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Flickr: More than Pretty Pictures
Flickr: More than Pretty Pictures
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Flickr: More than Pretty Pictures


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This is the handout for the talk I presented at the 2010 Garden Writers Association annual conference.

This is the handout for the talk I presented at the 2010 Garden Writers Association annual conference.

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  • 1. More than pretty pictures<br />GWA 2010 Symposium<br />281940081280What is<br />
    • Online photo management and sharing application
    Who can benefit from Flickr?<br />
    • Bloggers who want to store their photos or find other people’s photos to use on their blog
    • 2. Photographers who need a place to store and organize their photos
    • 3. Anyone who wants to get involved with social networking
    How can Flickr help you? <br />Upload, store, and find photos for easy retrieval and use<br />Build social media presence<br />Pros<br />
    • Full-size JPG files (Pro account)
    • 4. Unlimited storage space (Pro account)
    • 5. Highly searchable
    • 6. Low cost
    • 7. No software to download or buy
    • 8. Available on any computer
    Cons<br />
    • Can’t accept RAW image files
    • 9. Won’t integrate directly with photo editing software
    Create an account: <br />
    • Can create an account for free in just a few minutes with a Yahoo! ID
    • 10. Basic account is free, then upgrade to a Flickr Pro account for a low annual fee
    • 11. Choose an avatar
    • 12. Configure your privacy settings to restrict who can see, comment on, print, or download your photos (
    Upload your photos:<br />
    • Use the built-in uploading tool (
    • 13. Download the desktop Uploadr software for easier and more efficient uploading (
    • 14. Use a plug-in to upload via Windows XP, iPhoto, or Aperture
    • 15. Via email or mobile device
    Organize your photos:<br />
    • Tags—keywords that you assign to photos and can use to search for them later
    • 16. Sets—albums that you create to group photos by event or theme
    • 17. Collections—supergroups that you can use to organize related sets
    • 18. Geotag—add your photos to a map (
    • 19. Organizr—Flickr’s built-in tool that lets you reorganize and edit photos in batches (;
    Find and use photos:<br />
    • Search
    • 20. Use the search box in the upper right of the screen to find photos with specific titles, tags, or descriptions
    • 21. Click on the drop-down arrow on the box to search just your own photos
    • 22. Use the advanced search ( to find other people’s photos that are licensed for use via Creative Commons (
    • 23. Download
    • 24. Click on the “Actions” tab above a photo and then on “View all sizes”
    • 25. Choose the size you want and download it
    • 26. Link or embed photos
    • 27. URL—Click on the “Share this” tab above a photo and then on “Grab the link”
    • 28. HTML or BBCode—Click on the “Share this” tab above a photo, click on “Grab the HTML/BBCode,” choose the size photo you want, and then copy the code
    • 29. Blog or Twitter—Create a blog post or tweet straight from Flickr by clicking on the “Share this” tab and then on “Blog it”
    • 30. Note: You have to add your blog(s) and Twitter account(s) first (
    Connect with other people:<br />
    • Groups—place your photos in public groups based on their content (
    • 31. Comments—write comments on other people’s photos
    • 32. Contacts—mark other Flickr account holders as contacts (
    • 33. Share photos with non-Flickr users
    • 34. Click on “Share this” tab and then enter the person’s email address
    • 35. For private photos, a guest pass will be included with the email message (
    Measure:<br />
    • Learn who is adding you as a contact, commenting on your photos, and marking them as favorites (
    • 36. Get historical data on which of your photos receive the most views and where your visitors come from (