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Chicano Movement Power Point. 1
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  • 1. Chicano Movement
    • Leading up to the movement
    • 2. The components of the movement
      • What the were and what they did
    • Impact
    • 3. Present times
  • 4. Leading up to the movement
    • The term “Chicano” was used as a pejorative term towards Mexican-American kids in the decades leading up to the 1960s
    • 5. Although it was meant to be offensive, it was embraced by the people it was meant to offend.
      • Pejorative means to be belittling or derogatory
  • 6. components
    • The Chicano youth movement
    • 7. The Farmworkers movement
    • 8. An organization called MAYO (Mexican American Youth organization) also came about during this time.
  • 9. Chicano youth movement
    • The Chicano youth movement was developed out of a need for the rights of Mexican-American students in grades K-12
    • 10. Students were also suffering lots of discrimination besides having few rights, which it created tension.
  • 11. MAYO(Mexican-American youth organization)
    • The Mexican-American youth organization was created to instill the rights of Mexican-Americans from an early age and ensure that they are treated fair
    • 12. It still exist today, and does the same as it always has/
  • 13.  
  • 14. The farmworkers movement
    • The farmworkers movement stemmed out of the need for migrant Mexican-American farm workers to get better wages
    • 15. The workers suffered laboriously working long, tough hours for little money that probably did not support their families.
  • 16.  
  • 17. Impact of the movement
    • The impact of the Chicano movement reaches far and wide
    • 18. It created the rights that mexican-Americans have today
    • 19. It also erased much discrimination that existed, although there still exists a lot of discrimination today in this area
  • 20. Present times
    • The issue of Mexican-American relations is still a pressing issue these days
    • 21. Much of the trouble today is not about rights but it is about immigration and most of all drug trade
      • There are many tunnels dug under the wall on the border, and people will hide drugs in the panels of cars before crossing.
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