Inspirational Entrepreneur: Chairul Tanjung


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Inspirational Entrepreneur: Chairul Tanjung

  1. 1. Information Entrepreneurship - Inspiring Entrepreneur – 15 September 2012 Chairul Tanjung “The Cassava Child”Developed by:Fransisca Katherina Rumambi - Management - WKWSCINanyang Technological University, Singapore
  2. 2. Chairul Tanjung and His Businesses• Founder and Chairman of CT Corp, Indonesia’s leading consumer focused business group with three core industry sectors as follows: Entertainment Natural Financial Services Media Retail and Lifestyle Resources Bank Mega, the third largest Holds the exclusive franchise and fastest growing credit Trans TV, innovation and for over 25 international card player), including: performance leader in the high-end fashion brands and Indonesian television other brands (Coffee - Bank Syariah Mega Bean, Baskin Indonesia industry Robbins, leading travel - Mega Finance (consumer The Group acquired 40% agencies Antatour and finance) stake in PT Carrefour Vayatour, Metro (dept. Indonesia to become the store) - Mega Life (life insurance) single largest shareholder Investment in Palm Oil - Mega Insurance (general Acquired another nation- sector insurance) wide free-to-air in Indonesia’s leading - Mega Capital Indonesia channel, Trans7 and become retailer the most profitable TV The leading entertainment (securities brokerage) player in Indonesia with two stations in Indonesia - Mega Capital Investama class integrated indoor and Mega Asset theme parks and resort Management (fund destinations (Trans Studio management) Theme Park), the Indonesia’s no. The Group acquired 40% stake in PT Carrefour Indonesia to become the single largest shareholder in Indonesia’s leading retailer 1 online news portal
  3. 3. Highlights of the Years Obtained Master’s Launched his Degree of Business autobiography Administration “Chairul Tanjung: Si from Education and Anak Singkong” Management Development (Chairul Tanjung: Born Institute (IPPM) The Cassava Child” 1987 2010 NOW 1962 1993 Chairman of the 2012 Graduated from National Economic Faculty of Dentistry Current Positions: Committee for Indonesia • President Commissioner for the core group University of companies Indonesia (UI) Economic • Chairman of the Indonesia Forum, Board Development Member of the Pacific Basin Economic Council • Chairman of the Indonesian National Kidney BUILDING HIS BUSINESS THROUGH THE YEARS Foundation • Board Member of the Indonesian Committee for Humanitarian Programs, the Indonesian Red Cross, and the Jakarta Art Foundation • President of the Badminton Association of Indonesia
  4. 4. Chairul Tanjung: The Cassava Child • He was raised in Gang Labu, a small street in Jakarta in vile community with a lot of financial problems • Since childhood, he was earning his own money to help his Mother by selling ice and working in photocopy station when he was in college • He is very modest that lead to his nickname as Cassava Child (Anak Singkong) What is Cassava Child (Anak Singkong)? Indonesian label for someone who is very young, poor, inferior and know nothing
  5. 5. Personal Quality: The Spirit of Entrepreneur Personal CharactersSevere Financial Problems - Discipline- Sold ice and worked at - Visional personphotocopy station - Confident Running and expanding- Started to engage with a - Persistent and hardwork his business slowly butsupplier who sold cheaper - Humble suredentistry equipment - Open-minded with- Started his small business creativityat campus - Passion to become successful entrepreneur Strive through failures
  6. 6. Lesson Learnt: Learning From FailuresThe real entrepreneurs are never undaunted byfailuresA Failure can be a milestone on the road tosuccessFailure is a mistake that taught us to move tothe next idea
  7. 7. Lesson Learnt: Learning From Failures Accept responsibility, do Study and profit not blame others from the mistakes Find another good relationship
  8. 8. Personal Quality: The Spirit of Giving Back Chairul Tanjung is a person with integrity and has a spirit of giving back to the community He combines learning and earning opportunities which offer children and their families long-term solutions of POVERTY Building schools in rural area and free education
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