Vietnam conflict day 5
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Vietnam conflict day 5






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    Vietnam conflict day 5 Vietnam conflict day 5 Presentation Transcript

    • Vietnam Conflict
    • The Anti-War Movement Arises
    • Anti-War Movement
      • RITA
      • SNCC
      • SDS
      • Black Panther Party
      • The Resistance
      • The Moratorium
      • Woodstock Festival
      • 1962: Port Huron, Mich
      • 1968-69: all over the US
      • 1966: Oakland, CA
      • 1969, gained significant ground in 1970-71: Vietnam
      • Oct. 15, 1969: all over the U.S.
      • 1960: Raleigh, NC
      SDS The Resistance BPP RITA Moratorium SNCC
      • Students (K-college), work force adults, VN soldiers, int’l protesters
      • Followers of Malcolm X, minorities & white revolutionaries (in beginning): Huey Newton & Stokely Carmichael
      • College students and professors
      • College students, Bl & Wh Americans: John Lewis & Carmichael
      • Black soldiers influenced by BPP >> spread to all soldiers, specifically enlistees
      • Usually males - late teens & early 20s, college students
      SDS BPP Resistance RITA SNCC Moratorium
    • PURPOSE?
      • Educate about changing politics & occurrences in war
      • Protest the war, save own lives
      • Freedom for minorities & working class – wanted revolutionary socialism
      • Show number who opposed war in all South East Asia through solidarity
      • Protest mandatory draft & involvement in VN
      • Promote desegregation using non-violence (work with SCLC), protested the war
      SDS RITA BPP Moratorium Resistance SNCC
      • Sit-ins, public demonstrations, Freedom Rides & Ballots, denounced war as racist
      • Teach-ins, strikes, demonstrations (20,000 ppl)
      • Refused to register for draft, burned cards
      • Stayed home from school & work, campus demonstrations, troops wore black arm bands, religious services, marched on Washington; internationally – met outside U.S. embassies
      • Mass organizing, community programs, militant self-defense
      • Underground newspapers, coffeehouse mtgs, fragging, refusal to obey orders, “search and avoid” missions, seized control of military prisons
      SNCC SDS Resistance Moratorium BPP RITA
      • Over 2 million people participated in US
      • Disbanded when U.S. withdrew from war
      • Broke with SCLC over race issues, ejected white members, began to work with BPP, fell apart in late 1960s as lost leaders
      • Not united on ideas and tactics, internal disputes, disbanded in late 1960s
      • Investigations/attacks by FBI and arrests of leaders led to severe weakening and disintegration in 1980s
      • When draft ended, began to focus on U.S. withdrawal from war
      Moratorium RITA SNCC SDS BPP Resistance
      • 120,000 expected
      • 400,000 arrived
      • Bethel, New York
      • August 1969
    • Anti-War Movement
      • RITA
        • Cause: Internal dissension and low morale
        • Coffeehouses as meeting places
        • Printed underground newspapers
        • Fragging:
        • Refused to obey orders because…
      • SNCC
        • Started by Martin Luther King, Jr.
        • Integrated assistance with both races
        • Denounced war as racist
        • Changed after Stokely Carmichael took over
          • Didn’t want White assistance
    • Anti-War Movement
      • SDS
        • Young college students
        • Started in Michigan
        • 1 st major student-led demonstration (20,000 ppl)
        • Kent State Incident (May 4, 1970)
    • Anti-War Movement
      • The Resistance
        • College students who
          • refused to register for
          • the draft
        • Burned their draft cards
      • The Moratorium
        • Millions stayed home from work in protest
        • Soldiers wore black armbands to show support
        • Largest ever one day protest
    • “ Soldiers and protesters take some time off.   The anti-war movement was without a doubt an important part of the political development in the US at the time.”
    • LBJ chose not to run for reelection Middle of the night updates, death tolls, opposition at home...
    • Kent State Massacre (5/2/1970)
        • Riots downtown after troops to Cambodia
        • National Guard called in to campus
        • student rxn: cleaned & peaceful protests
        • but…ROTC building set on fire
    • Kent State Massacre (5/2/1970)
        • Not violent at first – put flowers in rifles
        • People began to push against Guards
        • Guardsmen: tear gas 1 st >bayonets>70 shots fired
        • 4 students died; 1 paralyzed; 8 wounded