatory urban planning: Vaasa and Järvenpää Consumer behavior patterns and mobility with a mobile application (Kesko and Fifth element)
  3. 3. My focus points Developing services for various research needs Managed development process for quality software with as less resources as possible Some analysis algorithms, computing and visualization of data Developing softGIS tools to make developing of similar services easier → softGIS API (application programming interface)
  4. 4. SoftGIS API A set of tools to be able to develop softGIS applications in a fast and reliable manner Server side REST interface for handling softGIS information  HTTP GET → query information  HTTP POST → update information  HTTP PUT → create new information  HTTP DELETE → delete information Javascript and python client for the server interface
  5. 5. SoftGIS user information example
  6. 6. SoftGIS user handling Register new user login user Forgot you password Email verification for user OpenID provider Also anonymous user creation for questionnaires
  7. 7. SoftGIS place API
  8. 8. GeoJSON example { "type": "Feature", "geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [102.0, 0.5]}, "properties": {"category": "appearance"}}
  9. 9. SoftGIS analysis example
  10. 10. Technologies used in softGIS Python, Django, GeoDjango, CSS 3, HTML 5, Javascript, Dojo, JQuery, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MongoDB, HTTP, REST, GeoJSON, AJAX, CORS, HTTP auth, OpenID, Oauth, Opensocial, ArcGIS server, ArcMap, JSON, GeoJSON etc..
  11. 11. SoftGIS architecture
  12. 12. Additional features All information connected to a user Opensocial under development for handling social network information: families, parents of kid etc. Software architecture allows connecting google maps, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin and other third party information to softGIS information Works with (almost) everything that is connected to the Internet
  13. 13. Why? No need to write applications from the beginning → Faster development Less bugs and other faults in mature software No other existing software tools supports all softGIS requirements Open Source with no license fees SoftGIS-api released at github with MIT license
  14. 14. Work in progress Use cases and services development with softGIS-api, e.g. softGIS Järvenpää Continuous requirements elicitation Semantic descriptions of the DB data in RDF/OWL Feedback and development collaboration with other researchers Administration interface Stable release 1.0 in the near future