Final Exam Introduction To Windows Vista Results And Score


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Final Exam Introduction To Windows Vista Results And Score

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Final Exam Introduction To Windows Vista Results And Score

  1. 1.  Resources  Lessons  Quizzes  Assignments  Discussion  Completion Introduction to Windows Vistacompletion: final exam results<br />Final ExamEvaluation of your answers:What type of program is Windows Vista?You chose: Operating system.Correct! Windows Vista is your computer's operating system. It's the program that gets your computer started and determines how you operate the computer.Which of the following refers to holding down a mouse button while moving the mouse?You chose: Drag.Correct! To drag an item, you point to it, then hold down the primary mouse button while moving the mouse.Where will you find the vast majority of icons for starting programs that are installed in your computer?You chose: Start menu and All Programs menu.Correct! Recently used programs are on the left side of the Start menu. All programs are on the All Programs menu.Which button in a dialog box applies your selections and closes the dialog box?You chose: OK.Correct! The OK button applies your settings and closes the dialog box.Which mouse action is used to display shortcut menus, like the desktop shortcut menu or taskbar shortcut menu? You chose: Right-click.Correct! Viewing handy shortcut menus is what right-clicking is all about.Settings like 800 by 600 pixels and 1024 by 768 pixels are examples of what?You chose: Screen resolution.Correct! Screen resolution is expressed as the number of pixels wide by the number of pixels tall.What do you call the small handy tools and programs that go on the Windows Sidebar?You chose: Gadgets.Correct! Each item you put on the Sidebar is a gadget.Which Windows Vista feature provides transparent window borders?You chose: Windows Aero.Correct! Windows Aero provides transparent window borders and Flip 3D.Suppose you set your screen saver to kick in after 30 minutes of idle time. Then in your Power Plan, you set the monitor to turn off after 15 minutes of idle time. When will the screen saver play on your screen?You chose: Never.Correct! The monitor will already be off by the time the screen saver kicks in. The screen saver won't play on a monitor that's turned off.Security best practices recommend you use which type of user account for all of your day-to-day computing?You chose: Standard.Correct! A Standard account is sufficient for day-to-day computing and provides better security than an Administrator account.In regard to user accounts, when is the Switch User option most appropriate?You chose: When you or another user needs to briefly access a different user account.Correct! Switch User should be used only to allow a user to briefly access a different user account for a few minutes.What do options on your screen that sport a little shield icon require?You chose: Administrative privileges.Correct! Only people who have administrative privileges can use shielded options.Which security feature focuses on protecting your computer from hackers by blocking rogue Internet packets?You chose: Firewall.Correct! Firewalls protect your computer from hackers and worms that spread through Internet connections.Which Windows Vista security feature automatically keeps your computer up-to-date with current security patches?You chose: Automatic updating.Correct! Automatic updating helps to keeps your computer safe from current Internet threats by keeping it up-to-date with the latest security patches.Which Windows Vista security feature allows you to control and monitor children's computer use and to protect them from inappropriate games and Internet content?You chose: Parental controls.Correct! Parental controls are all about keeping children safe.Which of the following is a valid URL for a Web site?You chose:! A URL (usually) starts with http:// (though you can omit that part) followed by a host name, domain name, and domain type separated by dots (periods).Which type of program window can you move by dragging its title bar, and size by dragging any corner or edge?You chose: An open program window that's neither minimized nor maximized.Correct! When an open window is neither minimized nor maximized, you can drag it around by its title bar. You can size it by dragging any corner or edge.You're interested in finding some recipes for pecan pie on the Internet. So you decide to do a search. Which of the following would be the best word or phrase to use in your search?You chose: Pecan pie recipe.Correct! That's exactly what you're looking for, so that would be the best choice of words to use in your search.What is the name of the e-mail client program that comes with Windows Vista?You chose: Windows Mail.Correct! Windows Mail is the e-mail client that comes free with Windows Vista.Judging from its format and appearance, what type of address is chose: An e-mail address.Correct! Only e-mail addresses contain the @ character.Which kind of security threat tries to make you log into a phony Web page to divulge your user name and password for an online account?You chose: Phishing scam.Correct! The scammers are " fishing" for user names and passwords to online accounts.Which Windows Vista program would you use to store and manage people's names and addresses?You chose: Windows Contacts.Correct! Windows Contacts is all about names and addresses.In Windows Contacts, which button allows you to choose different ways to view contact icons, like Large Icons, Tiles, List, and Details?You chose: Views.Correct! The Views button lets you choose a way to view icons in Windows Contacts and other folders.When you delete a contact's icon from Windows Contacts, where does that contact icon go first?You chose: Recycle Bin.Correct! All deleted icons end up in the Recycle Bin, and stay there until you empty the Recycle Bin.Which Windows Vista program helps you keep track of tasks and appointments?You chose: Windows Calendar.Correct! Windows Calendar is all about managing your time.You receive an e-mail message with a file attached. The attached file has an .ics filename extension. What kind of file is that?You chose: Windows Calendar.Correct! A file with an .ics filename extension is a calendar or appointment.With which widely used standard format does Windows Calendar comply to make sharing calendars and appointments easy?You chose: iCalendar (iCal).Correct! iCalendar (also called iCal) is a widely used standard format for storing calendar information.Which Windows Vista program helps you organize, edit, and share photos?You chose: Windows Photo Gallery.Correct! Windows Photo Gallery is all about organizing, editing, and sharing pictures.Which type of cable can you use to connect most modern digital cameras to a computer?You chose: USB.Correct! Use a USB cable to connect most modern digital cameras to a computer.What kind of device would you use to get photographic prints (or any other document printed on paper) into the computer and Windows Photo Gallery?You chose: Scanner.Correct! A scanner is a device that allows you to copy anything that's printed on paper into a computer.What Windows Vista program lets you edit photos to brighten, crop, fix red eye, and so forth?You chose: Paint.Incorrect. You can use Paint to resize a picture or perform other editing tasks. The correct answer is: Windows Photo Gallery. (Lesson 11, Chapter 1)Which of the following is a common file type for photos?You chose: JPEG.Correct! JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, and it's a file type for storing photos.A megabyte is approximately how many bytes?You chose: 1,000,000 (a million).Correct! A megabyte is about a million bytes.Which program would be best for typing a business letter or report that you intend to print on paper?You chose: WordPad.Correct! WordPad is a word processing program that comes free with Windows Vista. Use it to type letters, reports, and other text documents.When working with text, which key do you press to delete the character that's to the left of the cursor?You chose: BACKSPACE.Correct! The BACKSPACE key deletes the character to the left of the cursor.You've typed some text in WordPad. Now you want to change the font and color of a chunk of text. What must you do before using buttons on the toolbar to change the font and color? You chose: Select the text you want to change. Correct! Formatting works on a select, then do principle.Your score: 97% (out of 100%). Excellent job!Final ExamDate submitted: 09/02/2008Please print this evaluation for your records.resources | lessons | quizzes | assignments | discussion | completion <br />Course content © 1997-2008 by Alan Simpson. All rights reserved. Reproduction or redistribution of any course material without prior written permission is prohibited. <br />