Introduction to B2B Public Relations


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B2B public relations 101 presentation, delivered to the Tooling & Manufacturing Association in Chicago. Describes what public relations is, why it matters, how to develop a public relations strategy, how to measure PR success. Stresses the importance of developing an integrated communication program in which public relations supports marketing and vice verssa

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Introduction to B2B Public Relations

  2. 2. BlissPR OverviewBlissPR is a full service communications firm that helps B2B companiesdifferentiate themselves through ideas & thought leadership leadership.  Founded in 1975 Our Practice Groups  Offices in New York,  Financial services Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta  Professional services  Members of WorldCom, largest independent  Healthcare network of PR firms 2
  3. 3. Today s Today’s Agenda• PR Myths• How does PR work?• Building brand awareness g• Tips for media success• Developing a PR strategy p g gy• Where do you go from here? 3
  4. 4. PR Myths• PR = Press Release• You can turn to it sporadically when there’s time• The media never gets it right• You should see immediate results• It’s impossible to measure its effectiveness• You can offload PR to an intern 4
  5. 5. What is PR?“Public relations is a strategic communication Public process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.” 5
  6. 6. PR: Old vs. New ApproachBy Bruno Clement, Workstream •6
  7. 7. communicating with target audiences wherever they may be listening, talking Traditional Your own Exhibitions Media M di Blogs, website, (on-site media(print, online, communities & newsletters, interviews, broadcast, social media communities events/demos) radio) 7
  8. 8. PR leverages a variety of tools… Core C t t C Content Speeches, Social Compendia: Bylined B li d Events Webinars W bi media: di Interviews, - News feeds articles (in-person, and Twitter, quotes - Micrositeand posts associations, podcasts Slideshare, digital) communities - Report 8
  9. 9. Maximum Impact: Integrated p g Piece of Content C t t Blog Press New Biz White Paper Comments Release Support LinkedIn Client Expert Bulk Email News Bylined Twitter Webinar Q&A Newsletter Commentary Alert Pages articles Influencer Video Interview SEO/Landing Email to Outreach Series Page ProspectsSuccessful integrated marketing campaigns often center aroundcontent that can be leveraged across multiple channels.The ability to develop clear and compelling messages backed byrealistic and impactful marketing strategies is the key toany successful public relations program. 9
  10. 10. Why Does PR Matter?Amid pinkslime,consumerswant details Goldmanabout their Sachs and afood culture- culture–USA Today killing lesson being ignored –Fortune •10
  11. 11. PR Moves People to Action 11
  12. 12. PR Builds Trust, Credibility• Builds relationships, not contact lists• Creates dialogue, not email chains• Fosters peer to peer interaction not vendor to interaction, customer transactions• Highlights specialized expertise not silos expertise,• Showcases thought leadership, not marketing spea speak• Demands ongoing engagement, not p j project or sales mentality y 12
  13. 13. Why Does Trust Matter? 13
  14. 14. What Do People Trust? p 14
  15. 15. Developing a PR Strategy Analyze Media Landscape:Research Compare Competitive audit,Internal Against Media trendsDynamics: External Dynamics• Interview TMA Develop board & key • Competitive landscape Audit Social integrated committee members review Conversations: Develop content• Review existing g • What is your o eac g overarching market k t Social chatter, chatter initiatives marketing materials, plans, position? primary influencers, program & timeline digital news, SEO website • Where is there keywords messaging• Identify key opportunity? • Multi-platform business • How do others • Audience- objectives and j currently specific differentiators perceive you?• Conduct Survey • Trackable content audit Stakeholders & Prospects: Set goals, Interview current and metrics potential members, i l b relevant 3rd parties • Measurement dashboard 15
  16. 16. Key to Success: FocusFind your sweet spot and make it central to y y p yourstrategyOptimize that in as many ways as possible y yCenter your plan on a few key themes thataddress your members’ needs and support y y pp yourbrandUnify members around brand attributes &messages; without their support, your efforts failSet goals and reasonable timelines, but have theflexibility to adjust as you go 16
  17. 17. Tactics & Tools Come Last Don’t spray your message!Have clear objectives, goals, benchmarks for each platform and each campaign 17
  18. 18. Developing Media Relationships• Strategic targeting: do your homework• B clear about your expertise; diff Be l b t ti differentiate ti t• Have a timely purpose for calling (and understand media definition of “timely”) timely )• Appeal to human nature: compliment; mention a recent story y• Be a resource: what can I do to help you?• Balance your agenda with theirs y g• Be responsive; respect deadlines 18
  19. 19. Measuring SuccessPrioritize which marketing goals matter most for the program.Then, identify the right data to measure, including evaluating: Awareness: number of media mentions, surveys, website traffic/new visitors, SEO keywords, views of content, social t ffi / i it k d i f t t i l mentions, influencer activation, Klout score Relationships/Loyalty: consistent presence in key media, RSS / SS subscribers, membership renewals, active members, repeat visitors, increase in social conversations Sales (or related actions): social-only offer clicks/redemption, registrations, event attendance, new members, donations 19
  20. 20. What Are Your Options?Agency • Retainer, ProjectFreelancer • Retainer, HourlyFull-time Staff• Salary, BenefitsGrad Student• School Credits, Hourly Credits 20
  21. 21. Next StepsListen • Set news alerts and social listening program for keywords & your organization • TMA is an expert resource on _____Answer • W want members/prospects to ____ We t b / t t • Your top priorities Y t i itiThinkThi k • What you want to change • The type of help you most needAbout • External trigger points 21
  22. 22. Final Thoughts: PR Success People want to know about people (all content should tell a “people” story) Integration maximizes content impact (existing & new) Laser-focus on goals and metrics (what do you want people to do) Be nimble (revisit refine respond) (revisit, refine, 22
  23. 23. Questions? Kellie Sheehan Twitter: @kshe Phone: 314-993-2117 23