PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat!


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Presentation for the Seminar "Advanced eCommerce (15-16 February) 2013" of ELTRUN - AUEB.
The Presentation is about Pay Per Click, its application and specific requirements for eCommerce.

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PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. repeat!

  1. 1. PPC for eCommerce: Implement, Optimize, Monitor and.. Repeat !Konstantinos Skianishttp://gr.linkedin.com/in/konstantinosskianis
  2. 2. The PPC Landscape Major Players
  3. 3. PPC Challengesfor eCommerce Tens or Hundred Categories.. Hundreds... Thousand Products that Change all the Time ! Million ways (keyword variations) that customers might use looking for your Products.. Competition can Get Wild and... Costly
  4. 4. Challengesfor eCommerce It may turn into a daunting Process..
  5. 5. So what do we do?• Where do we start from?• How do we start?• How do we Organize this large process?
  6. 6. Think Strategically• Choose your Battles and Prioritize..• START from Categories/Products I wish to promote more AND I am competitive?• Build on your Advantages, Start Small and GROW BIG
  7. 7. Now.. let’s get back toMarketing BasicsDo not forget the Basics!The journey into buying Shoes Online..
  8. 8. ...back toMarketing Basics Shopping Funnel AWARENESS INTEREST LEARN Shoes SHOP Nike Shoes Long-Tail BUY Black Nike Air Jordan Shoes
  9. 9. The Shopping FunnelSearching Online LEARN SHOP BUY Product Gathering Comparison, I’m buying  Info Prices, Features Keywords:Keywords: Keywords: • Nike Basketball• Basketball Shoes • Nike Red Air Shoes• Shoes for Basket Jordan • Reebok Shoes for• Shoe on Sale • Reebok WR72-X Basket • Nike Air Jordan • Cheap Nike Basket PINK No.38 ball Shoes
  10. 10. The PPC Process• Keyword Research• Account Structure• Conversion – eCommerce Tracking• Implementation• Optimize – Test, find the “Sweet Spot”• Monitor – Measure Performance (ROI, Profit)...and.. Repeat !
  11. 11. Keyword Research• Start Wide to examine variations of Keyword Themes: – Basketball shoes, Shoes for basket, – Nike shoes, Reebok shoes• Go Deep in Keyword themes to find opportunities: – Light Basketball Shoes, White cheap basketball shoes – Black Nike basketball shoes, Reebok red WR72-X• Love the Long-tail keywords !• Use Tools, eg: – Keyword Tool – Google Trends – Google Results – etc.
  12. 12. Google AdWordsKeyword Tool
  13. 13. Google Trends
  14. 14. Google Trends
  15. 15. Google Results
  16. 16. Google Results
  17. 17. Invest in CorrectAccount Structure
  18. 18. Account StructureAdWords
  19. 19. Install Conversion &eCommerce TrackingSimple Advice... Do not Start without it..!!! It’s easy to do it and Reward is enormous..
  20. 20. eCommerce Trackingon Google Analytics
  21. 21. Conversion Trackingon Google AdWords
  22. 22. Conversion &eCommerce Tracking But... do not forget to Count Offline Sales initiated by Online Search !Search Online - Buy Offline might be large.If not taken into account, opportunities might be lost!!!You might STOP Profitable PPC Campaigns and lose Sales So Build a System for Monitoring Offline Sales or use an existing one!!
  23. 23. Implement Thoroughly Refer to Account Architecture you designed Go Gradually Avoid “Broad Match” on keyword matching options Match: Keywords – AdText – Landing Page Align Budget Allocation with Company’s Pursuit BUT provide insights.. After all you have real Data!!!
  24. 24. Implement Thoroughly Use available AdWords Features, e.g.:  Ad Scheduling  Sitelinks  Call Extensions  Social Extensions etc.. Use AdWords Editor Needs some training but  Hundreds of changes can be made easily  Work Offline  Useful when AdWords Account is edited by more than 1 PPC expert
  25. 25. Implement Thoroughly -AdWords Editor
  26. 26. Implement ThoroughlyGoogle Display Network Use the Google Display Network (GDN)“Targeted placement of an advertising message onwebsites at Google Partner Sites…” Targeting:  Contextual Targeting  Placement Targeting  Interest Targeting  Topic Targeting  Target Demographics  Other Targeting Features (Geography, Ad Scheduling etc.)  REMARKETING  FIND YOUR LOST VISITORS
  27. 27. Implement ThoroughlyUnleash the Power of Remarketing!! • Install the Remarketing Code • Think Strategically (Which Visitors to Target) • Design Remarketing Lists • Design Relevant, tailor-made Banners  Pursue your site abandoners !! ..but do not intimidate them.. ...apply a Frequency capping 
  28. 28. Implement ThoroughlyUnleash the Power of Remarketing!!
  29. 29. Test the PPC AccountWhat to Test: Account Structure AdText Keywords (matching types, placement in Adgroups etc..) Bids (AdGroup - Keyword level) Ad Scheduling Features (Display URL, Sitelinks etc.) Landing Pages (A/B Test – Multivariate Test): Use Google Experiments
  30. 30. Monitor –Measure PerformanceWhy we run PPC Campaigns ? To Increase Sales and achieve Profit... Yeah!!!Is Monitoring – Measuring Performance Important? Some Campaigns WIN and we have to consider Scaling them up Other Campaigns FAIL and we need to alter them or Stop Completely Competition changes Seasonality matters Product Availability – Stock might alter our Targets
  31. 31. Monitor –Measure Performance(We will focus on Top-Level monitoring) 1st Rule: Know your Margins  Per Product Category, Brand, even Product 2nd Rule: Understand ROI... ROI = (Profit)/(PPC Spent) e.g.: €100 spent  Revenue: €300 Profit Margin:50%  ROI = (300*0,5-100)/100 = 50%But focus on the 3rd Rule...
  32. 32. Monitor –Measure Performance 3rd Rule: Aim to Achieve max Profit e.g.: What do you prefer?  ROI: 200% leading to Profit: €1.000  ROI: 35% leading to Profit: €10.000 ROI is important but should be coupled with Sales Volume.. ROI is a good indicator of sensitivity of the Campaign (a very profitable campaign with 5% ROI might lead into a blood shed...) So aim at maximizing PROFIT !
  33. 33. Monitor –Measure Performance Idea No1: Consider using an Attribution model  Last Click?  Assisted Conversions...  Look at Conversion Paths  Get more Sophisticated... shortly
  34. 34. Measure PerformanceAssisted Conversions
  35. 35. Measure PerformanceConversion Path
  36. 36. Measure Performance Idea No2 : Incorporate Life Time ValueConsider the example: PPC Spent: €100  Loss: €-10... But some Customers now know your e-shop, return directlynext time and make further Purchases..  Profit €50...  Life Time Value is Important ! Use your CRM to examine and possibly Calculate it (based on Net Present Value)
  37. 37. Repeat the Cycle! Products Change all the Time Competition changes People’s Taste, Search pattern change frequently PPC is not a “Fire and Forget” Weapon There is not such thing as “PPC Nirvana” Repeat the Process continuously to achieve...
  38. 38. THANK YOU ! 