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Creating an E-Reader Edition - Kathy Sandler Presentation at Premedia Spectrum conference in Naples, FL January, 2011

Creating an E-Reader Edition - Kathy Sandler Presentation at Premedia Spectrum conference in Naples, FL January, 2011



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  • It’s amazing you set your PPT background as an iPad. As for the content, I consider that the opportunity is great, so is the competition. I may prefer to create some apps such as the digital magazines with the flip book maker for the devices instead.
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Ksandler Spectrum Preso Slides Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Creating an eReader EditionKathy Sandler, Technology Consultant Presented by GAA & IDEAlliance • January 18-21, 2011
  • 2. About Kathy Sandler• Helping magazines to iPad and Android• 20 years in IT/Publishing Technology at Hearst• Background in Magazine & Book Production• Adjunct Faculty at Pace s Master s in Publishing program• Former President, Women In Production
  • 3. Creating an eReader Edition1.  How to Create a File for a Tablet Device2.  Best Practices3.  Challenges4.  Further Resources
  • 4. Why Tablets?• Where Is Your Target Audience? •  Tablet market expected to reach 82 million U.S. consumers in 2015, per Forrester Research, 1/4/11 •  2010: 10.3m units sold in U.S. •  2015: 82m U.S. unit sales predicted •  One-third of U.S. consumers will be using tablet devices by 2015 Source: Forrester, 1/4/11 Per Yankee Group, 1/8/11
  • 5. Who Are the Big Players in Hardware? Apple iPad •  10-inch immersive experience •  2010: almost 15 million units sold •  2012: 30 million unit sales forecasted, per eMarketer •  iPad2 coming… Source: eMarketer, 12/10
  • 6. Who Are the Big Players in Hardware? Next Issue Media - consortium of major publishers: 1.  Condé Nast 2.  Hearst 3.  Meredith 4.  News Corp. and 5.  Time Inc. coming out on Android for 7”Samsung Galaxy Tab Samsung Galaxy Tab•  Runs Google Android Operating System•  7-inch – may attract women (as opposed to young men – geeks – who traditionally are attracted to gadgets•  Sold 1.5 million units in quarter, per Wall Street Journal, 1/6/11•  4G coming…
  • 7. Hardware – Also Big PlayersMotorola Xoom Dell Streak7 Samsung Sliding Series7(runs Honeycomb) (4G, Gorilla Glass) (Windows 7 Netbook, converts to tablet)Asus Eee Pad Transformer Toshiba Tegra 2 (Android(7” and 10” tablets) 3.0, adjusts to light) RIM PlayBook (has Flash, Panasonic VIERA corporate support)
  • 8. Other Tablets Samsung TX100 Cydle M7 MultipadLenovo IdeaPadU1 Hybrid Device OpenPeak TabletHanvon Hpad A112,Touchpad B10 (Android& Windows 7) Viliv S7 (Android &Coby Tablet Windows 7)
  • 9. Other Tablets• Over 80 introduced at CES!• Per Seth Porges, Popular Mechanics: Most of these tablets are trying to address gaps in the current iPad, which will be solved in iPad2. Since iPad2 coming out in Spring, he predicts none of them will sell…
  • 10. Why E-Readers?• Where Is Your Target Audience? •  E-Reader ownership expected to triple in the U.S. - Forrester, 12/7/10 •  2010: 10.3 million •  2015: 29.4 million Source: Forrester 12/7/10
  • 11. E-Readers Amazon Kindle – Onyx 9.7″ e-reader 8m sold per 2010, Bloomberg 12/10 Borders Kobo Wireless eReader Entourage EdgeBarnes & Noble Nook – sold (dual screen)2m Forrester estimate, nowNookColor Spring Alex Pandigital Novel Sony Reader – sold 10m books, (9″ Android tablet) per PW 7/20/10
  • 12. E-ReadersAnd sometimese-readers are just small tablets……or big smartphones
  • 13. SmartPhones•  1 in 2 Americans will have smartphones by the end of 2011 - Nielsen 5/10•  “Apple’s App Store predicted to remain the healthiest app economy in terms of downloads for the foreseeable future.” - ABI Research 8/5/10•  Apple 125k apps as of 8/10•  Android 30k, over 800m apps downloaded per 2010 forecast•  So you know you need an app that can go on a tablet, an e-reader, perhaps a phone…
  • 14. What’s the Opportunity?•  > 50% increase in circulation revenue relative to today’s print- only world amongst tablet-, smartphone- and netbook-owning subscribers•  $2b in gross circulation and advertising revenue for the domestic US publishing industry by 2014, which yields a $332m incremental revenue opportunity after accounting for cannibalization of print revenues- “A New Digital Future for Publishers?” a whitepaper developed by Oliver Wyman forNext Issue Media- www.oliverwyman.com/ow/49749.htmThey’re talking about rich, immersive, lean-back experiences –well-designed with value-added content…
  • 15. What do you publish to?• Content Strategy for design/device •  Immersive/designed content for larger device •  Utilitarian/text-driven content for smaller device• Feature Requirements• Budget - for sustainability• Business model
  • 16. Software & StandardsMatrix of cost vs. functionality(I didn’t include partnershipswith an iPad reader, such asPulse, Flipboard, or Flud)
  • 17. Software & StandardsPDF Advantage: •  Cheap to produce Disadvantage: •  Readers don’t see value
  • 18. Software & StandardsPDF – who uses:•  New York Magazine (via PaperLit – enhanced w. blogs)
  • 19. Software & StandardsePUB Advantage: •  Should be able to publish to any device •  Should be able to integrate into existing workflow Disadvantages: •  Limitations to functionality •  Hard to produce/sustain – big cost is labor/time
  • 20. Software & StandardsePUB – Who uses:Anyone?(Time Inc. and otherpublishers are retro-fittingtheir content to ePUB, just likemany publishers outsourcePRISM XML creation after theprint workflow…)
  • 21. Software & StandardsZinio Advantages: •  Supports subscriptions! •  Some readers like having mag apps all in one place (although they have a branded app option) •  Magazine publishers may already have relationship Disadvantage: •  Readers may not see value
  • 22. Software & StandardsZinio – Who uses:Actually – who doesn’t?3000 magazines in 9/10,but it’s not their only strategy …
  • 23. Software & Standards …but there are some that seem toYou’ll see Hearst iPad only, supposedlymultiple times – trying less than $100k – islots of solutions… that cheap?
  • 24. Software & Standards…this is a hotsector: •  Texterity (replicas thru•  Ceros Coverleaf,•  Dalim* partnering with The•  Olive Wonderfactory•  OpenText* to create HTML5)•  Mygazines •  Trend Offset*•  Nxtbook Media •  Yudu•  Proimage* •  Zmags•  QuadGraphics* * Premedia Spectrum Sponsor
  • 25. Software & StandardsWoodwing Advantage: •  Designers use palettes in InDesign to create interactivity Disadvantage: •  Cost
  • 26. Software & StandardsWoodwing – Who Uses– 150 magazines:•  Time Inc.•  American Express Publishing (managed by Time Inc.)•  Hachette
  • 27. Software & StandardsWoodwing – Who Uses(continued):•  Source Interlink Media•  Virgin (Project – iPad only)•  See full list atwww.woodwing.com/en/digital-magazine/ipad-gallery
  • 28. Software & Standards• Woodwing – How it works
  • 29. Software & Standards Woodwing - Cost: Minimal Enterprise Configuration (I user) •  Perpetual License: 5000 euro plus Software Maintenance: 18% of list or Subscription: 380 euro/mo. (6 month minimum) •  Reader app: 1000 euro+ •  Content Delivery Service: 250 euro/mo. (12 mo min) •  Plus hardware, installation, training, and support, VAT, Apple Developer’s Account ($99)Source: http://www.woodwing.com/en/node/0
  • 30. Software & StandardsAdobe Digital Publishing Suite Advantages: •  Designers use palettes in InDesign to create interactivity •  Created by Adobe, uses full InDesign feature- set, Omniture reporting Disadvantage: •  Cost
  • 31. Software & StandardsAdobe Digital Publishing Suite – WhoUses – 70 magazines:•  Condé Nast (not GourmetLive, which is HTML5 custom app by Activate)•  Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (not Martha Makes Cookies, which is Callaway Custom)•  Reader’s Digest (just came out yesterday – done w. some HTML5 and Vjoon/K4)
  • 32. Software & StandardsAdobe Digital Publishing Suite –Who Uses (continued):•  Dennis PublishingSee full list at:http://blogs.adobe.com/digitalpublishinggallery/publications
  • 33. Software & Standards• Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – How it works
  • 34. Software & Standards Adobe Digital Publishing Suite – Cost: •  Professional Edition $699/month plus per-issue fee: •  Or Enterprise Edition: Custom Quote •  Integrate w. other systems •  Better reporting of viewer data •  Adobe supportSource: www.adobe.com/products/digitalpublishingsuite/pricing/
  • 35. Software & StandardsCustom App Advantages: •  Theoretically, anything is possible •  Good for one-time apps Disadvantage: •  Cost – it’s an unknown •  Sustainability – can you update with a CMS? •  Development Time •  Varying quality levels
  • 36. Software & StandardsCustom App – Who Uses:•  Some Hearst (Oprah – Gift Guide supposedly done in 2 weeks by Scrollmotion, Esquire – also done by Scrollmotion, Popular Mechanics – developers in-house)•  Some Hachette (Elle)•  Many Others
  • 37. Software & StandardsWhat’s Missing –Magic Quadrant Advantages: •  Full feature-set •  Low cost
  • 38. Software & StandardsWhat’s Missing –the Promise of nextPub™ Advantages: •  Full feature-set nextPub™ •  Low cost – takes advantage of existing content •  Publish to any device Questions: •  Will it deliver what we need? •  When will it be ready?
  • 39. What is ePUB?•  ePUB is a standard created by IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) to allow:•  Publishers to produce and send a single digital publication file through distribution and•  Offers consumers interoperability between software/hardware for unencrypted reflowable digital books and other publicationsSource: www.idpf.org
  • 40. Limitations of ePub• Re-flowable – Text re-flows on devices •  Advantage: Device-independent •  Disadvantage: Loss of design/brand control •  User can customize font, size, background color, may be able to customize alignment and spacing (you can embed fonts, but this may be ignored) •  You may get bad breaks, widows/orphans, subheads at bottom• When does it not make sense •  When it’s too much work to create a designed app because of the limitations •  Design is most important
  • 41. Workarounds for ePUB Limitations•  Export happens from left-to-right, then top to bottom  Rearrange content•  Text formatting will be ignored if not in a stylesheet  Create paragraph and character styles for every fomatting change•  Master-page items are not included  Detach them from master on document page•  White text disappears  Change all white text
  • 42. Workarounds for Technical Limitations (cont’d.) •  Paragraph returns will be •  Table formatting lost ignored  Re-format  Replace with space before/ •  Nested styles are lost after  Replace with paragraph •  Images are usually at the end styles  Change them to anchored if •  Need to create a TOC need to run with text  Create it •  Page breaks are ignored •  Need to add metadata  Create a new InDesign file to start a new section  Add it •  Soft returns are preserved  Remove them
  • 43. Demo• Demo – InDesign to ePub
  • 44. nextPub™• Should add enhancement for magazine- specific needs, such as: •  Article elements – deck, sidebar, etc. •  Metadata – cover date •  PRISM-like media element: Credits, captions, usage rights• (But won’t take care of limitations in ePUB)
  • 45. Best Practices• Repurposing – Users don’t want iPad to be replica of print (although opportunities for “companion” apps – SIPs re-packaging content, such as Marie Claire AtoZ, BHG Celebrate, EW’s Must List)• Simultaneous Design• XML Workflows• Cross-media workflows
  • 46. Challenges•  Sustainable workflows •  Sustainability: How many people? Labor is the big, ongoing problem! •  Don’t forget – horizontal & vertical versions! •  People magazine supposedly has 24 designers that take print version to tablet and make it fit •  What skill sets? •  Without Editors/Copyeditors you will have bad breaks, widows – are these OK? •  25% more images, video •  Who adds interactivity •  Division of labor •  Scalability
  • 47. Challenges (continued)•  Hidden Costs •  Does the software support all the features you want, or do you need some HTML5 development work? •  Implementation, customization, integration, training (continuous)•  Multiple Devices & Standards•  Change Management•  Advertising – standards and preflighting for interactive ads •  Apple iAds •  Adobe claims their .issue files will be the PDF-x/1A of tablet•  Subscriptions•  Submission Process – You need to submit a test issue – who will produce this?
  • 48. Resources – ePUB•  Adobe Tutorials: http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/design/ crossmedia_resources/ebooks_software.html•  CreativePro: Making eBooks from InDesign by Gabriel Powell: Part 1: http://www.creativepro.com/files/downloads/ InDesignMag_32_ebooks_part1.pdf Part 2: http://www.creativepro.com/article/making-ebooks-indesign- part-2
  • 49. Resources – ePUB (continued)•  Video Tutorial: Creating a ebook for distribution on Sony reader digital book, Amazon kindle, and Apple iPhone by Colin Fleming (Adobe) http://2009.max.adobe.com/online/session/238•  Books: •  EPUB: Straight to the Point. Creating ebooks for the Apple iPad and other ereaders by Elizabeth Castro ($20) •  How to Create an eBook with Adobe InDesign by Rufus Deuchler ($8)
  • 50. ResourcesAdobe Digital Publishing Suite:• How-tos: http://tv.adobe.com/show/digital-publishing• Join the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite prerelease program: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm? name=prerelease_interestWoodwing• Webinars: http://www.woodwing.com/en/Webinars
  • 51. Resources - Custom Apps• Apple Software Development Kit Programming Guide and Human Interface Guidelines http://developer.apple.com/ipad/sdk/
  • 52. What’s Needed• ePUB enhanced – nextPub™• Styles for content on different devices - like CSS for the web with simulator to show preview in different output templates• Auto-sensing on devices - to identify which device a user has• Ideal = flexible content, which user gets cheap and portable to any device they own
  • 53. Thank You!• Questions?• Thank You!• Kathy Sandler ksandler1@gmail.com
  • 54. Creating an eReader EditionKathy Sandler, Technology Consultant Presented by GAA & IDEAlliance • January 18-21, 2011