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Working styles of boss
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Working styles of boss


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  • 1. 12 Working Styles of Bosses & How to keep them happyPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip. Based on “How to Manage Your Boss” by Ros JayPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012)
  • 2. As bosses come in different shapes and sizes, theirworking styles are also different. Identify your boss’sworking style so that you can do your best to fit in and learn how to keep your boss happy
  • 3. 1 Bureaucratic Characteristic  This boss sticks to the rules and likes paperwork  He is not a great risk-taker How to keep your Boss happy  Put things in writing and stick to the rules yourself  Don’t bother putting forward any proposals involving major risksPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 3
  • 4. 2 Laid Back Characteristic  Results are more important to this boss than dotting i’s and crossing t’s  So long as things are going well, he won’t be too concerned with details How to keep your Boss happy  Don’t bother this boss with petty details  Just focus on getting the results he wantsPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 4
  • 5. 3 Consultative Characteristic  This type of boss is likely to involve you in decisions, projects and information and keep you in the loop How to keep your Boss happy  Don’t be secretive around this boss  He won’t bothered with every detail of what you do but he will want your general approach to be as open as hisPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 5
  • 6. 4 Non-Consultative Characteristic  Quite the opposite, this boss never tells you what’s going on until he decides that you need to know  While his judgment may often be right (if frustrating), sometimes you need to know more than he realizes How to keep your Boss happy  Don’t ask for information you don’t require  If you do need to know something, explain why, so he realizes your need to knowPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 6
  • 7. 5 Concerned with detail Characteristic  Not the same as being bureaucratic, although it often goes alongside it  This boss will breathe down your neck most of the time, always wanting to know the nitty-gritty of what you’re doing and why How to keep your Boss happy  Give this boss plenty of progress reports and supply all the details he wants  This will make him feel he can trust youPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 7
  • 8. 6 Focused on the big picture Characteristic  This boss doesn’t want to be hassled with minor details  He is concerned with objectives and results and how they are achieved is your concern, not his How to keep your Boss happy  Don’t trouble him with small things - use your initiative  Express ideas and suggestions in terms of the objectives and results that interest this bossPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 8
  • 9. 7 Creative Characteristic  Originality and inventiveness are what grab this boss and he wants ideas and creative suggestions from you about everything from how to double sales to a novel approach to the office party How to keep your Boss happy  Learn from him and from other sources such as books on how to exercise your creative mind so you can approach problems and challenges in the same way the boss doesPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 9
  • 10. 8 Logical Characteristic  This boss likes all ideas and suggestions to be based on logical reasoning, not on creative leaps of the imagination  Facts and figures should back up every argument How to keep your Boss happy  Make sure you have data to justify every proposal or solution you bring to this bossPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 10
  • 11. 9 Organized Characteristic  A tidy desk and a well-kept planner or diary are the hallmarks of this boss  He likes plenty of lists and always knows what the priorities are, both short and long term How to keep your Boss happy  Look organized yourself  This boss won’t believe you can work effectively if your desk is a mess and you are always late for meetingsPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 11
  • 12. 10 Unorganized Characteristic  This boss may work very effectively but he doesn’t look it  Papers all over the place, always wondering where he is supposed to be next and never quite appearing to be on top of the job How to keep your Boss happy  Learn to anticipate what he wants because he won’t  Give him plenty of warnings and reminders before deadlines or important meetings but don’t give the impression you’re nannying him (unless you know he likes it)Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 12
  • 13. 11 Proactive Characteristic  New projects get this boss excited and he is always looking to initiate schemes and ideas How to keep your Boss happy  Show enthusiasm for his ideas and be ready with plenty of your own, geared towards key objectives (yours and your boss’s)Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 13
  • 14. 12 Reactive Characteristic  This boss spends more time responding to issues and ideas than initiating new ones  So he tends to be more thoughtful and less inclined to take risks (it is not unusual for him also to be the bureaucratic type) How to keep your Boss happy  Don’t try to get him to launch endless new projects  Instead, concentrate on getting the job done thoroughly and seeing things through to completionPrepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 14
  • 15. In conclusion . . .  Whether your boss’s working style is included in this list or not, you would know by now that it is not hard to keep your boss happy once you have identified his working style  It is really about how you work in relation to your boss, not how you work when you are left alone  After you know what is your boss’s style, you can maintain a good relationship with him when you know the answer the following 3 questions:  What impresses your boss?  What winds your boss up?  How your boss likes you to work?Prepared by : Wong Yew Yip (November 2012) 15