Social Media in the marketing mix - Xm² 2013


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Presentation on social @microsoftbe for Cross Media Management @KDGH Antwerp

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  • What did I study? Germanic Languages (Ugent)Post-Graduate MTB (Ugent & Vlerick)DM: Draft/KarambaAbove: McCann EricksonDigital: EmakinaMicrosoft BeLux: Consumer Digital Marketing LeadMicrosoft BeLux: Digital Marketing do I like?  it’s on there
  • Did some observation and you think as my colleagues should (digital immigrants <-> digital natives)Social media is a part of your lifestyle, youthinkdifferentlyabout privacy, youconsume media differently, ….
  • … andyouprobablydon’tknow the link between these twoanymore-> ifyou do knowit, it’sbecauseyousawit on Facebook ;-)You are MY target audience :-)Today I’ll talk about how MSFT approaches social media (andyou), today you tell me what else should be in here!
  • First ofall, whoknowsthis pictureDates from 2006 – Microsoft, the big monopolist company  challengingusWe are one of the big companies that have changed the way we collaborate & communicateBut for the moment more of an underdogMade me want towork at Microsoft – have impact, do itbetter, listen to the customerLatelydoingbetter, butmanythingschanging -
  • What do I do? Well a little bit of everything, I make the machines run ;-)
  • Datesfrom 2007, about MSAMainmessage: we have to listen to the clientThis video is now a reality, scares companies – the consumerbecamevocal, veryvocal
  • The webcompetedwithtraditional media The social web competeswithdestination webWhenbeforeconsumers went to websites for information, andsaw websites as valuable sources, today, theirsocial life is partly online andthey are guided/pointedto information throughpeople, byrecommendations. Word of mouth is nowwritten. Turn the tide – focus on observation -> listening – improving – yourpotential, ourpassionNow: listeningto the customer, more than ever – a happy customer will get you the numbersyouneed
  • Even foryou I thinkit’s the case, althoughverytechsavvySmart watchesPC/Mac?Iphone – android – windowsphone?Ipad? KindlWho’s on twitter & facebook – okPinterestGoogle plusYammerQuoraMyspace (the new one!)Definitely at any large company – peoplecannot follow  marketeers are lost.
  • A new approachA new audience of connectedconsumers is emerging, andthey are becoming more influentialthanany business Think Brand Value SurveysWho do YOU listen to?
  • State of social media creates new touchpoints & expectations-> new oneseveryday, nowmyspace back
  • The roles of the customer & employees are greaterthan the reach of marketing -> revolutionary – howto handle this?
  • Without engagement, customer activityand shared experiencessteersconversations & actions andshapesreputation
  • The future of business takes a culture richwith employee empowerment & customer centricity
  • Marketeers are panicking, they have no ideawhatto do, notwhattheylearned
  • Companies understandtheyneedto change, sotheyjump right in, often without anystrategy at allVeryoftenhere at Microsoft as well.
  • Back to the drawing board -> seehowtoaddsocialto the media mix
  • The best social media programs integrate content that solves customer needs and long-term customer relationship building with other traditional assets like owned websites and advertising Plan, ground, and execute a strategy that resonates with target audiences to drive business impact
  • Difficult at a company as Microsoft, because we are quite top down, and product focusedEvolving in the right directionGetting more aligned, as youcanseewith the new releases of Xbox, Windows, Windows Phone & many moreSome overall guidance, not a lot MARKETING POWER  Objectives Who -> What -> How Opportunity & theyrealizelocalrelevance = keyFocus on the audience leads
  • We’redoingbetter in social & digital…. : respectful, well thought out
  • We’redoingbetter in social & digital…. : respectful, well thought out
  • But there is worktoalign…  biggest thread on yammer!!
  • 350 members (the entire sub)Unmanaged, +/- 15 posts per day, high interactivity -> Facebook x3!!Great to spread messages
  • First phase is starting to observe. When you do, by for example following people, you’ll get noticed & observed to. Make the most of that! Build your personal leadership brandVery specifically for TwitterYour bioUse your full name (findability/SEO)Say you work for Microsoft & Add your functionSomething personalyour webyour pictureyour backgroundyour locationAdd your twitter account in your signature
  • Next in observation is following the influencersWho? All ‘tweeps’, bloggers, journalists, … that influence your audienceWhy? The ripple effect -> reach one & reach thousandsFollow the influencers: Help influencers become more influential (feed them info & thus become one yourself)How to find them?Ask your peers + colleagues-> microsoftbe listAsk microsoftbeFind them via twitter search, blogoloogFollow the influencer’s influencers + check their lists!Tip: also follow the non-enthusiasts! The competition lovers!Focus on “sources”: local bloggers & journalists: follow them**Contact with journalists and bloggers – be accessible, visible and personalActively get connected with them on Twitter, email, and if possible Messenger. Use all press meetings and press releases to promote this.Be useful to them (think of your valeprop for the journalist). Help them if you can, even outside your own areas (fx for contacts within MS etc.). Always respond, and respond fast! For journalists these days ‘check and come back later’ should mean minutes/hours, not days – be known as someone that’s available and responds very quickly. Take a calculated chance on info and message you have rather than having 110% confirmed, vetted and fine tuned messaging two days later – they won’t care then.Pro-actively engage with journalists to provide info, with a quick message if you see them writing about something that you have additional/clarifying info on. You’ll be surprised how well this can work, and start an ongoing communication. Don’t do it as criticism. See twitter example slide 4.Continuously work on coming up with (or repurpose earlier!) PR messages that fits into their “currently hot topics/interests” (media, twitter stream), the conversation they and others are currently focused on, rather than just guided by our launch plans.When you have something new or interesting, try floating it informally and exclusively for key journalists rather than press releases. Just send a quick note with fx “this is coming out tomorrow, could this be of interest to you” (with prepared, thought through angle to make it interesting to them).Always put work into preparing material that is easy for them to reuse for articles (always have quotes included, images included, concise text that clearly calls out key messages/angles they might find interesting). For some lifestyle press in some markets you can almost do the whole article for them if done right.Being a useful and visible contact point for journalist will benefit you greatly vs. the small overall time cost. Make sure they know the products – use all opportunities to demo and educate, (in some markets just inviting on an informal “get latest updates and meet us” event with beer and pizza works well). We need to work not only on getting our message relayed to their readers, but to think of and plan for the need for perception change with the journalists/bloggers themselves. Some activities might not result in articles, but have still been useful in educating the journalist/blogger.
  • Biggest issue for people still is time ànd inspirationWe read tons of quick articles that interest us, both professionaly & personallyInteresting? Share it!Easy sharingShare to TwitterShare to FacebookShare on LinkedInShare via mail (tip n°4)‘Press this’ (for Wordpress bloggers)Share it on Tumblr
  • People talk,bethereBe authenticUse the power of the audienceànd employeesBe inspiring!!Socialdoesn’tsolveitall
  • Share best practices
  • Share best practices
  • Don't listen to familyDon't listen to society Don't listen to friendsDon't listen too much to your teacherMake it really quiet and listen to yourself
  • Don't listen to familyDon't listen to society Don't listen to friendsDon't listen too much to your teacherMake it really quiet and listen to yourself
  • Social Media in the marketing mix - Xm² 2013

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    5. 5. Long term planning © Brian Solis
    6. 6. 1. Alignment
    7. 7. 1. Alignment
    8. 8. 1. Alignment
    9. 9. • • • Focus on audience leads Social alignment plan / audience Overall content & guidance • • • Review all-up & audience calendar Cross-fertilization Conversation mgmt training
    10. 10. - WHO is your (social) audience? - WHAT are your objectives? - Link to business objectives - KPI's & metrics - HOW will you get there? - What is your planning/roadmap - What are the roles & responsibilities - Who are your ambassadors ànd influencers (int+ext) - Who will provide you w/ content - Which channels to use (property sheet/channel)
    11. 11. Engagement Virality METRIC DEFINITION PURPOSE Total Fans/Followers Total fans & followers Reveals audience size and brand/channel awareness Net growth rate Change in total followers expressed as a percent (inclusive of new followers and unfollowers) Reveals growth of program Rate of engaged users % of followers consuming content and/or engaging with it Helps illuminate how much of the audience is engaged Engagement rate Average # of audience comments, replies, likes, shares, favorites per post Reveals follower engagement and content effectiveness and relevancy Share Rate Audience METRIC # of Retweets per Tweet, shares per post (FB) or share-clicks per post (YT) Reveals change in virality and advocacy over time. Reached Users Total unique users exposed to post directly or via share (followers and friend of followers) Highlights spread of content. Change over time is more meaningful than exact number
    12. 12. • Dedicated full-time person + me • Int’l support (content, guidance, support) • Yammer
    13. 13. Obey ;-)
    14. 14. Engage
    15. 15. Don’t stop
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