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PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat!

PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat!



Presentation for the Seminar "Advanced eCommerce (15-16 February) 2013" of ELTRUN - AUEB.

Presentation for the Seminar "Advanced eCommerce (15-16 February) 2013" of ELTRUN - AUEB.
The Presentation is about Pay Per Click, its application and specific requirements for eCommerce.



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    PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat! PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat! Presentation Transcript

    • PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. Repeat !Konstantinos Skianishttp://gr.linkedin.com/in/konstantinosskianis
    • The PPC Landscape Major Players
    • PPC Challengesfor eCommerce Tens or Hundred Categories.. Hundreds... Thousand Products that Change all the Time ! Million ways (keyword variations) that customers might use looking for your Products.. Competition can Get Wild and... Costly
    • Challengesfor eCommerce It may turn into a daunting Process..
    • So what do we do?• Where do we start from?• How do we start?• How do we Organize this large process?
    • Think Strategically• Choose your Battles and Prioritize..• START from Categories/Products I wish to promote more AND I am competitive?• Build on your Advantages, Start Small and GROW BIG
    • Now.. let’s get back toMarketing BasicsDo not forget the Basics!The journey into buying Shoes Online..
    • ...back toMarketing Basics Shopping Funnel AWARENESS INTEREST LEARN Shoes SHOP Nike Shoes Long-Tail BUY Black Nike Air Jordan Shoes
    • The Shopping FunnelSearching Online LEARN SHOP BUY Product Gathering Comparison, I’m buying  Info Prices, Features Keywords:Keywords: Keywords: • Nike Basketball• Basketball Shoes • Nike Red Air Shoes• Shoes for Basket Jordan • Reebok Shoes for• Shoe on Sale • Reebok WR72-X Basket • Nike Air Jordan • Cheap Nike Basket PINK No.38 ball Shoes
    • The PPC Process• Keyword Research• Account Structure• Conversion – eCommerce Tracking• Implementation• Optimize – Test, find the “Sweet Spot”• Monitor – Measure Performance (ROI, Profit)...and.. Repeat !
    • Keyword Research• Start Wide to examine variations of Keyword Themes: – Basketball shoes, Shoes for basket, – Nike shoes, Reebok shoes• Go Deep in Keyword themes to find opportunities: – Light Basketball Shoes, White cheap basketball shoes – Black Nike basketball shoes, Reebok red WR72-X• Love the Long-tail keywords !• Use Tools, eg: – Keyword Tool – Google Trends – Google Results – etc.
    • Google AdWordsKeyword Tool
    • Google Trends
    • Google Trends
    • Google Results
    • Google Results
    • Invest in CorrectAccount Structure
    • Account StructureAdWords
    • Install Conversion &eCommerce TrackingSimple Advice... Do not Start without it..!!! It’s easy to do it and Reward is enormous..
    • eCommerce Trackingon Google Analytics
    • Conversion Trackingon Google AdWords
    • Conversion &eCommerce Tracking But... do not forget to Count Offline Sales initiated by Online Search !Search Online - Buy Offline might be large.If not taken into account, opportunities might be lost!!!You might STOP Profitable PPC Campaigns and lose Sales So Build a System for Monitoring Offline Sales or use an existing one!!
    • Implement Thoroughly Refer to Account Architecture you designed Go Gradually Avoid “Broad Match” on keyword matching options Match: Keywords – AdText – Landing Page Align Budget Allocation with Company’s Pursuit BUT provide insights.. After all you have real Data!!!
    • Implement Thoroughly Use available AdWords Features, e.g.:  Ad Scheduling  Sitelinks  Call Extensions  Social Extensions etc.. Use AdWords Editor Needs some training but  Hundreds of changes can be made easily  Work Offline  Useful when AdWords Account is edited by more than 1 PPC expert
    • Implement Thoroughly -AdWords Editor
    • Implement ThoroughlyGoogle Display Network Use the Google Display Network (GDN)“Targeted placement of an advertising message onwebsites at Google Partner Sites…” Targeting:  Contextual Targeting  Placement Targeting  Interest Targeting  Topic Targeting  Target Demographics  Other Targeting Features (Geography, Ad Scheduling etc.)  REMARKETING  FIND YOUR LOST VISITORS
    • Implement ThoroughlyUnleash the Power of Remarketing!! • Install the Remarketing Code • Think Strategically (Which Visitors to Target) • Design Remarketing Lists • Design Relevant, tailor-made Banners  Pursue your site abandoners !! ..but do not intimidate them.. ...apply a Frequency capping 
    • Implement ThoroughlyUnleash the Power of Remarketing!!
    • Test the PPC AccountWhat to Test: Account Structure AdText Keywords (matching types, placement in Adgroups etc..) Bids (AdGroup - Keyword level) Ad Scheduling Features (Display URL, Sitelinks etc.) Landing Pages (A/B Test – Multivariate Test): Use Google Experiments
    • Monitor –Measure PerformanceWhy we run PPC Campaigns ? To Increase Sales and achieve Profit... Yeah!!!Is Monitoring – Measuring Performance Important? Some Campaigns WIN and we have to consider Scaling them up Other Campaigns FAIL and we need to alter them or Stop Completely Competition changes Seasonality matters Product Availability – Stock might alter our Targets
    • Monitor –Measure Performance(We will focus on Top-Level monitoring) 1st Rule: Know your Margins  Per Product Category, Brand, even Product 2nd Rule: Understand ROI... ROI = (Profit)/(PPC Spent) e.g.: €100 spent  Revenue: €300 Profit Margin:50%  ROI = (300*0,5-100)/100 = 50%But focus on the 3rd Rule...
    • Monitor –Measure Performance 3rd Rule: Aim to Achieve max Profit e.g.: What do you prefer?  ROI: 200% leading to Profit: €1.000  ROI: 35% leading to Profit: €10.000 ROI is important but should be coupled with Sales Volume.. ROI is a good indicator of sensitivity of the Campaign (a very profitable campaign with 5% ROI might lead into a blood shed...) So aim at maximizing PROFIT !
    • Monitor –Measure Performance Idea No1: Consider using an Attribution model  Last Click?  Assisted Conversions...  Look at Conversion Paths  Get more Sophisticated... shortly
    • Measure PerformanceAssisted Conversions
    • Measure PerformanceConversion Path
    • Measure Performance Idea No2 : Incorporate Life Time ValueConsider the example: PPC Spent: €100  Loss: €-10... But some Customers now know your e-shop, return directlynext time and make further Purchases..  Profit €50...  Life Time Value is Important ! Use your CRM to examine and possibly Calculate it (based on Net Present Value)
    • Repeat the Cycle! Products Change all the Time Competition changes People’s Taste, Search pattern change frequently PPC is not a “Fire and Forget” Weapon There is not such thing as “PPC Nirvana” Repeat the Process continuously to achieve...
    • THANK YOU ! 