Technology and Human Conversation


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A brief insight from a Queen's University FILM260 student about how human interaction is affected every day by technologies such as texting and facebook.

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Technology and Human Conversation

  1. 1. Technology and HumanConversationBy: K. Sean Connolly
  2. 2. “There really is something about thehuman voice that communicates depthof feeling, depth of passion; we don’tlearn self esteem if we always get topresent ourselves in ways where we canedit who we are.”
  3. 3. Facebook:Friend orFoe?Photo Credit:Wikimediacommons
  4. 4. Two-thirds of online American adults(67%) are Facebook users, makingFacebook the dominant socialnetworking site in this country
  5. 5. Photo Credit:flickr Chris Potter
  6. 6. 21%- Too busy and/or not enough time.10%- General lack of interest10%- Absence of compelling content9%- Too much drama8%- Concerned about overuseStatistics from:“Coming and Going on Facebook”- Pew InternetPhoto Credit:Flickr Jen R.
  7. 7. Depersonalizing the Introductory Stages of a Relationship“If they wish topursue furthercontact, they cansend an informalfriend request tothe target, so thatthey can accesseach other’sprofiles fully andopen the lines ofcommunication.”“I Now Pronounce you FBO: Facebook Official”-Tom JacobsPhoto Credit:flickr Josh Lloyd
  8. 8. -Too many or too little Facebook Displays of Affection -Current friends becoming friendlier-Tagged photos with an ex -Worrying about significant other’s page-Friend requests from an ex -Facebook secretsPhoto Credit:Google ~LNePrZInformation from:“Facebook Relationship Problems: How Social Networks and Jealousy Affect your Love Life” – Katherine Bindley
  9. 9. Photo Credit:flickr Fiesta Tacos
  10. 10. “We think constant connection will make usfeel less lonely. The opposite is true. If we areunable to be alone, we are far more likely to belonely. If we don’t teach our children to bealone, they will know only how to be lonely.”“The Flight from Conversation”-Sherry TurklePhoto Credit:flickr naraekim0801
  11. 11. We need to take our lessons learnedas one of the first digital generationsand pass it on to our children, so thatthey appreciate the power of socialmedia while understanding theconsequences of misusing it.Photo Credit: flickr Andy Wilkes
  12. 12. As we proceed further down the digital rabbit hole, we must take a gripand remember the value of disconnecting and appreciating the realworld around us. We must appreciate the life lessons learned frommaking human mistakes as well as exploring the world and the manypeople it contains. Photo Credit:flickr Antara
  13. 13. “The answer, therefore, is not to step completely away from textingand messaging, but rather step aside — becoming cognizant of theimpact of virtual conversation on daily communication.As for the remaining challenge? Well, perhaps it’s time to starttuning out the virtual in effort to refocus on old-fashionedconversation pre-days of digital communication.”“Conversation in the Ageof Digital Communication”-Emma BeckPhoto Credit:geograph Mary and Angus Hogg