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Kevin Ruckers Portfolio
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Kevin Ruckers Portfolio


Published on

The Design Portfolio of Kevin Rucker.

The Design Portfolio of Kevin Rucker.

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  • 1. Kevin Rucker rucker design Portfolio 1
  • 2. Form Function Style 2
  • 3. Nintendo Exhibit 5 Dolci Sapori 10 The Lion’s Den 15 Lifeguard Station 19 Transportation Hub 22 PawPrints 31 3
  • 4. Exhibit Design Nintendo Objective: Design an exhibit for Nintendo. Design a linear wall display and kiosk that relate to the exhibit, creating a family of product displays. 4
  • 5. Linear Wall Display Nintendo 5
  • 6. 6 Kiosk Design Nintendo
  • 7. Exhibit Perspective View Nintendo 7
  • 8. 8 Exhibit Perspective View Nintendo
  • 9. Restaurant Design Dolci Sapori Objective: Design a Italian coffee house that caters to young adults. The restaurant will offer authentic italian coffee and baked goods, showcasing the unique tastes of Italy. 9
  • 10. o r i Dolci Sapori! D coffee house o D l c o i l Dolci Sapori Dolci Sapori c i S a italian coffee Dolci Sapori Dolci Sapori ori p italian cafe Sap o r authentic italian cafe Dolci Sapori olci Dolci Sapori Dolci Sapori! D i S coffee house italian coffee italia n cafe a Dolci Sapori p o r Dolci Sapori Dolci Sapori! Dolci Sapori italian cafe Dolci Sapori Dolci italian cafe authentic italian cafe i coffee house Dolci Sapori is an Italian café and bakery that offer s authentic drinks and pastries Sapori from Italy. The phrase “dolci sapori” literally means “sweet tastes” in italian, an idea that reflects the flavors of Italian cuisine. Dolci Sapori focuses on more than just good Italian coffee, but also makes its own pastries and desserts on sight. For those who Dolci Sapori italian coffee Dolci want a return to the original tastes of Italy, satisfy your sweet spot at Dolci Sapori! Sapori Dolci Sapori Sapori! Dolci Sapori Dolci Sapori italian cafe coffee house authentic italian cafe 10 Concept and Final Logo Dolci Sapori
  • 11. Night Rendering Dolci Sapori 11
  • 12. 12 Day Rendering Dolci Sapori
  • 13. Night Rendering Dolci Sapori 13
  • 14. Restaurant Design The Lion’s Den Objective: Design two concepts of the exterior of a sports bar for Lebron James. The design will reflect the personality of James, and become a major landmark for Cleveland sports fans. Utilize the adjacent building in the design. 14
  • 15. Day Rendering The Lion’s Den 15
  • 16. 16 Night Rendering The Lion’s Den
  • 17. Day Rendering The Lion’s Den 17
  • 18. Civil Design Lifeguard Station Objective: Design a lifeguard staion for a beach in the Seychelles Islands. The design should reflect the culture and needs of the surrounding area. 18
  • 19. Exterior View Lifeguard Station 19
  • 20. 20 Exterior View Lifeguard Station
  • 21. Civil Design Transportation Hub Objective: Design a sustainable transit center for the Olympic Bus Lines in Seattle, Washington along the Burke-Gilman hiking trail. Utilize a 5000 square foot empty lot, creating an interactive environment that merges food service and retail spaces. 21
  • 22. se search ride ttle! play learn live 22 Logo Design Transportation Hub
  • 23. ...the many places in Seattle to find peace, tranquility, and search happiness in a troubled and hectic world ...along scenic trails, bustling streets, and with the calming ride Pacific winds ...amongst the forestry, along the beaches, and atop the play mountains in the Emerald City ...about the many cultures, histories, familes, and moments learn that make this city a staple in American society the fullest extent, not letting a moment of enjoyment live pass by, no matter how long you stay Logo Concept Transportation Hub 23
  • 24. 24 24 Exterior View Transportation Hub
  • 25. Exterior View Transportation Hub 25
  • 26. 26 Exterior View Transportation Hub
  • 27. Interior View Transportation Hub 27
  • 28. 28 Interior View Transportation Hub
  • 29. Interior View Transportation Hub 29
  • 30. Retail Design PawPrints Objective: Using the Iams brand, create a retail experience that makes it easy for pet owners to find the appropriate food and toys for their animal. Allow pet owners to track their pets health, enabling them to give their pets the best care possible. Use the store to inform the public about the issues on pet abandonment, and allow them to adopt animals at the facility. 30
  • 31. Logo Design PawPrints 31
  • 32. Adoption Play Area Nutrition Center myPawPrints Retail Lobby/ Checkout Adoption Display 32 Floor Plan PawPrints
  • 33. Exterior View PawPrints 33
  • 34. 34 Lobby Entrance PawPrints
  • 35. Lobby Entrance/Adoption Display PawPrints 35
  • 36. 36 Nutrition Center PawPrints
  • 37. Nutrition Center PawPrints 37
  • 38. 38 myPawPrints/Retail Area PawPrints
  • 39. Adoption Play Area PawPrints 39
  • 40. Form Function Style 40
  • 41. p: (216) 408-0082 e: 5109 Theodore Street Maple Heights, OH 44137 41