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Presentation holidays

  1. 1. 12 July, Northern Ireland
  2. 2. People in Northern Ireland annually celebrate Orange mens Day to commemoratethe Battle of Boyne, which occurred on Ireland’s east coast in 1690. It is a bankholiday on or after July 12 and often features marches. This day is known as"Orange mens Day", "Orange Day", "the Glorious Twelfth" or just "the Twelfth".
  3. 3. What do people do?What about the public life?Schools, public offices, many businesses and organizations, and some stores are closed.Public transport services may run on their regular or special holiday timetables.
  4. 4. Background
  5. 5. Up Helly Aarefers to any of a varietyof fire festivals held inShetland, in Scotland,annually in the middle ofwinter to mark the end ofthe yule season
  6. 6. In Lerwick, the capital of Scotlands ShetlandIslands, a fire festival named Up Helly Aa is heldevery January to mark the end of the yule season.Local participants called guizers celebrate theirNorse heritage, dressing in Viking gear andmarching through town with battle axes and torchesas they drag a ceremonial Viking longboat. At theend of the procession, the guizers hurl their torchesonto the longboat and set it ablaze. After the flamesdie down, guizers sing the traditional song "TheNorsemans Home" before a night of partying.
  7. 7. Flames engulf a viking longboat as it is set on fire during the Up HellyAa fire festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland, on January 29,2013.
  8. 8. Participants dressed as Vikings prepare to participate in the annualUp Helly Aa festival in Lerwick, on January 29, 2013.
  9. 9. A young participant dressed as a Viking prepares for Up Helly Aa inLerwick, on January 29, 2013.
  10. 10. Participants, guizers, dressed as Vikings prepare for Up Helly Aa inLerwick, on January 29, 2013.
  11. 11. Young Jarl Squad vikings shout as they march through the streets onthe morning of the Up Helly Aa fire festival in Lerwick, on January 29,2013.
  12. 12. Members of the 2013 "Jarl Squad" during the Up Helly Aa processionon the Shetland Islands, on January 29, 2013.
  13. 13. Members of the Jarl Squad light torches during Up Helly Aa, onJanuary 29, 2013.
  14. 14. The Jarl Squad starts throwing torches at the longboat during UpHelly Aa in Lerwick, on January 29, 2013.
  15. 15. A members of the Jarl Squad watches the longboat burn, on January29, 2013.
  16. 16. Flames engulf the dragons head of the viking longboat as it burnsduring the Up Helly Aa fire festival in Lerwick, Shetland Islands,Scotland, on January 29, 2013.
  17. 17. The Queens Official BirthdayThe second or third Saturday inJune (England)
  18. 18. Holidays and Notable Special Days inGreat Britain .
  19. 19.  January 1st New Years Day 5th Twefth Night February 1st Candlemas Day 14th Valentines Day March 1st St Davids Day(Wales National Day) 17th St. Patricks Day(Irelands Special Day) March/April Shrove Tuesday Lent Mothering Sunday Maundy Thursday Easter
  20. 20.  May 1st May Day June Trooping the Colours Wimbledon Tennis Tournament July Swan Upping August Notting Hill Carnival September Harvest Festival October 31st Halloween November 5th Bonfire Night 11th Remembrance Day 30th St Andrews Day(Scotlands National Day)
  21. 21.  December Advent 25th Christmas 26th Boxing Day
  22. 22. Thank you foryour attention