Pre Test Results Wireless Networking Ccac


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Pre Test Results Wireless Networking Ccac

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Pre Test Results Wireless Networking Ccac

  1. 1. R e s o u r c e s L e s s o n s Q u iz z e s A s si g n m e n t s D is c u s si o n C o m p le ti o n
  2. 2. Wirel ess Netw orkin g resources: pre-test results Pre-Test Evaluation of your answers: 1. Which of the following is another network that has provided wireless connectivity? You chose: The telecommunications network. Correct! The telecommunications network provided wireless connectivity by introducing cellular telephones. 2. Which of the following is a representation for megabits per second? You chose: Mbps. Correct! The small b that follows M indicates bits; a capital B indicates bytes. Mbps represents megabits per second. 3. Which agency is responsible for the 802.11 wireless networking
  3. 3. standards? You chose: IEEE. Correct! The IEEE is responsible for the 802.11 wireless networking standards. 4. As a WAP feature, VPN pass-through does what? You chose: Provides a virtual private network connection to a private network. Correct! As a WAP feature, VPN pass-through enables a virtual private network connection over the Internet to a private network. 5. Which of the following technologies uses the Generic Access Profile for basic device information exchange? You chose: 802.11. Incorrect. The 802.11 specification standardizes wireless networking, and it does not use profiles for exchanging device information. The correct answer is: Bluetooth. 6. First-generation cellular networks (1G) use which method to transmit from cell phone to a cell tower? You chose: Digital. Incorrect. 1G cellular networks do not transmit data from cell phone to cell tower digitally. The correct answer is: Analog. 7. What is the first task you should perform when deploying a wireless network? You chose: Plan the network. Correct! Planning the network should be the first step when deploying a wireless network.
  4. 4. 8. Which of the following WAP features is found on a business-class WAP? You chose: Firewall. Incorrect. Business-class WAPs do not incorporate a firewall, since business networks have existing, business-class firewalls already deployed. The correct answer is: Remote management. 9. What is the primary benefit of Windows Zero Configuration? You chose: A common Windows interface for all wireless network settings. Correct! Windows Zero Configuration provides a common Windows interface for all wireless network settings. 10. To connect to an Ad Hoc Wi-Fi network, which of the following is required? You chose: All devices must have the same wireless NIC. Incorrect. The only requirement for wireless NICs is that each be compatible with the same Wi-Fi standard. The correct answer is: All devices must be on the same wireless channel. 11. Which wireless networking encryption scheme is best suited for use with a central authority? You chose: 802.1x. Correct! 802.1x is capable of integrating with a central authority and designed to work with identity servers in an enterprise environment. 12. How many new Bluetooth-enabled devices are shipped each week? You chose: 200,000. Incorrect. There are far more than 200,000 Bluetooth-enabled devices shipping each week. The correct answer is: 2 million.
  5. 5. Your score: 58% (out of 100%). Pre-Test Date submitted: 01/21/2009 Please print this evaluation for your records. resources | lessons | quizzes | assignments | discussion | completion Course content © 1997-2009 by David Iseminger. All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of any course material without prior written permission is prohibited.