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งานนำเสนอ Pronoun

งานนำเสนอ Pronoun






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    งานนำเสนอ Pronoun งานนำเสนอ Pronoun Presentation Transcript

    • By Ms. Amporn Sinsawat (KrooNoon)English DepartmentMatthayomphrarachatan
    • Pronoun Pronoun form Personal Pronouns (subject form, object form) Possessive Form (Possessive adjective, Possessive pronoun)Reflexive Pronoun Exercises
    • Pronoun Pronoun (nouns- equivalent ) BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Pronoun form ( ) Possessive Reflexi Form ve objectsubject Prono Prono form Adjective form un un I me my Mine myself ourselv We us our Ours es yoursel you you your Yours f He him his His himself BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Personal Pronouns (subject Personal Pronouns ( form, object form) 1 I, we 2 you 3 he, she it , they. BACK MAIN NEXT
    • I You We They He She It Object Pronoun verb) preposition) me us you themhim her it BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Pronoun Bill knows I me I know Bill. me. You know Bill knowsyou you Bill. you. He knows Bill knows he him Bill. him. She knows BACK knows Bill MAIN NEXTshe her
    • Possessive forms Possessive Adjective ( my, your,our, them, his, her, it) my book,your name, her car Possessive pronoun (mine, yours,ours, his, hers, theirs, its) A : How about your parents? B : They’re good. A : How about yours? B : They’re fine. BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Possessive Possessive Examples adjective pronoun This is my book. my mine This book is mine. That is your book. your yours That book is yours. These are our books. our ours These books are ours. This is his book. his his This books is his. That is her book. her hers That book is hers. Those are their books. BACK MAIN NEXT their theirs
    • Reflexive Pronouns (Intensive Form (Self Form) ReflexivePronouns Personal Possessive Reflexive Form Form Pronouns I - me my - mine myself yourself** you - you your - yours (singular) he - him his - his himself she - her her - hers herself it - it its - (its) itself we - us our - ours ourselvesthey - them their - theirs BACK MAIN NEXT themselves
    • 1) selfReflexive) self He saw himself in the mirror. (Hehimself She talked to herself. (She herself 2) self emphatic) self He himself saw the accident. = He saw the accident himself. We talked to the principal BACK MAIN himself. ( NEXT
    • 3) by + selfHe made this table by himself.( ( BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Exercises 1 Exercises 2 Exercises 3BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Compete the sentences. Use the Exercises 1subject pronouns.Example Susan is American. She isfrom New York.1. Jane is in Bangkok. ………….is a Answerstudent in M.1. Answer2. Tom is a student. ………….likes Answerstudying Thai. Answer3. Ten boys are in the football field. Answer………….like football.4. Five girls are in the library.………….like cartoon.5. I and my friends are students in M. BACK MAIN NEXT
    • Jane is in Bangkok. = She is a student in M.1. BACK
    • Tom is a student. = He likes studying Thai. BACK
    • Ten boys are in the football field. = They like football. BACK
    • Five girls are in the library. = They like cartoon. BACK
    • I and my friends are students in M. 1. = We like English. BACK
    • Complete the sentences. Use Exercises 2possessive adjectives.Example. She is Japanese. Her name isCarla.1. He is a student. ………….name is AnswerSam. Answer2. My mother is a teacher. ………….name Answeris Susan. Answer3. They are farmers. ………….names are AnswerJim and Joy.4. I am in a good school. ………..school isbeautiful and modern.5. I and my friends are Thai.BACK MAIN NEXT
    • He is a student. = His name BACK
    • My mother is a teacher. = BACK
    • They are farmers. = Their BACK
    • I am in a good school. = My school is beautiful and modern. BACK
    • I and my friends are Thai. = Our English teacher is American. BACK
    • Exercises 3 Choose the correct pronouns for underline words.1. Jenny buys a doll. A. She B. Him C. Her BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • 2. The students send thereport on Monday. A. Them B. They C. It3. The tiger and the lion arewild animals. A. It B. They BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • 4. The mother makes cookiesfor childrens. A. He, his B. She, them C. She, her5. Wichai sees the old man onthe road. A. His B. Him BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • 6. Please give me some milkto the baby. A. they B. them C. him7. Don’t put these candies inthe bag. A. they, it B. them, it BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • 8. Linda gives some flowersfor mother. A. Her, him B. She, it C. She, her9. I and my friend speakEnglish to Mr. Tom. A. We, him B. We, her BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • NEXT
    • BACK
    • 10. The mother told Susan goto school early. A. He, her B. She, her C. Her, she BACK MAIN NEXT
    • NEXT
    • BACK