Using social media to manage and motivate your team


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Review of how 3 companies / organizations use social media to manage and motivate their team / staff.

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Using social media to manage and motivate your team

  1. 1. Using Social Media toManage & Motivate StaffAdam Kruszynski @ Revolve.caMarch 25, 2013
  2. 2. Why this social media topic?1. Very effective way to engage people in conversation.2. Easy to reach lots of people really quickly and efficiently.3. Natural place to connect with someone on personal level.4. Already part of daily routine for over 70% of working Canadians.5. A lot of people don’t separate their personal and work lives in social media.
  3. 3. Dave KohtalaSmall Business OwnerTimmins Source For Sports
  4. 4. Challenges1. Be relevant to staff in their complex life2. Housekeeping for young audience3. Develop a positive work environment4. No time / money to execute
  5. 5. Methods1. Dave’s iPad / iPhone2. Secure Facebook Group3. Group posts: reminders, updates, to dos, and instructions4. View confirmations
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  10. 10. What’s Next?1. Recruitment: Share "Help Wanted" sign2. Events: Sales / office closed / staff events3. Files: Training material / product info / admin (e.g. benefits form)4. Using Facebook & Twitter with customers
  11. 11. Brian Cox WebExperience DirectorUnited WayWorldwide@bctweets
  12. 12. Challenges1. Single plan in a huge organizations2. Educating staff on social media3. Stakeholder engagement4. Volunteer recognition & appreciation
  13. 13. Methods1. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter2. Online Engagement Conference3. Community recognition on Facebook4. The Big Tweet June 21st for United Way’s 125th anniversary
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  15. 15. YouTube Volunteer Education
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  17. 17. The Big TweetJune 21125 yrs
  18. 18. What’s Next?1. More organic community content2. Crisis communication3. PR / damage control vehicle4. Drive donation organically
  19. 19. RevolveJust a group of talented and fun people
  20. 20. Challenges1. Shared socialization2. Lack of content control3. Engaging highly creative staff4. Organically showing company culture
  21. 21. Methods1. Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagram2. Corporate & Staff posts / updates3. Socializing internal events4. Totally embracing industry internally
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  25. 25. Revolve Summer Party YouTube Video
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  27. 27. What’s Next?1. Grow Google Plus & Linked In2. Push idea sharing3. Client engagement4. Integration with website
  28. 28. What’s stopping us?
  29. 29. Common Pushback1. Fear2. Adoption3. Censorship4. Perceived Value
  30. 30. Common Pushback1. At our retail stores2. In client meetings3. Customer services phone call4. Corporate events
  31. 31. Thank YouDon’t forget the next sessionCrowdFunding YourNew BusinessApril 15 @ 12 - 1:30 pmAdam KruszynskiSenior Brand Strategist | Director of DigitalRevolve | www.revolve.caAdam.Kruszynski@Revolve.caOffice: 902 835 3559Cell: 902 292 5411
  32. 32. About Adam KruszynskiAs an 18 year Digital veteran, Adam has had the opportunity to lead a variety ofdigital projects for many worldwide brands, including Pepsi, Nissan, Unilever, SCJohnson, RBC, and Cineplex. He’s well versed in working with digital strategy,online media, social media, email marketing, mobile applications CRM, loyaltyprograms, and retail experiences, to name a few. Since leaving Capital C inToronto and joining the Revolve team in Bedford, Adam has led the digital teamin implementing projects for clients like The Chronicle Herald, Source ForSports, Atlantic Lottery, TIMBER MART, Ramar Construction, KBRS, Just UsCoffee and many more. He has numerous accolades awards including ICE andCASSIE awards. He has also spent several years as a professor at George BrownCollege School of Design and Sheridan College, teaching Internet marketing,web design and web development.LinkedIn: Plus:
  33. 33. About RevolveRevolve is a nimble agency comprised of more than 30 extremely talented (andlikeable) professionals in a range of disciplines. Weve got a reputation forbuilding extraordinary brands that evoke passion and emotion, penetratinghearts and minds through brand discovery, strategy, creativity and storytelling.We have a solid grasp on emerging trends and the role digital plays in building abrand, telling its story and connecting with consumers. Our digital teamincludes strategists, developers, designers, content creators, social mediaengagers and listeners. They work hand in hand with our client service andcreative teams to ensure digital and traditional initiatives are synchronized withbrand strategy.Website: revolve.caLinkedIn: