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Group 2

  1. 1. Marketing Strategy is like solving Rubik’s Cube - Jonathan Houston
  2. 2. • Store to sell various types of puzzles. • Assemble & Sell cubes of various sizes, including o 3x3 Rubik’s cube, o 2x2 cube, o Big cubes (4x4 cube, 5x5 cube, 6x6 cube, 7x7 cube) o Non-cubic shaped (Pyraminx, Megaminx etc.) • Can also sell puzzle add-on supplements like Stickers, lubricants, sticker removers, cube cleaners, pouches etc. • Provide services like interactive tutorials on how to solve the cube. • A generic solution involves 5 stages: Cross, First layer, Second layer, cross on last layer, OLL (orient Last layer), PLL (Permute last layer). • The world record is 5.11 seconds. Introduction
  3. 3. Plan of action •Import DIY(Do it yourself) kits. (From vendors like Lightake, HknowStore, etc, since DIY kits are cheaper than assembled ones. •Prepare an assembly line to assemble the cubes. •Establish a flagship store along-with an online portal for shopping.
  4. 4. • Educational/recreational/hobby toys for all ages irrespective of demographics. • Target Schools-Primary and secondary, colleges and other educational institutions and forums. • Target parents/guardians so that they can introduce it to their children. • Have a wide price range for cubes ranging from lowest quality to the highest quality targeting common man and premium segment at the same time. Segment & Target consumers
  5. 5. Will Smith in The Pursuit of Happiness Key differentiators •Builds confidence specially with under achieving students. • Promotes cooperative learning. • Provides students with a frame work for solving problems • Improves spatial awareness and exercises the brain • Demonstrates the need for practice • Approximately 1000 rubik cube solvers in the country
  6. 6. Strengths Unexplored market towards educational toys No age/ gender/ demographic barriers Variety of puzzles to keep everyone interested Multiple ways of solving the puzzles (two hand, one hand, blind fold and feet) •Will enhance the analytical and logical thinking of individuals Opportunities India has about 800 to 1000 cube solvers according to World Cube Association and only under 100 people having a time of under 30 seconds Workshops and events can be organized at school level to interest the young crowd. Market for add-on products such as stickers, lubricants Various levels of cube solving can be introduced Selling of merchandise related to Rubik’s cube Mobile apps can be developed Weaknesses Cube solving might become monotonous for some over a period of time Conservative mindset of parents towards extra curricular activities in India Visually impaired and color blind Threats Video tutorials online: Over 40,000 videos are uploaded for cube solving on You Tube daily across the world Stiff competition from Chinese products SWOT Marketing Plan – SWOT Analysis
  7. 7. Marketing Plan • Market the product in schools and colleges due to the advantages of knowing how to solve a cube. Market the cube as an educational gift • Provide additional services like interactive tutorials on how to solve the cube. Sponsor & Organize competitions in collaboration with World cube association • Cube mosaics in schools, colleges and malls to create buzz and hype. Setup kiosks/desks in malls to target families. • Conduct workshops for members of all age groups to promote cube solving • Promote cubes to summer camps and online forums •For initial foray into the market, we will target private school and colleges on contract basis.
  8. 8. Thank You!!! Ravikanth Rao - 159 Maneet Gohil - 92 Kartik Vijay - 82 Nirjhar Virendra - 121