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    Progressive era   supporters & platforms Progressive era supporters & platforms Presentation Transcript

    • The Progressive Era 1890 - 1918
    • You are the government
      • Assigned into groups
        • examine all the book covers
      • On worksheet, determine:
          • Book topic
          • specific problems being addressed
        • In groups, devise solutions to alleviate each problem you listed in your area.
    • Progressive Era
      • Progressives:
        • White collar workers
        • who joined the Populists
        • to reform society
      • What does “White Collar” mean?
      • Who are the Populists and Greenbacks?
    • Groups that began the Progressive Movement
      • Religious Groups
        • Believed churches should work toward reform (and help children)
        • Helped immigrants transition to U.S.
    • Groups that began the Progressive Movement
      • Muckrakers (journalists)
        • Wrote literature about ills seen in society
        • Resulted in rise in circulation of magazines
    • Impacts of Big Business
      • Workers had organized for better conditions
        • First strike 1877: Railroad
      • American Federation of Labor (skilled/craft)
          • Formed by Samuel Gompers
          • Used collective bargaining
      • Industrial Workers of the World (“unskilled”)
          • Created by radical unionists and socialists
      • Socialists
        • Led by Eugene Debs
        • Believed that socialism was answer to societal ills
        • Made up small faction
        • of the Progressives
      Groups that began the Progressive Movement
    • John Spargo Child Labor Mine work Accidents Long hours Child labor Law Insurance Minimum wage Upton Sinclair Unsanitary Meat factory Accidents Unsafe Unclean Pure Food & Drug Act Meat Inspection Ida Tarbell Businesses (monopolies) No competition High prices Low wages No job security Resources > fed Insurance Max. hours Safety Codes Jacob Riis Tenements Slums Unsanitary Welfare Building codes Anti-prostit. Lincoln Steffens Political machines Graft Rigged elections Padding the bills 16 th amend 17 th amend Publish $ spent Init, Refer, Recall BOOK TITLE BOOK AUTHOR TOPIC PROBLEMS SOLUTIONS The Bitter Cry of the Children The Jungle The History of the Standard Oil Company How the Other Half Lives The Shame of the Cities
    • Progressive Party Platforms
      • Give more power to the people
      • Corrupt free government
      • Corrupt free businesses
      • Better working conditions
      • Conserve land & resources