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Published in: Education

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  • 1. Animals
  • 2. What is a service animal?
    • A service animal is a trained animal that provides a service to a person in need.
    • 3. They guide people, alert people, and help people do things like, picking things up or opening doors.
    • 4. They come in all breeds,
    shapes and sizes.
    • They are not just pets.
  • What is a therapy animal?
    • An animal that has a good personality
    • 5. An animal that likes to visit with people and gets along with other animals
    • 6. An animal that can be a pet.
    • 7. An animal that is used to help
    make people feel better and
    be happy
  • 8. What types of service or therapy animals are there?
    can be trained and can help
  • 16. What types of service or therapy dogs are there?
    • Guide Dogs
    • 17. These are known as seeing eye dogs
    • 18. They help people who are visually impaired
    • 19. They help a person avoid danger
    • 20. Guard Dogs
    • 21. They are trained to alert people of danger
    • 22. They keep an area safe
    • 23. Therapy Dogs
    • 24. They are kind and patient dogs
    • 25. They help children with disabilities
    • 26. Police Dogs
    • 27. They help the police do their jobs
    • 28. They keep our communities safe
  • How should we treat animals that we encounter?
    • If you do not know an animal…
    • 29. Do not touch it
    • 30. Do not pet it
    • 31. Try to stay away from it
    • 32. If the animal is a service animal…
    • 33. It is a specially trained animal, do not pet it.
    • 34. Try to be respectful of the space and work the service animal does.
    • 35. If the animal is a therapy animal or a pet of someone you know…
    • 36. Pet it and show lots of love to it!
    • 37. Be nice and careful
    • 38. Do not play too rough with the animal
  • What can we do to help service or therapy animals?
    • You can volunteer in an animal shelter.
    • 39. You can collect items that animal shelters need and donate them to a shelter.
    • 40. You can raise money to donate to animal shelters.
    • 41. With the help of your parents and an animal shelter, you can foster homeless animals in your home until a permanent home is found.
    • 42. You can adopt a homeless animal from a shelter.
  • Good Luck!
    Remember to be kind, respectful and smart when encountering animals.
    and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us on the blog.