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  • Good Morning Everyone, we are here to deliver a presentation to give you an overview of Bata, specifically Bata India Pvt Ltd.
  • The company was founded by Tomas Bata, at Loussane (lozan) which gave it its name... It was founded in 1894 and incorporated in india in 1931 at Konnagar (now Batanagar). The company has 5 manufacturing facilities in INDIA. Bata India’s CEO is Rajeev Gopalakrishnan
  • Bata acts through 4 divisions
  • Bata’s worldwide operations are monitored by 3 BUSINESS UNITS, Bata Metro Markets, having its headquarters in Lozan, Switzerland Bata Branded Business, with best in Netherlands as its headquarter and Bata emerging markets, having its headquarters in Singapore. Metro markets looks after the activities in Urban Areas in developed countries all over the world. Branded business has looks after new designs and all the designers work under this unit. Emerging markets continuously monitors opportunities to be exploited in developing countries or where it has not yet marked its presence.
  • The red colored countries indicate those which currently have Bata Shoe Stores Operates more than 5000 stores world wide. Has marked its presence in over 70 countries Has employed over 40,000 people in its 27 production facilities worldwide And serves over 5 million customers everyday
  • Combining Italian design with handcrafted detail and the highest quality leather, Bata’s premium Ambassador brand sets the standard for European footwear. And its trend-setting style doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Legendary quality, trend-setting styles, and a tradition of innovation that goes back to 1894. For more than 100 years, the Bata brand has offered the best shoe at the best price and includes funschool range of footwear for school going kids. --- Comforting, bracing, reassuring; Bata Comfits look out for your feet, providing continuous sustenance and gentle support. Comfit’s advanced ergonomic design gently supports your feet every step of the way. Super-soft uppers and a cushioned insole and heel surround your feet with tenderness. A durable non-slip sole makes sure you’re safe.
  • Casuals for men and women...known worldwide for the comfort they offer. These were introduced in 1960s. In 2010, 7 exclusive Hush Puppy Stores were opened in India --- Moccasino range is available in Moccasins, Lace-Ups and Slip-Ons --- The North Star sneaker brand was created in Canada in the 1970s, and became an instant classic beloved by a generation of Canadians. The North Star collection delivers fresh designs and quality construction, allowing your feet to remain comfortable while they express themselves. Dynamic, unconventional, iconic- that’s North Star.
  • Power was introduced in 1971 and since then have been providing mid priced athletic footwear. --- Bata and reebok have had a promotional partnership since 2001. Reebok tok this move to establish its name in India. --- Scholl footwear is manufactured with keeping precision and intricacies of footwear in mind.
  • Weinbrenner range is built for the people of outdoor kind. The main feature of these shoes is this that they have a rugged exterior and dedicated to functionality. --- Buublegummerz is a range designed for kids and is categorized into 3 age brackets, 1-2 years, 3-5 years and 6-9 years.
  • Naturalizer brand was introduced in 1927 and was a brand, exclusively for women. The brand came to be known as “the shoe with the beautiful fit”. --- Marie Claire range was designed in France and epitomize a mixture of comfort and contemporary footwear.
  • Manipur, Nagaland and Uttarakhand have no stores. Maharashtra leads with 111 retail outlets, next is karnataka with 105 followed by Uttar Pradesh with 82. Madhya Pradesh is at the 13th position with 19 stores.
  • 2 Stores in Katni 2 Gwalior 4 Jabalpur 2 Ujjain 4 Bhopal 1 Satna 5 Indore
  • With over 1,200 stores across 400 cities at present, Bata is planning to open 100-odd new outlets this year. The company on Friday launched its largest store in North India at Lucknow, spread over 8,600 square feet in the heart of city. The store offers complete range of Bata comprising footwear and accessories like handbags and belts. “ Many of our upcoming outlets would be even bigger than this store,” Bata India managing director Marcelo Villagran told Business Standard after the launch. Bata sells over 50 million pairs of shoes every year entertaining 5,00,000 customers daily. In the last five years, Kolkata-headquartered Bata has opened 350 stores and renovated 200 existing stores. He said most existing stores were located in the metros and other major towns, however, the company planned to expand its footprint to serve virgin territories. However, he clarified that Bata was not planning to launch other accessories to complement its current portfolio. “ Last financial year (January-December), Bata posted 15 per cent growth in sales and 43 per cent increase in profits,” Villagran added. Bata owns five manufacturing units in India, however, it also sourced a ‘good percentage’ of its products from other units as well, including from Kanpur. The company has launched Bata Home Delivery Service under which customers, unable to find footwear of their choice/size, are delivered the product at doorsteps without extra cost.
  • "If the last five years were all about consolidation, the next five years will be all about expansion," says the Bata India MD and CEO, who transformed the company from a point of bankruptcy when he took over six years ago to one of the most profitable operations of the Swiss multinational globally.Bata will introduce almost four designs every day, open 70-100 stores of at least 5,000 sq ft every year, and push its online sales to shed its image as a low-cost functional footwear brand that appeals to the 40-plus age group.• Designed by a specialist team of retail designers from Italy in collaboration with our in-house dedicated team of architects, the new Bata Shoe Stores are the best in their class.•  • The layout of these stores is as per Bata international standards and is designed to offer the most effective display and provide the maximum convenience to the customers, so as to make the shopping experience a unique one.A soft-spoken astute Spanish in his late 60s, Villagran closed hundreds of unviable stores and spawned them into large-format outlets, overhauled product portfolio with the help of Bata's global design centre and refined manufacturing and sourcing strategies, to help Bata come out of three years of continuous losses that peaked at 62 crore in 2004 and steadily grow since then. In 2010, its net profit rose 42% year-on-year to 95 crore..... The company shut down all unviable stores and ensured the stores remain open every day for 12 hours. Bata has shut down almost 400 small stores, which looked more like warehouses with hundreds of pairs of footwear staked in 1,000 sq ft or less, and opened 270 large-format stores at prime locations. "In footwear, higher display tends to drive higher sales," says Chandra, who is the vice-president for marketing and customer service at Bata India. The company now plans to increase the average store size to 5000 sq ft. ----- It plans franchisee route and online expansion to push sales.
  • The customer can place order from anywhere in India and BATA is Commited to Deliver the products within 7 working days. e-commerce website
  • The company’s manufacturing catalogue includes products from Plastic - Rubber and from Canvas - Leather The units have 425,00,000 units production capacity for Rubber footwear and 15,96,000 units for leather footwear
  • According to several market studies, Bata has one of the largest & best production facilities in india People at Bata believe that “Quality & Customer Satisfaction is their motto” The manufacturing units including the tannery employ over 6,800 people Its product design and development department is continuously updating its product design software to
  • Bata

    1. 1. Prestige Institute OfIndore Research, Management & A presentation on
    2. 2. Presenters
    3. 3. PresentersKshitiz Jain Ankit BajajPratik Betala Sachin Motlani
    4. 4. A Brief Introduction
    5. 5. A Brief Introduction Year Of Establishment 1894 Tomáš Baťa Location Loussane, SwitzerlandYear Of Incorporation In India 1931 Location Konnagar
    6. 6. Divisions EuropeNorth America Latin America Asia Pacific - Africa
    7. 7. Bata Metro Markets, LoussaneBata Branded Business,Bata Emerging Markets, Best, Netherlands Singapore
    8. 8. Bata’s Reach
    9. 9. Bata’s Reachs Operates More Than 5,000 Retail Stores Employed Over 40,000 People Serves 5 million Customers Everyday Has Production Facilities In Over 27 Countries Has Marked It’s Presence In Over 70 Countries
    10. 10. Bata - Brands
    11. 11. Bata - Brands
    12. 12. Bata - Brands
    13. 13. Bata - Brands
    14. 14. Bata - Brands
    15. 15. Bata - Brands
    16. 16. Store Statistics
    17. 17. Store Statistics821 Stores in India
    18. 18. Store Statistics821 Stores in India
    19. 19. Store Statistics GwaliorKatni Jabalpur 19 Stores in Madhya PradeshUjjain Indore Bhopal Satna
    20. 20. Store Statistics RNT Marg Old Post Office5 Stores in Indore AB Road MG Road Jawahar Marg
    21. 21. Retailing
    22. 22. Retailingalian Team Of Store Designers 70-100 New Stores Every YeaServes Over 150,000 Customers Every Day Increase In Sales By 15%Sells Through Over 1250 Stores Increase In Profits By 43%
    23. 23. Retailing Opened Over 108 Large Format Stores With A Majority above 3000 sq ft Renewed Around 66 StoresClosed 59 Stores Which Became Unviable For Future 50 Million Footwear Sales Every Year
    24. 24. Exclusive Retailing Has 17 Exclusive Hush Puppy Stores For Its Premium BrandBata Home Delivery System cum Customer Helpline Number - 011-66032282 e-Commerce :
    25. 25. Production
    26. 26. Batanagar HosurFaridabad Patna Bangalore
    27. 27. Production RubberLeather Manufacturing Catalogue Canvas Plastic
    28. 28. ProductionBata India Ltd. Has One Of The Best & Biggest Manufacturing Facilities In India Continuous Updates In IT Infrastructure Employees Over 6,800 People Quality Control & R&D Department At Batanagar
    29. 29. Promotion
    30. 30. Promotion 100% waterproof.A Walkmaster suedeChukka Boot: Rs. 41.95B Walkmaster Brow Brogue: Rs. 39.95C Walkmaster Buckle- down: Rs. 39.95 D Walkmaster Black Casual: Rs. 39.95E Walkmaster Black Derby: Rs. 39.95
    31. 31. PromotionBATA’s Advertisement In Indrajal Comics
    32. 32. Thank You...