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Lessius Hogeschool Pitch
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Lessius Hogeschool Pitch


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Social Media Strategy for companies, to help Lessius students with the preparation of a Pitch

Social Media Strategy for companies, to help Lessius students with the preparation of a Pitch

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  • What did I study? What do I like? Tech & Images 
  • -> mainly consists of the next 4 elements:Digital (40%)Accessible (optimize user flow, prioritize based on pain points, ROI)Consistent & unified customer experience over all our touch points & compliant with branding/guidanceImpactful communication (portals, product pages, campaigns, social)Planning (20%)Focus on internal, the 13% bannering for our products on WL+ MSN, plus the bannering on our microsoft pages, fully product-dedicatedExternal – advise on media plans with partner UM – good CPC, CPL etcSocial (30%)The core team’s contributionThe departments’ rolesYour roleDigital IQ (5%) Influencers (5%) Boost overall team capabilities & knowledge -> trainings, newsletters, (regular & ad-hoc) syncs-> if you are in closer contact with the people actually using your product/solution, you’ll again feel how YOU contribute to them realizing their potential. The ‘machine’ kinda runs. But... We are the Difference
  • Did some observation and you think as my colleagues should (digital immigrants <-> digital natives)Social media is a part of your lifestyleYou are MY target audience :-)- Who on FB? Netlog? Twitter? Who uses Twitter actively?
  • Digital/Social – everything has changed  so, this video is more relevant than ever
  • Digital/Social – everything has changed  so, more relevant than everThe web competes with traditional mediaThe social web competes with destination webWhen before consumers went to websites for information, and saw websites as valuable sources, today, their social life is partly online and they are guided/pointed to information through people, by recommendations. Word of mouth is now written. My job = making campaigns more effective and my colleague’s jobs more rewardingTurn the tide – focus on observation -> listening – improving – your potential, our passionNow: listening to the customer, more than ever – a happy customer will get you the numbers you need
  • What is social?Definitely the elephant in the roomScares some, irritates othersIt is NOT a silver bullet, it is NOT easyIt is however NOT that time consumingIt IS inevitable
  • Social media is simply a set of interactive tools that empower people to share and interact with one another.
  • For marketing purposes, social media offers real-time market research, influencer identification, potential amplification of your messages by the crowd, but most importantly, it should bring meaningful engagement with people who want to interact with your brand.
  • 800 M people on FB, 1 B on social!if it were a country, n°3, China 1,3M, India 1,2M= Internet Population of 2004, when FB startedAwareness is close to 100%BelgiumFacebook 4,3 M BE users40% extra linkedin accounts in 1 year (close to 1M now)Netlog growing but year growth declining (3,5M NL)500.000 Belgian videos on youtube400K BlogsTwitter 90.000 users10K Google+ usersFYI: active Hotmail users: 3,6M
  • The best social media programs integrate content that solves customer needs and long-term customer relationship building with other traditional assets like owned websites and advertising Plan, ground, and execute a strategy that resonates with target audiences to drive business impact
  • People – Start by properly defining your audience. Even if you plan on speaking to multiple audiences, it’s important to understand the top one or two priorities. Objectives - Any successful social strategy requires a clear purpose. The objectives should be to deliver business impact, for example increasing visitors to owned websites or driving demo trials. Driving online buzz does not inherently deliver business impact—what do you want the audience to do after they buzz about it? Strategy – How will you accomplish your goals? How do I want to enhance my relationship with customers? How will my strategies support my audience and business objectives? The key to driving social sharing is simple content that addresses the real needs of your customers. What will success look like? What resources are needed? Technology or Tactics - Select the social media tactics and channels to realize your program’s strategies and objectives. There’s a reason this is the last step – so we don’t focus on the tactics before mapping out the full strategy and objectives. Which social channels allow for proper scale and reach with your audience?Where is my audience already engaged?Social media isn’t just about Facebook and Twitter. Forrester’s research suggests that commercial audiences are much more likely to research technology decisions with support forums and discussion groups than social networks like Facebook.
  • Social technographics helps
  • US Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • I blog because I have something important to sharePublish a blogPublish your own Web pagesUpload video you created Upload audio/music you createdWrite articles or stories and post them US Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • In my life, the conversation never stops!Update status on a Social Networking site Post updates to TwitterUS Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • I either love something or hate it – there’s no gray zone there. Critics aren’t always negative, they can be your advocates too. Post ratings/reviewsComment on someone else’s blogContribute to online forumsContribute to/edit articles in a wikiUS Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • I’m a technology and organization nut – everything has a place, everything in it’s place. Sharing Web sites with others; activities that appeal to their desire to bring order to the messUse RSS feedsAdd “tags” to Web pages or photosOrganize photo albums“Vote” for Web sites onlineUS Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • My friends are the most important part of my life. Very simple activities on FacebookMaintain profile on a social networking siteVisit social networking sitesUS Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • All this new content is a great way to indulge my passion for golf.You won’t motivate them to share, but you can get information in their hands and sway their opinions and actionsRead blogsWatch video from other usersListen to podcastsRead online forumsRead customer ratings/reviewsUS Results – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • European Results (2010) – All rights to Forrester Research Forrester POST Analysis: LINK
  • Listening -> learn frow what your customer is sayingTalking -> two-way conversation, not pushing the marketing message (be where your customer is & distribute content), many of the most popular talking efforts are useful & informative!Energizing -> helping your best customers to recruit othersSupporting -> enable your customers to support each other (not only value for creators!), long-termEmbracing -> involve customers in your product development
  • Better join in ;-)
  • Or it won’t work – social is no ‘marketing’ , it is communication, up close & personal
  • Create a long term content plan – helps for disciple – free up resourcesPlan in the different channelsPublish regularly in the tempo fitting youTell your story, show the faces behind the company – prepare to get intimate ;-)
  • Social is about engagement – it is long term – it takes loads of energy & resources – think (a little bit), then act!
  • Work with your audience, trust them, engage them, keep them posted, thank them
  • Social is a medium, not the message. Fix your company first, don’t start up a facebook page
  • Inspire & be relevant!
  • Be the Difference, in whatever you do ;-)
  • Transcript

    • 1. #me
    • 2. #myjob
    • 3. #you
    • 4. #why?
    • 5. #why?
    • 6. #what?
    • 7. WW +1 billion on socialBelgium #context
    • 8. #goodstrategy
    • 9. P People Define your audience(s) O Objectives Decide what you want to accomplish S Strategy Plan for how relationships with customers will change T Technology & Tactics Decide which social technologies to use#approach
    • 10. 1. Who is your audience? 2. What are their demographics, psychographics, needs and wants? 3. What are their social media behaviors? 4. What is their relationship to brand?#people (1)
    • 11. #people (1)
    • 12. Creators#people (1)
    • 13. Conversationalists#people (1)
    • 14. Critics#people (1)
    • 15. Collectors#people (1)
    • 16. Joiners#people (1)
    • 17. Spectators#people (1)
    • 18. #people (1)
    • 19. 1. What will you achieve? 2. How will you measure success? 3. Which category of objective: Listening? Talking? Supporting? Energizing? Embracing?#objectives (2)
    • 20. a) Listening (Research) b) Talking (Marketing) c) Energizing (Sales/Marketing) d) Supporting (Help/Support) e) Embracing (Development)#objectives (2)
    • 21. 1. What does success look like? 2. Who will you involve (internally, externally)? 3. What roadblocks need to be overcome (internally, externally)? 4. What resources are needed? 5. How will you measure your efforts?#strategy (3)
    • 22. 1. What technologies will be needed? 2. What are the core functions or features? 3. What skills do you need to learn? 4. What are the risks? 5. What are the associated costs (fixed/soft/ongoing)?#tactics/technology (4)
    • 23. #peopletalk
    • 24. #authenticity
    • 25. #content
    • 26. #notforfree
    • 27. #usetheforce
    • 28. #nofixall
    • 29. #inspire
    • 30. What’s Next 
    • 31. ResourcesInspiration*: BVLG social media monitor LINK Insites / Conversation Manager LINK Clo Willaerts – Conversity Model LINK Social Media tools - Bert van Wassenhove LINK Eloqua social media probook - LINK B2N emerging social trends B2B LINK Getting your company ready LINK Forrester POST LINK Getty LINK *’Talent imitates, genius steals’ ;-)