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  • 1. Web 2.0 Tools in the Classroom Kelly Schermerhorn December 2, 2010 Lansingburgh Academy
  • 2. Recap
    • Day 1- discussed technology infusion in the classroom
    • Higher order thinking skills
    • Students want more technology
    • College readiness
    • Generational gaps in technology
    • Web 2.0 tools introduced
  • 3. Day 1 tools
    • Befunky.com-photo editing tool
    • Capzles.com-social networking site
    • Toondoo.com-comic creating tool
    • Wordle.net-graphic representation in a document
    • Technorati.com-internet search engine for blogs
    • Polleverywhere.com-instant audience feedback
    • Prezi.com-web-based presentation tool
    • Voki.com-personalized speaking avatar service
    • Xtramormal.com-text to movie website to create short film
    • Internet4classrooms.com-lesson plans
    • Cyberbee.com-lesson plans
    • Thinkfinity.org-lesson plans
    • www.free.ed.gov - lesson plans
  • 4. Day 2 tools
    • Classroom printables
    • Abcteach.com
    • Eduplace.com
    • Moneyinstructor.com
    • Successcertificates.com
    • Collaboration and Sharing
    • Bookrix.com
    • Mediafire.com
    • Slideshare.net ***
  • 5. Day 2 tools continued
    • Creativity and Fun
    • Bbc.co.uk/arts/poetry/wordplay/game/shtml
    • Phrasr.com-phrase and images to illustrate
    • Storybird.com-short visual stories of your own
    • Worditout.com-use your own text to create cloud of words
    • Curriculum specific tools
    • Smarttech.com-SMARTBoard lessons
    • Digitaldialects.com-games for language learners
    • Illuminations.nctm.org-math activities and lessons
    • Kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids-Nat Geo for kids
  • 6. Day 3-I have sites, what do I do now?
    • Now is the time to take a site or two from either day and see how you can infuse it into your curriculum.
    • Are there examples that can be shared of a tool that someone is using in their classroom?
  • 7. *Please see attached building activity types worksheet These are some examples of technology that you may use already in your classroom
  • 8. Integrated lessons
    • Michigan Middle School lessons
    • iTunes U introduction
    • Elementary lessons-Indiana
  • 9. What if I wanted to…
    • Have a discussion-blog (A blog (a contraction of the term "web log") is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order) wiki, (A collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content
    • Create a video for a project- animoto ( link)
    • Create a podcast-audacity ( link )
    • Track Congress’ progress-gov track.us ( link )
    • Teach a lesson on citation-easybib ( link )
  • 10. What if I need to?
    • Write a note home? Casa notes ( link)
    • Shorten a URL that I copied? Snipurl ( link)
    • Design a classroom seating arrangement? ( link)
    • Work with digital storytelling? ( link)
    • Create a graph? ( link)
  • 11. If I need to…
    • Create an online calendar? ( link)
    • Create a book or online photo album ( link)
    • Find a video for class? ( link)
  • 12. Wrap up
    • In order to infuse technology into your curriculum, you should:
    • Know your pedagogy- general knowledge and skills related to teaching.
    • Know your content- specific knowledge; facts concepts and skills that exist in your domain.
    • Know your technology- knowledge required to understand and use various technologies.
    • Levels of knowledge are different for all
  • 13. Technology Infusion
    • Knowledge of how to use technolgy to support content-specific pedagogical methods and strategies. (TPACK)
    • You need your tools of the trade (content)
    • You can’t just add technology for technology’s sake!