Twitter readiness friday

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Readiness Friday at Microsoft BeLux

Readiness Friday at Microsoft BeLux

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  • How do people do this? Do they have nothing else to do?Is it a character thing?How to be efficient, how to have impact?If you missed the last session, please check it out here:
  • We work on 3 levels- Provide all the guidance
  • The biggest role in this story is YOUSocial = personal = connecting = about peopleProduct leads – be an ambassador for your prWhy not merely focus on corporate & local product accounts? not personal, less engagementYes, you might leave one day, but you’ll then let your partners know who to contact now ànd you will have built out a great personal network!
  • this is the general corp guidance for Microsoft, but the* is the most important one ;)
  • We build on what we started up last yearAll steps are deeply interlinked and all are equally important Focus on Observation: we, as in I, cannot do this for all our products & solutions: this will be part of your job = perpetual cycleSome examples by giving very concrete tips, tricks & go-do’s – mostly linked to Twitter.
  • It all starts here, if any problems getting set up, please stay until after the training
  • First phase is starting to observe. When you do, by for example following people, you’ll get noticed & observed to. Make the most of that! Build your personal leadership brandVery specifically for TwitterYour bioUse your full name (findability/SEO)Say you work for Microsoft & Add your functionSomething personalyour webyour pictureyour backgroundyour locationAdd your twitter account in your signature
  • Next in observation is following the influencersWho? All ‘tweeps’, bloggers, journalists, … that influence your audienceWhy? The ripple effect -> reach one & reach thousandsFollow the influencers: Help influencers become more influential (feed them info & thus become one yourself)How to find them?Ask your peers + colleagues-> microsoftbe listAsk microsoftbeFind them via twitter search, blogoloogFollow the influencer’s influencers + check their lists!Tip: also follow the non-enthusiasts! The competition lovers!Focus on “sources”: local bloggers & journalists: follow them**Contact with journalists and bloggers – be accessible, visible and personalActively get connected with them on Twitter, email, and if possible Messenger. Use all press meetings and press releases to promote this.Be useful to them (think of your valeprop for the journalist). Help them if you can, even outside your own areas (fx for contacts within MS etc.). Always respond, and respond fast! For journalists these days ‘check and come back later’ should mean minutes/hours, not days – be known as someone that’s available and responds very quickly. Take a calculated chance on info and message you have rather than having 110% confirmed, vetted and fine tuned messaging two days later – they won’t care then.Pro-actively engage with journalists to provide info, with a quick message if you see them writing about something that you have additional/clarifying info on. You’ll be surprised how well this can work, and start an ongoing communication. Don’t do it as criticism. See twitter example slide 4.Continuously work on coming up with (or repurpose earlier!) PR messages that fits into their “currently hot topics/interests” (media, twitter stream), the conversation they and others are currently focused on, rather than just guided by our launch plans.When you have something new or interesting, try floating it informally and exclusively for key journalists rather than press releases. Just send a quick note with fx “this is coming out tomorrow, could this be of interest to you” (with prepared, thought through angle to make it interesting to them).Always put work into preparing material that is easy for them to reuse for articles (always have quotes included, images included, concise text that clearly calls out key messages/angles they might find interesting). For some lifestyle press in some markets you can almost do the whole article for them if done right.Being a useful and visible contact point for journalist will benefit you greatly vs. the small overall time cost. Make sure they know the products – use all opportunities to demo and educate, (in some markets just inviting on an informal “get latest updates and meet us” event with beer and pizza works well). We need to work not only on getting our message relayed to their readers, but to think of and plan for the need for perception change with the journalists/bloggers themselves. Some activities might not result in articles, but have still been useful in educating the journalist/blogger.
  • Check the conversations your influencers are having daily – tip: just book 10’ in your agenda, fixed twitter timeMake lists (in Twitter!) – you can add them as additional hp / bookmark / in one of the managing tools Check & Always follow backSeesmic / Metrotwit* ADD general log-in!
  • Learning when to say nothingnatural tendency is to step in and try to resolve any negative situationNot every complaint seeks or even wants a responseSome questions to ask when people go negative:! Is the complaint indicative of a bigger problem? If you believe avocal critic speaks for many others, then you probably need to show your concern. If thecomplaint is isolated, it may be better dealt with offline.! Will your response make matters worse? Bending the rules to address the complaints ofone outlier may create a precedent that prompts others to come forth demanding thesame benefits. It’s best to take engagements to a private venue for resolution. If specialaccommodations are made, remind the beneficiary that the arrangement is unique to hisor her case.! Can the complainer be satisfied? Experts often use a “two and out” policy to deal withpersistent critics. If the naysayer persists in flaming you after two attempts atengagement, the person is probably never going to be satisfied. State your case publiclyand let them rant.! Will the problem resolve itself? Businesses that do a good job of satisfying theircustomers often find that the community rallies to solve a complainer’s problem orsimply tells him or her to shut up. This is the best of all possible conclusions. Find outwho these advocates are and make sure they know how much you value their loyalty.! Are there regulatory or compliance issues involved? As far as the Securities andExchange Commission is concerned, your public response to a shareholder’s complaintobligates you to handle all future problems the same way. Better to either say nothing orto issue a public statement that addresses the general issue without engaging in eachindividual discussion. A FAQ page is a good option.
  • If there is a real issue, always follow up or flag it- Send a direct message or mail to the product owner / lead (‘D @product owner’)check impact – widespread? Who’s spreading? What’s the reason?Look for answers – if none or no guidance, let them know we’re looking into it- contact the influencers - contact local sources- follow up
  • Biggest issue for people still is time ànd inspirationWe read tons of quick articles that interest us, both professionaly & personallyInteresting? Share it!Easy sharingShare to TwitterShare to FacebookShare on LinkedInShare via mail (tip n°4)‘Press this’ (for Wordpress bloggers)Share it on Tumblr
  • (re)tweet at least 3x / weekbe opinionatedbe authenticretweet the local champ/portal#daretoasklanguage#hashtagsRT @someone@someone <-> ‘most definitely @someone’D someone/ cc@microsoftbeFF / TGIF / ...
  • Link your accounts: less update work, easily manageableAdd your twitter account to LinkedInAdd your twitter (and facebook) to MessengerAdd your twitter account to Netlog -> go to setting/connections/twitterI did not link Facebook -> more private
  • My 2 tips:1. Better join in ;-)
  • 2. Or it won’t work – social is no ‘marketing’ , it is communication, up close & personal


  • 1. 1. Digital Marketing Team Guidance & general content 2. Audience Leads Strategy per audience, sync with product leads 3. All Employees Reinforce the messages#operationalmodel
  • 2. Product lead Product Ambassador Microsoft Ambassador  Lead & Reinforce Personal Branding All employees Microsoft Ambassador  Reinforce#ambassador
  • 3. 1. Make clear your Microsoft affiliation. 2. Anything can be viewed as an official company statement. 3. Do support major announcements. 4. Protect confidential information. 5. Be honest, accurate & ethical 6. Understand the consequences. * Use your common sense, be relevant, have fun#guidelines*
  • 4. you 4 pillars
  • 5. you | twitter
  • 6. you | observation Complete your profile your bio your web your picture your background your location = your personal branding  add to signature
  • 7. you | observation follow the influencers who are they? Focus on your audience and interests why follow them? - ripple effect - get them to be more influential how to find them? - Colleagues, peers x ,@microsoftbe - keyword search, blogoloog - influencer‘s influencers - non-enthusiasts - focus on sources
  • 8. you | observation monitor & manage daily check make lists always follow back (check) Hootsuite | Tweetdeck | Seesmic* | Metrotwit* Engagor***Seesmic & Metrotwit are based on MStechnology** Engagor access is given to the productlead
  • 9. you | observation learn when to say nothing think precedents can the complainer be satisfied? will issue resolve itself? faq / technical @microsofthelpt @microsoftvousaide
  • 10. you | observation escalation procedure ‘D @product owner’ / mail check impact look for answers contact the influencers contact local sources follow up
  • 11. you | conversation share share share share all that interests you (= network building)
  • 12. you | conversation tweet ! retweet the local champ/portal (re)tweet at least 3x / week be opinionated & be authentic use (our) hashtags /Cc @microsoftbe RT @someone @someone <-> ‘most definitely @someone’ D someone FF / TGIF / #hirefriday / ...
  • 13. you | conversation link up
  • 14. #peopletalk
  • 15. #authenticity
  • 16. How did you really start? How do you keep an overview? What tools? How can you have impact/influence? What is your tip? How do you find/plan time?#ourambassadors
  • 17. #thanks!