Three hours to get 100+ new real Twitter followers


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Are you new to Twitter but eager to get more followers? Here is a proper way to get 100+ real quality followers in just three hours by (1) Analyzing top discussions and hashtags on your topic(s), (2) Identifying and following top performers / experts, and (3) Truly engaging in Twitter conversations. I don't just show you the principles. I show you a real-life example with honest results.

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Three hours to get 100+ new real Twitter followers

  1. 1. Adam Kruszynski Digital Strategist Three Hours to Get 100+ Twitter Followers Designed for new Twitter users
  2. 2. Three Hour Plan To Get 100+ Followers Analyze Activity Follow Top Performers Post Engage Amplify Three hours across three steps across 1 week period
  3. 3. Analyze Current Activity First understand top contributors and topics in your expertize / area
  4. 4. Analyze Current Activity Define what topic(s) you want to talk about Search for most top contributors (have most followers) Search for most frequently used #hashtags Decide on your angle to the topic(s) and images Pre-write at least 30 tweets and begin posting them
  5. 5. Follow Top Performers Identify top influencers and follow them to join the discussion
  6. 6. Follow Top Performers Follow twice as many top performers in your topic area as the number of followers you want to achieve. Follow early in the morning. You can trend if some of them follow you back on the same day. As you follow, also retweet their posts on your feed.
  7. 7. Post Engage Amplify Participate in Twitter discussions. Give to receive back.
  8. 8. Post Engage Amplify Retweet trending tweets from top performers. Promote your Twitter feed on your blog, business card, email footer, corporate profile, etc. Follow anyone that follows you. Keep following more people every day. Keep posting everyday. Keep using popular #hashtags.
  9. 9. Proof / Experiment
  10. 10. Before: 326 followers
  11. 11. Step 1: Keywords Stop child abuse Stay safe Kid power Parents Parenting Stop Education Elise Christie Inspire * Cyber Bullying Teacher Parenting Ed Chat Teacher School Teen Justin Bieber Gay Music Celebs
  12. 12. Step 1: Pre-write Tweets Sad how @EliseChristie #Sochi2014 shut down her #Twitter account bcs of #cyberbullying So much 4 supporting our athletes Sad when #teacher or #parent tries so hard 2 B the world 2 their #teen & they get taken totally 4 granted. Worse when they fail them. Best way 2 #stop #violence with our #teens is 2 make it uncool in #hollywood & show #heroes that solve #problems with their brains not fists It will take us all 2 #stop #cyberbullying - #parent #teacher #teen #government Let’s stop pointing fingers & work #together The greatest gift #parent #teacher can give 2 #kids #teens is sth greater than all the #internet #socialmedia noise & confusion 2 #inspire them
  13. 13. Step 1: Who to follow
  14. 14. Step 2: Follow
  15. 15. Step 3: Engage
  16. 16. After: 403 (+77 in 3 days) After Step 2: 70% return followers / 30% organic new follows
  17. 17. After: 437 (+110 in 7 days) After Step 3: 60% return followers / 40% organic new follows
  18. 18. Adam Kruszynski Thank You