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Industrial era   rail roads
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Industrial era rail roads


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Published in: Education, Business, Art & Photos

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  • 1. Industrialism
  • 2.  
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  • 6. Omaha, Nebraska Irish men Nat. Am attacks Disease Sacramento, California Chinese men Tunnel thru mtns Weather Less money Work longer hours Had to pay for food Point where companies met: Promontory Point, Utah (with golden spike) Accidents, materials shipped from far Union Pacific Central Pacific Began to build from: Description of workers: Hardships Encountered:
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  • 12. Zulu Car - $40: backless bench: sleep under Day Coach - $75: seat lowered night w/ footrest Pullman - $100: sofa bed; folded down; blanket
  • 13. Company 1: $50 million Company 2: $100 million Company 3: $150 million (Situation: UP - wants to hire construction company for railroads) Federal $ Taxpayers All parts equal, who would YOU hire? Who did the Union Pacific hire? Why did they hire this company? Credit Mobilier
  • 14.
    • Congressmen were given stock in the Credit Mobilier company
    • Lower level officials were given free passes on the railroads anywhere
    Why didn't the gov't stop it? GRAFT
  • 15.  
  • 16.
    • Who?
    • Why meet?
    • What did
    • they do?
    The Grange Movement
  • 17.
    • Owners of private property in which public has interest must be controlled by gov’t
    • Impact: railroads privately owned, but
    • regulated by public
    Munn vs. Illinois The PEOPLE
  • 18. State can’t set rates on railroads coming into their state or leaving their state Impact: charged one fee for each ride Wabash Ruling
  • 19.
    • Railroad rates must be reasonable and just
    • Impact: can’t charge more for short haul than long
    Interstate Commerce Act
  • 20.
    • Improved Transportation
    • Destruction of buffalo herds (impact on Nat. Am.)
    • Deaths of Immigrant Workers
    • Boom Towns
    • Big Business
    • Increase in graft
    • Government regulation to protect citizens
    • Time Zones (1883)
    Impacts of Railroads
  • 21. triumph of 'American' labor and technology over the vast, inhospitable stretches of the western landscape OR a huge movement westward which for the ones brought prosperity and wealth, for others destruction and death.
  • 22. EXIT SLIP: ANALOGY An analogy is a comparison of certain similarities between things which are otherwise unlike. Ex: A street light is like a star. Both provide light at night, both are in predictable locations, both are overhead, and both serve no function in the daytime. ************************************************** TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD: An analogy for the positive impacts of the railroad – and WHY you made that connection. An analogy for the negative impacts of the railroad – and WHY you made that connection.