Федор Тардатьян,RestoPraktiki2013


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Федор Тардатьян,RestoPraktiki2013

  1. 1. G et r e a dyto see a rather unusual presentation for a very special projec t that is soon to be launched in Moscow Monty Python Cu g rtai n O penin Autumn 2012 Lo n do n – M oscow zaza house
  2. 2. Ac t oneThe Introduction Follow the white rabbit...
  3. 3. The Cast Lond on New YorkThe Capital of Great Britain. One of the major cities in the The Big Apple. The most American city, where movie starsworld. Cars drive on the left, policemen wear funny hats and mingle with taxis and tourists, where Harry met Sally. NewQueen Elizabeth II has reigned for over 60 years. London loves York is crazy about organic food and finds smoking tasteless.its traditions and history, which are reflected dramatically in The USA, as a country, is a baby compared to her brothersBritish fashion. sand sisters across the pond and thus treasures it’s recent history; Old things don’t get thrown away here, they are either sold in garage sales, recycled or given to charity. MoscowThe Golden City. The city that is painfully trying to reinventitself. Self expression is only allowed strictly within the frame Vintageof law. But nobody knows what that law is and there are no The term vintage has been lent to the fashion world from thetraditions. Organic food is a rarity. The metro is spectacular world of wine making. According to Wikipedia, vintage refersbut most uncomfortable. The city is in conflict with its own to pieces that were produced in XX century and becamepast: historic buildings are being demolished to be replaced fashionable again in XXI. Vintage gained new popularity in theby unsightly developments. But Moscow is never boring! 90’s when it became separated from antique and second–hand. Fashion is born in cities that carry memories of the past 3
  4. 4. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza HouseL o n do n :Dandyism, George Brummell and Oscar Wilde, tie pins, ethnicmotives, all those turbans brought back from colonies, the Beatles,glam rock, Vivienne Westwood, punk culture, Alexander McQueenand Damien Hurst. Cool Britannia rules as ever. 4
  5. 5. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza HouseNe w Y or k :Has influenced greatly the fashion and style in XX century. Thinkprohibition, speakeasies, Great Gatsby, golden 30’s, hippies, AndyWarhol and his “Factory”. New York style is not just denim jacketand jeans combo — the James Dean look. 5
  6. 6. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza HouseM o s co w :Moscow seems modest when compared with New York andLondon with it’s cliches: bears, vodka and fur hats. In addition toStalinist’s military style and cozy long swimming suits of the 50’s,Moscow gave the world aesthetics of the Russian Constructivism,now studied at St. Martins and Fashion Institute of Technology.They say that Moscow has no taste. But, believe me, Moscow isgrossly underestimated. 6
  7. 7. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Everywhere excluding Moscow 1910 1920 1930 1940 1950 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000The term vintage clothing usually refers to original clothes of previous generations(over 30 years old) featuring recognizable fashion trends of the era.Vintage clothes shops became an integral part of western cities. Vintage But sadly there are no vintage shops in Moscow. One has toallows history to live in the present, the popularity of vintage reflects travel to New York, London, Berlin or Paris in pursuit of vintageChaucer’s famous words “There’s never a new fashion but it’s old”. shopping. 7
  8. 8. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House A bit of History. Why vintage is so popular?It’s original It’s nostalgic It’s like a treasure huntEvery piece is one of a kind Every item is a link between now and Vintage shopping is exciting, one has to times gone by search, dig and hunt out the interesting purchasesIt’s sustainable It’s street fashion It’s chicVintage does not have an environmental Street fashion is responsible forfoot print a variety of styles weakening the influence of fashion gurus. 8
  9. 9. ac t t woHero enters “Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves and, of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys they’d just walk around naked at all times” Betsey Johnson
  11. 11. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Autumn 2012.Will see the New Venue open in Moscow E OPENNI AR NG E W the very first in Moscow TRUE Vintage Store G E N U IN E b u t w a i t. . . THERE ARE MORE surprises TO COME WITH Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11 11
  12. 12. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Oldich loading . . . 12
  13. 13. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House If you are asked, what is Oldich*? ge clothin V i n ta g a nd accessor ies b a r a n d r e stau r a n t w e e k days club at weekends t h e m e d par t i e s , e t iq u e t t e l e s s o n s , af t e r n o o n t e a , l u n c h e s a n d br u n c h e s . gig s a n d D J s l i k e i n W e s t e r n E u r o p e a n c iti e s T H E A T R IC A L Unu sua l for Moscow*Oldich is a made up word based on words old and ending –ich like in Ipswich, Northwich, Woolwich, Greenwich & Aldwych (derives from theOld English eald and wic meaning "old trading town" or "old marketplace"). There is an allusion here to Shoreditch in London, an area famousfor its vintage shops and markets. 13
  14. 14. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Who is it for? Oldich begins with the wardrobe , as long as there are enough hangers!In the first half of XX century wearing second hand clothes was seen as a sign of poverty. Nowdaysit’s a sign of originality, good taste, non–conformism, originality. Individuality is more important nowa-days than belonging to a class and one’s style is the best way to express one’s individuality. Our clients:People from creative professions from 18 to 80 and above! journalists,photographers, designers, people working in fashion and advertising. 14
  15. 15. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House 15
  16. 16. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Plan To find one’s way around Oldich is as easy as finding one’s way around an Engraving by Escher….. It is an enigma; a puzzle for adults to be able to lose themselves in times gone by. OLDICH DRESS opening hours: B. DMITROVKA YOU CAN SMOKE YOUR CIGARETTE Oldich Dress HERE! 10.00–22.00 COURT Oldich Drink su–th 11.00–2.00, OLDICH DRINK OLDICH DRINK fr–sa 10.00–5.00 BAR + RESTAURANT = CLUBOldich Dress&Drink is a venue that covers two floors, with two large can be accessed via the stairs at the back of the shop. At night, whenshop windows facing the street and enclosed winter and summer the shop is closed, access to the club can be gained via the front stairs.gardens at the back of the shop. Both rooms of the shop are located One can also enter Oldich from the courtyard, where there are bothupstairs. The bar and restaurant are found in the basement/cellar and winter and summer gardens. 16
  17. 17. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House The Interior We cannot yet show you the complete Oldich , but we can acquaint you with some of the antique details that will grace the interior of Oldich .Set of bar mahogany chairs, 1910s Armchair, Shoolbred and Co, end Decorative rosette, with Chicago, Sideboard with four doors, Mid of XX century. Rumoured to have Illinois marking, 1900’s XIX century belonged to Oscar WildeSet of lyre shaped golden plated Swedish sofa, leather and wood, Marble top bar stand, painted Shell shaped wall lights, 1920’swall lights 1900’s wood, 1930’s 17
  18. 18. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House David Carter We are glad to introduce you designer of OldichCarter has been running his interior design practice for over sixteen described as ‘contemporary classic’, but all this really means is that heyears, taking part in the design of the popular Scetch Cafe in 2003. loves mixing old and new, and he is equally adept at conjuring up all the theatrical flamboyance of a Marie Antoinette-inspired boudoir as he He has also been short listed for the highly prestigious Andrew is masterminding the muted machismo of a Bond-esque bachelor pad.Martin International Interior Designer of the Year Award — widelyregarded as the ‘Oscars’ of the interior design industry — in 2001 and All of the furniture items where created or acquired for Oldich in2007. Carter doesn’t like labels. His signature style might loosely be the UK and many are unique. 18
  19. 19. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 11 Oldich is located here and you won’t be able to miss itHere on Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street there once stood General Nicolai In 1903-05 the manor house was refurbished and joined with the newMuraviev’s manor house. The General established a famous English Building No 11 designed by the architect of “Russian Art Nouveau”gentlemen’s club, known to be frequented by Pushkin. The English Adolph Ericsson, to become a lodging house. The ground floor was oc-club was one of the first of it’s kind in Russia and membership was not cupied by a furs boutique run by the royal house official fur suppliereasy to obtain. Writer Zagoskin wrote in his “Moscow and Muscovites” tradesman Mikhailov, selling hats, muffs and fur scarfs to wealthy public.book: “I’ve known one member (of the club), and he is one of many,who used to mark four major events in his life: Birthday, Entry into Of- In 1910 the house staged a real–life, Shakespearian tragedy, resultingfice Corps, Marriage and Joining the English Club.” in three suicides and involving Baranov’s manufacture owner Zuravlev, 19
  20. 20. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza Houseoil magnate Nicolai Tarasov, industrialist Ryabushinskii and famous so- fices which still occupies part of the building. Nowadays only the furcialite and beauty Olenka Gribova. warehouse nearby reminds one of past times.The life of Building No11 was far less dramatic in Soviet times, the place Other neighbours of Oldich include Conde Nast Russia publishing housewas mostly used by various offices, including state’s prosecutors’ of- offices (Vogue, GQ, AD), a chess club and a vegetarian restaurant. 20
  21. 21. ac t threeMeet the Hero The moment you throw out old clothes they become fashionable again
  22. 22. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Is a unique place inviting it’s guests to joinin the transformation game. It is more than just a club. It is more than just a vintage clothes shop. It is more than just a bar and restaurant with unusual cuisine 22
  23. 23. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Oldich. Dress New dress for the King and Queen 2600р 22680р 7800р 16400р 10700р 3300рIt’s English and European vintage with emphasis on theatrical and ex- shop feel. Day dresses will be priced around 1-5 thousand rubles,clusive style. These are not clothes just to wear, these are clothes to evening dresses — up to 40 thousand rubles. Accessories — betweendress up in. Evening dresses, sequin, silk, fur, velvet, lace, whitework 300-5000 rub. Different price ranges are to allow the customer to buyembroidery, hats, gloves, bags and hats — all that is loved by women, at least two items within 5000 rubles price range or one more elegantbut is not always clear where to wear in Moscow. or exclusive piece.Oldich Dress&Drink is the answer. One can buy an outfit in our shop In addition to vintage clothes, Oldich features items of furniture andand wear it to one of our vintage themed parties. interior decorations, collectable LPs, contemporary and vintage books on fashion and photography, vintage jewelry, exclusive modern per-Our pricing policy is more democratic than one usually adopted in fumery created from antique receipts, glasses, vintage souvenirs, hatsMoscow. But the prices will not be too low to avoid the “second hand” and gloves. 23
  24. 24. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House16700р 2540р 4800р 2800р 55000р9000р 10000р 15000р 9000р 3000р 24
  25. 25. Moscow — London Summer 2012 Shop front Oldich talks to the cityOldich’s two big shop windows are not only showcasing the new ar- from memorable dates, hollywood films premieres, new fashion maga-rivals and collections but are art installations in their own right and are zine launches and other cultural events.designed based on the current collection and theme taking inspirationVivienne Westwood shop 30’s anniversary Sex Coltrane lives! Jazz-altar in memory of the famous sax playerLeather, studs, metal BikersRockers Oh, Audrey! Tribute to the actress1930s style cruises Queen Mary Phantom of The Opera Halloween display“Live” shop window pin up style Pin Up Girls Hitchcock Themed after Hitchcock moviesAmerican retro bbq Pary Like It 1955 Video Killed the Radio star Wall made of old kinescopes 25
  26. 26. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Oldich. Drink К луб в исконном значении с лова , к ак объе динение людей по интерес а мOldich’s doors lead into a venue where everybody feels part of the show. ary soirees and aroma music gigs, dance classes and etiquette class-Active interactions with clients, feel like part of the atmosphere in the bar es, burlesque, cabaret, members only diners, re-enacting rituals andthat is new to Moscow, in more ways than one! Help make Oldich stand out menus from the past, cocktail parties with historic drinks no longerfrom the usual watering holes and be part of a new Moscow experience. found in Moscow; passwords and mysterious entry keys (i.e. old pho- tographs to be shown at the entrance to gain admission), imaginaryWe love themed parties, with however, an appropriate dress code, words and other tricks will make one feel submerged in the magicalrole playing parties where every guest will be able to take part, liter- world of Lewis Carroll. 26
  27. 27. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House The Club It ’s not only modern music Modern dance music with elements of vintage theme e l e c t r o s wi n g foxtrot retro disco neo funk and neo soul r o c k a b i l lyDJs Todd Terje, Eoin Long, Alkalino, Chris Jylkke, Disco Syndicate, Edwin Van Cleef, Greg Wil- son, Harvey, Hot Toddy, Moon Boots, The Metaphysical, Tim Zavada, Andrew Weatherall One touring artist a month... Andrew Bird, The Pipetts, The Baseballs, Janelle Monae, Aloe Blaac, Mayer Hawthorne, Duffy, Mark Ronson, Charlie Winston, The Polka Dot Dolls, Imelda May, Jamie Lidell 27
  28. 28. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House 28
  29. 29. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House The Club What to do if one doesn’t dance RES I DEN T AND I N V I T ED D J S W I LL BE PLAY I NG M US I C I N T H E E V EN I NGS Once a month Very special events L i t er a ry soir ees , w her e e v eryone ta k es pa rtD inner s b a s ed on m en u s f ro m fa m o u s f ic t ion nov el s or described historic events R a r e w ine a nd dr inks ta s t ing Bedtime story soirees, imported from London L ec t u r es a n d ot her ed u c at ion a l projec t s promoters are entrepreneurs party is a theater show guests are spectators and actors all at once 29
  30. 30. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House The Restaurant Menu — is not a Moscow bestcellers chart Take a small camembert cheese, place it in on the baking parchment, add some thyme, red peppercorns, sprinkle with farmer’s honey and place some pecan halves on top, wrap all in and bake at 200C for 15minutes. Serve with garlic bread. That dish goes really well with Zinfandel Napa Valley California.Forget all the cliches of Moscow restaurants! there will be no caesar cuisine, which will be a pleasant surprise for our guests. Every item onsalad, sushi or burgers with mash. Oldich’s menu resembles a travel the menu has been tried and tasted and is presented and describedblog, featuring dishes from all over the world. Here French oysters on the menu in such a way as to make one want to try it. For example,are neighbours to Italian olives spiced with fennel and oranges, fig our burgers made with 100% Hereford beef, served with yeast free bunsalad from Morocco, Spanish fish soup, American burgers and Eng- and Aioli sauce based on free range eggs, gruyere cheese and rose-lish roast dinners. Oldich offers no classic dishes that are abundant in mary. The food is served on vintage plates that our team sourced outother restaurants. It will be served simply in the style of home-made at London vintage markets. 30
  31. 31. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House The Menu Quotations from menu Salmon baked with fennel Raspberry jelly and orange 270 rubles 750 rubles Oysters with white, wine Lamb salad with mint and vinegar and lemon sesame seeds 250 rubles per oyster 450 rublesRoasted veal with rosemary Camembert baked with and blanched tomatoes thyme, honey and pecan nuts 750 rubles 320 rublesChicken liver pate served on Duck leg confit with thyme toast with onion chutney and mashed potatoes 350 rubles 550 rubles 31
  32. 32. Autumn 2012. London — Moscow. Zaza House Garden Just imagine — a little piece of London in Moscow a hidden gateway to the British capitalGarden will be arrangedSummer 2013 32
  33. 33. @ ruC A N B E ME A SU R ED I N THE S I NCE R I T Y O F Y OU R SM I L ES A ND THE Q U A NT I T Y O F EM A I L Soldich oldich.