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Open source software (oss) scope and implication
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Open source software (oss) scope and implication



Paper presented at SIS 2012 Conference held at NIT Silchar organised by Dr. K C Satpathy

Paper presented at SIS 2012 Conference held at NIT Silchar organised by Dr. K C Satpathy



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Open source software (oss) scope and implication Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Open Source Software (OSS): Scope and Implications Sonali Choudhury Biswas,Librarian, Radhamadhab College, Silchar, Assam. simi8ch@yahoo.co.in
  • 2. Open Source Software (OSS): Scope andImplicationsPresentation Plan: What is Open Source Software (OSS)? Characteristics of OSS and why people release their software as OSS? Why open source model for libraries? Important Library-related OSS Scenario in India IRs across the Globe Widely used open source products and their usage
  • 3. Introduction: What is Open Source Software (OSS)?..... Open Source Software is software that users have the ability to run, distribute, study, and modify the program for any purpose. It is available with source code…
  • 4. CHARACTERISTICS: Acquired freely Free redistribution The availability of the source code Integrity of Authorship
  • 5. Contd..Manufacturer or developer has no right to claim royalties More GUI friendlyPerform similar functions as commercial software applicationsThe right to use the softwareDistribution of license not specific to a product
  • 7. The users of OSS have different kind offreedom, most importantly the freedom tostudy how the program works, and adapt itto one’s needs…
  • 8. Why Open Source Model forLibrarians/Libraries? Open source software is beginning to have a long term effect on libraries. Beneficial for smaller and medium size libraries…
  • 9. What will open source mean to our libraries? More flexibility and freedom than software purchased with license restrictions.Effective in creating/organizing digital library resourcesPublic Good- as it allows the work of others to benefit everyone
  • 10. Contd…Encourage librarians to amplify IT skills.Elevate morale of LIS professionals.Effective user-education.Beneficial for library users.Free distribution to other libraries.Amplify sense of ownership in LIS professionals.Eliminate hassle of Vendors.New functions and service in desired format.Security and privacy.
  • 11. For evaluating an OSS for library…Different modules like cataloguing, circulation, acquisition etcNo restrictions on useLow cost or freeInnovation and MARC-supported.User-drivenCollaborationTransfer of Technical Know-HowReliabilitySecurity and StabilityNo supplier lock-in
  • 12. Most importantly, current source code and documentation are available for downloading. Weaknesses- Unanticipated Efforts Lack of Coordination Inadequate Technical Support Risk of discontinuation
  • 13. IMPORTANT LIBRARY-RELATED OSS:DSpaceKohaEprintsGreenstoneFedoraNewGenLibGaneshaCDS/ISIS for WindowsCERN, etc.
  • 14. Current Initiatives/Scenario in India:Many of the reputed institutions in India (IITs, NITs, IIMs, etc.) are using the OSS.FSF of India.National Research Centre for Free/Open Source Software (NRC-FOSS).
  • 15. Contd…Open Source Software Resource Centre (OSSRC).(Gyandoot) and computer– enabled school education (Headstart).Indlinux.org
  • 16. MoU with IBM to focus on OSS technology.Shiksha India Trust.E-governanceGovernment of India has allocated Rs. 23000 crore for e-Governance during 11th Plan.
  • 17. Institutional Repositories using OSS in India... Name Host Institution URL Documents Software Digital National Institute http://drs.ni Journal articles, DSpace Repository of Oceanography o.org/drs/ conference Service of NIO proceeding NAL National http://nal- Research EPrints Institutional Aerospace ir.nal.res.in/ Papers, Laboratories Articles, Repository (NAL) Reports, etc. Dspace@NCL National http://dspac Theses, DSpace Chemical e.ncl.res.in/ Research Laboratory (NCL) Papers, Articles, Reports, etc. Librarian’s Documentation https://drtc.i Research DSpace Digital Library Research & sibang.ac.in Papers, (LDL) Training Centre / Articles, (DRTC) Reports, etc.
  • 18. contd…DSpace at G.B. Pant http://202.141.1 Research Papers, DSpaceGBPUAT University of 16.205/dspace Articles, Reports,University Agriculture & Thesis, etc. TechnologyILA Repository Indian Institute of http://prints.iiap. Research Papers, DSpace Astrophysics res.in/ Articles, Reports, Thesis, etc.EPrints@IIITA Indian Institute of http://eprints.iiit Research Papers, EPrints Information a.ac.in/ ArticlesDSpace@IIMK Indian Institute of http://dspace.ii Research Papers, DSpace Management, mk.ac.in/ Articles, Reports, Kozhikode (IIMK) etc.EPrints@IISC Indian Institute of http://eprints.iis Research Papers, EPrints Science (IISC) c.ernet.in Articles,Reports, etc
  • 19. contd…ETD@IISc Indian Institute of http://etd.ncsi.iisc. Theses & DSpace Science (IISC) ernet.in DissertationsEPrints@IIT Indian Institute of http://eprint.iitd.ac.i Research DSpaceD Technology, n/dspace/ Papers, Articles, Delhi (IITD Reports, etc.ISI Library, Indian Statistical http://library.isiban Research DSpaceBangalore Institute, g.ac.in:8080/dspac Papers, Articles, Bangalore e Reports, etc.DSpace at INFLIBNET http://dspace.inflib Research DSpaceINFLIBNET net.ac.in Papers, Articles, Reports, etc.DSpace at National Centre http://ncralib.ncra.ti Research DSpaceNCRA for Radio fr.res.in/ dspace/ Papers, Articles, Astrophysics Reports, Thesis, etc.
  • 20. Institutional Repositories across the Globe:
  • 21. Widely used open source products: Apache HTTP Server, the e-commerce platform osCommerce and the internet browser Mozilla Firefox, GNU/Linux operating system, an open source Unix-like operating system, and its derivative Android.
  • 22. According to the Netcraft Web Server Survey,July 2012, we find that…usage share of ApacheWeb Server is the highest…..being an opensource…
  • 23. Some Sources/Help/Information… Koha - http://www.koha.org (ILS + fed search) Evergreen - http://www.open-ils.org/ (ILS) VUFind - http://www.vufind.org/ (new OPAC) SOPAC - http://www.thesocialopac.net/ (OPAC w/ social data layer) eXtensible Catalog - http://www.extensiblecatalog.org/ (fed search) LibraryFind - http://www.libraryfind.org/ (fed search) MasterKey - http://liblime.com/products/masterkey (fed search) BlackLight - http://blacklight.rubyforge.org/ (new OPAC) LibX - http://www.libx.org/ (Browser plug-in – nice features) reSearcher – suite of products - http://researcher.sfu.ca/ Biblio – open source catloguing - http://biblios.org/
  • 24. contd.. Index Data – open source middleware - http://www.indexdata.dk/ Open Source Victoria – group of 80 local firms - http://www.osv.org.au/ Linux Australia - http://www.linux.org.au Liblime - http://liblime.com/ Equinox - http://www.esilibrary.com/esi/software.php AGIMO Open Source resources - http://www.finance.gov.au/e- government/infrastructure/open-source-software.html AGIMO - Open Source Software in Government: Innovation and Shared Experience - http://www.finance.gov.au/e- government/better-practice-and-collaboration/events/2007/open- source-software-in-government.html Ask-OSS – Strategy and case studies from the Australian Service for Knowledge of Open Source Software - http://ask- oss.mq.edu.au/index.php? option=com_content&task=category&sectionid=2&id=17&Itemid= 61
  • 25. Conclusion: The positives of OSS are immense for any country. However, these can manifest only if a policy can truly capture the spirit of OSS. There are some challenges which should be faced and the problems be solved. Open source software solutions are best suited for libraries. Thus it may be concluded saying that open source software is as good as owning it. The benefits of using open source software over a period far outweigh as compared to propriety software. Its only that we should know it more, and apply it.
  • 26. Thank You