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Kromite is a consulting firm specializing in helping Life Sciences companies with tough decisions by using good decision science methods. Expertise includes facilitation, portfolio management, project …

Kromite is a consulting firm specializing in helping Life Sciences companies with tough decisions by using good decision science methods. Expertise includes facilitation, portfolio management, project valuation, sales forecasting, licensing & acquisition valuation, and risk management.

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  • 1. The Future is Full of Possibilities
    A consulting firm that specializes in helping Life Science companies deal with complex decisions
    Move Beyond Base-Case Analysis
  • 2. Decision
    Decision Science is a discipline comprised of unique methodologies and tools whose combined output aids in making important decisions under uncertainty.
    Decision Science is at the core of everything Kromite does
    It’s not just an analysis, it’s a disciplined approach!
  • 3. Kromite plays three distinct roles for its clients
    • Expertise
    • 4. Training
    • 5. New Process Implementation
    • 6. Process Improvement
    • 7. Best-Practice/ Benchmark
    Industry Experience: J&J, BMS, Pfizer, Schering-Plough, Baxter, Pharmacia, & Searle.
    Discipline Expertise: portfolio management, forecasting, decision analysis, finance, strategic marketing, & business development.
    Industry Experience & Content Expertise: allergy/ respiratory, CNS, CV, ID, oncology, ophthalmology, pain & inflammation, urology, & virology.
  • 17. We apply Decision Science to six type of initiatives
  • 18. Our decision science expertise spans a wide range of initiatives
    Establish portfolio management processes – Discovery, Early Development, and Full Development
    Optimize/ prioritize portfolios:
    One project with multiple indications
    A product and its LCM projects
    All projects in a therapeutic area
    All projects in Discovery and/or Development
    Help companies perform:
    Portfolio preparation and data validation
    Portfolio analysis – prioritization, optimization, resource allocation
    Portfolio level recommendations
    Develop therapeutic area strategy
    Indication sequencing
    Assess the need and priority of back-ups & second generation compounds
  • 19. Our decision science expertise spans a wide range of initiatives
    Provide sales forecasts rather than sales prophecies
    Forecast markets as well as products
    Run judgmental, time series, & regression forecasts
    Generate event-based prescription and patient forecasts
    Develop sophisticated forecasting and valuation models that incorporate technical risk and commercial uncertainty including:
    Monte Carlo simulation
    Assess the impact of deal terms to balance value & risk
    Evaluate potential partner’s product/pipeline
    Combine R&D portfolios & prioritize projects after a merger
    Help “alliances” prioritize activities as an independent party
  • 20. There are a number of additional strengths and benefits we provide our clients
    Proven track record
    Collaborated with top pharma companies
    Worked with mid and small sized biopharma and private equity companies
    Our staff developed and/or led portfolio management processes across a range of companies before joining Kromite: J&J, BMS, Pfizer, Schering-Plough, Pharmacia, Baxter Biosciences, and Searle
    Extensive data gathering expertise
    Subscriptions: IDdb, Thompson Pharma, and Dialog
    Routinely search: Clinicaltrials.gov, Orange Book, and Medscape
    Validated forward looking benchmarks
    R&D cost, Probability of success, commercial costs & financial ratios
    Sophisticated models that are user-friendly and client compatible
    Exceptional ability to facilitate cross functional alignment
  • 21. Appendix
  • 22. Kromite Senior Management:Homie Razavi, Ph.D., MBA
    Homie Razavi has over fifteen years of experience in the industry with a decade of experience in decision analysis, project and portfolio evaluation/assessment. Prior to founding Kromite, he was in charge of the Portfolio Management and Valuation group at Pharmacia with responsibility for analyzing individual pipeline projects as well as the portfolio management processes. His team worked on over 80 projects, with an R&D spending of $2 billion annually, in a number of therapeutic areas: inflammation/ arthritis, oncology, ophthalmology, urology, CNS and anti-infective. At Searle Pharmaceuticals, he helped establish and lead the portfolio management activities in the Discovery organization with 30 projects worth over $30 billion. In addition, he was responsible for helping oncology and cardiovascular teams evaluate decisions and assess the risk of different strategies.
    During his tenure at Kromite, he has helped a broad spectrum of companies with their portfolio processes, project assessments and the improvement of the quality and speed of their decision making, through facilitated meetings.
    He has a broad management background, with experience in business and commercial development as well as R&D. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Colorado and an MBA from Washington University.
  • 23. Kromite Senior Management:Jack M. Kloeber Jr., Ph.D.
    Jack Kloeber is a retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel with experience in R&D portfolio management, decision analysis, modeling and simulation, technology selection, and strategy development. Jack taught mathematics at West Point for 3 years and graduate level decision analysis, systems simulation, and technology selection for 6 years at the Air Force Institute of Technology.
    His work has supported decisions for various superfund sites within the Department of Energy, and many technology organizations within the Departments of Army, Air Force, and Navy. He is widely published (in 8 different Decision Support journals).
    Jack was the head of Portfolio Management for Bristol-Myers Squibb. More recently, he was the head of the Portfolio Management for J&J Pharma Services where he coordinated the portfolio management efforts for J&J Pharmaceuticals across multiple R&D and marketing operating companies.
    He received his PhD in Economic Decision Analysis from Georgia Institute of Technology and Masters in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.