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  • 1. Welcome to Grade
    10 Applied English!
    Please take a seat at any of the desks.
  • 2. Teacher: Mrs. Douglas
    Favourite Genre: Historical Fiction
  • 3. We are about to take off on a grand adventure together. We are going to travel back in time to discuss the stubbornness of man and peoples right to think. We will begin in China where the government controls the people, and then move on to the United States during a time when tolerance was not the norm. I have many exciting plans and there are many interesting characters to meet as we explore the idea of censorship as well as the rights of individuals.
  • 4. But first, some housekeeping...
    Pre-requisite or Co-requisite: ENG1D1 or ENG1P
    Unit Titles and Approximate Time per unit:
  • 5.
  • 6. Assessment and Evaluation:
    70 % Term Assessment
    20% Reading and Literature Studies
    20% Writing
    20% Oral Communication
    10 % Media
    30 % Final Summative Assessment
    20% Exam
    10% Performance Task
  • 7. Attendance
    Rule 1: Attend regularly
    Rule 2: Be prepared
    Rule 3: The 3 minute rule
    Rule 4: Be responsible
    Rule 5: No wandering
  • 8. Other Class Rules
    Mutual respect
  • 9. Other Class Rules
    No Food and Drinks
  • 10. Other Class Rules
    Tune IN not OUT
  • 11.
  • 12. Brock Multiliteracy Study!
  • 13. A Critical Challenge
    Examine the photo and with a partner answer the following questions. Be prepared to defend your conclusions.
    1. Where was this photo taken?
    2. How is the person in the photo feeling?
    3. What is going on in the photo?
  • 14. A Critical Challenge