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Aaron Krull: Visual Resume
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Aaron Krull: Visual Resume


Published on

My visual resume for Professional Communication and Presentation, at Full Sail University Online.

My visual resume for Professional Communication and Presentation, at Full Sail University Online.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Introduce myself, my degree and school, and my current class.\n
  • Talk about my interest in music from a young age and my time learning bass in my middle school orchestra.\n
  • I kept playing bass guitar in high school, but moved from music to acting.\n
  • I learned about live theatre in high school, held several large roles (list them).\n
  • Talk about my high school job at Chik-Fil-A.\n
  • I went to the University of Memphis after high school, the class structure couldn’t hold my interest.\n
  • I worked at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for several months entering data and interviewing research participants.\n\n(I worked in the building this picture was taken from!)\n
  • After working at St. Jude, I had some beginner excel skills and a feel for statistics and accounting.\n
  • I wanted to combine my interests in entertainment and business, so I started attending Full Sail Online\n
  • Classes showed me the challenges of entrepreneurship and the skills a workplace leader needs to motivate employees.\n
  • My skills in excel increased dramatically from classes in managerial accounting and statistics\n
  • I learned how to identify foreign countries readily available for international expansion\n
  • Marketing and distribution, economics, and contract negotiation are just a few other business aspects I have learned much of from my time at Full Sail.\n
  • Upon completing my remaining courses, I will have the tools I need to start my own business, help manage an existing business, or work for a consulting firm helping other businesses.\n
  • Shortly after starting Full Sail, I began working as an assistant at Kumon, a learning enhancement center for grade school children, where I currently work.\n
  • Outro\n
  • Transcript

    • 1. Aaron Krull Visual ResumeBurgtheater Wien 2005: File:Burgtheater_Wien_2005.jpg
    • 2. Love for music since childhood Began playing bass at age 10 Israel Philharmonic Orchestra: File:Israel_Philharmonic_Orchestra.jpg
    • 3. Switched to theatre in high schoolI still play bass guitar to this day!Delphi amphitheater from above: File:Delphi_amphitheater_from_above_dsc06297.jpg
    • 4. Some good roles I played: Oberon: A Midsummer Night’s Dream Tartuffe: Tartuffe! Stage Manager (narrator): Our TownMND title page: Tartuffe: File:MND_title_page.jpg File:Tartuffe.jpg
    • 5. Cashier and cook at Chik-fil-A for two years in high school Chik-fil-a!: 3662059384/
    • 6. Studied at the University of Memphis But the system wasn’t for me Ramses II University:
    • 7. Worked at St. Jude assisting studies and interviewing research participants St Judes grass: File:St_Judes_grass.jpg
    • 8. Learned the basics of Excel and how to maintain databasesExcel errors:
    • 9. Wanted to combine my love forentertainment and ability to learn quickly So I applied to Full Sail Online! FullSailUniversityBacklot:
    • 10. Learned the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship Design Pattern Business Cards: 6841945722/
    • 11. Knowledge of Excel and accounting skyrocketed! Early SSA accounting operations: http:// Poppit Statistics: http:// File:Poppit_Statistics.pdf
    • 12. United-nations: nations.jpg Learned how to evaluate foreign markets
    • 13. Some skills I learned Distribution Economics Negotiation 40 Wall Street 004: 40_Wall_Street_004.JPG
    • 14. Always more to learn! Always ready! Students attending class:
    • 15. Still Ready foremployed the next bigat Kumon thing Kumon Math and Reading Center Ann Arbor Michigan: File:Kumon_Math_and_Reading_Center_Ann_Arbor_ Michigan.JPG
    • 16. Aaron Krull Email: adkrull@fullsail.eduCinerama scherm wit gemaakt: