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Fleet management limited- fmlworld
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Fleet management limited- fmlworld


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  • 1. Fleet Management Limited’s GLOBAL LAUNCH OF FML WORLD www.fmlworld.comWith over 10,000 employees worldwide,time has come for Fleet ManagementLimited(FML) to have its very ownpersonalized website that provides acommon platform between our seafarers,shore staff, their family members as well asthe company. A website to share our viewsof compassion and companionship withevery member of the FML family, to connectus all and also reinforce our culture ofsharing and caring.After almost six months of planning anddevelopment, the FML World website waslaunched globally at Goa during the annualseminar by Mr. Kishore S. Rajvanshy, theManaging Director under whose leadership,
  • 2. Fleet Management Limited has been recognized as one of the most technologically advanced companies in theindustry.Much to the delight of all attendees, Mr. Rajvanshy emphasized that the launch of FML World is a testimony of ourunwavering quest to ensure that our seafarers and their families have access to quality information. The website notonly engages them with every new development at FML, it also provides a platform for them to showcase their talentsthrough exclusive password protected user accounts.The entire website was designed and developed in house by a team led by Capt. Abhishek Asija from Hong Kong office,who also handles a range of other projects for the group besides taking care of Business, Insurance and Claims. Theteam concentrated on the needs and requirements of staff and their families and members spanned across severalcountries.FML World could well be the antidote to the age old myth that the friendship between seafarers ends at the gangway.They strongly believe that this is a great platform for all of us to meet old shipmates and remember those fellow shipmates with whom we took those first precarious steps up the gangway, but about whom we’ve not heard of for ages.Hopefully this website will spring some pleasant surprises for each one of us.FML World will give any one exclusive access to different services ranging from updates on the company’s initiatives,health benefits being launched in various parts of the world for our seafarers and their family members, Trainingevents, Seminars, Ship tracking facilities, sharing updates about our families to news about employee promotions, SafeR+ awards and family engagement events. Kids are an important part of our world and they invite all kids to participateactively by sending their contributions for sketches, poems, photographs!The site also includes information on existing job opportunities and other useful news from around the world.Any one’s input, suggestions and contributions are very much desired to make this venture a huge success.
  • 3. Located at, the website can be accessed using various multimedia technologies includingSmartphones and tablet computing devices.The contributions received so far have been very encouraging for the team. Staff and family members can submitcontributions such as photographs, poems and articles (even jokes) to the FML World team directly As per the recent observation, there are more than 5 lakhs visitors on the websites and thenumber of visitors is escalating month to month.Visit the website on