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  • 1. 設計流程 U9718008 陳冠勻
  • 2.
    • Product Research 產品研究
    • From the start, the overall 外形 project goal and product design Specifications 規格,說明書 are defined, followed by a detailed market analysis.
    • The documented competitive and related product internet and in-store research is then analyzed to identify product development strategies. 分析各方面後再訂出產品發展方向
  • 3.
    • PHASE 1 Product Research 產品研究
    • The market research is revisited throughout the new product design and development phases.
    • Deliverables 交付 include project planning, competitive product analysis and market research.
  • 4.
    • Concept Brainstorming 靈感激發
    • Product design exploration is the second objective of this phase 階段 . Our product designers will often sketch during the kick-off meeting as ideas and concepts are verbally contributed.
    • Design refinements to the concept sketches may be made after the client's initial review.
    • Deliverables include black-and-white concept sketches.
  • 5.
    • PHASE2 Concept Renderings 概念解讀
    • The assessment 評估 of the Product Research and Concept Brainstorming narrows down the new product design to a few chosen concepts.
    • The final selections are illustrated as 3D Color Renderings 效果圖 using SolidWorks, PhotoShop and PhotoWorks software.
    • The Computer Aided Design 輔助設計 (CAD) provides a window to the future appearance of the new product.
  • 6.
    • Concept Renderings 概念解讀
    • A color study may also be explored at this time. The concept renderings help evaluate 評估 the aesthetic design 美學設計 options before extensive time and resources are expended.
    • Deliverables include concept color renderings and aesthetic design evaluation.
  • 7.
    • Graphic User Interface 圖像使用者介面
    • Graphic User Interface (GUI) is necessary to develop a user-friendly 親使用者 product.
    • This design effort includes 2D Graphic Design 圖像設計 and 3D Interactive Analysis 互動分析 .
    • Typical projects include logo and icon design, as well as instructional and interactive graphics 互動圖像 .
  • 8.
    • Graphic User Interface 圖像使用者介面
    • Graphic design refinements are made throughout the new product design and development phases.
    • Deliverables include product graphics, traditional membrane control panel graphic layouts and LCD touchscreen interactive design.
  • 9.
    • PHASE3 Ergonomic Design 人類工程設計
    • In order to develop a user-centered 以使用者為中心 design, human factor studies are conducted to perfect the comfort level of the end-user 終端用戶 .
    • Textbook data, Humanscale 1/2/3, is compared to real life data, anthropometric 人體 research.
  • 10.
    • Ergonomic Design 人類工程設計
    • Further ergonomic analysis is performed by testing a mock-up model 全尺寸模型 to gather observational research and tactile feedback.
    • Deliverables include ergonomic diagrams 人體工程圖 , digital images and conclusions based on our findings.
  • 11.
    • Styling Model Design 造型模型設計
    • The goal of a styling model design is to refine the selected concept by creating 3D Styling Model Geometry 幾何形狀 .
    • Styling model geometry has draft on primary external cosmetic 表面 surfaces only and is typically unshelled.
    • Clearance checks to internal components are close approximations.
  • 12.
    • Styling Model Design 造型模型設計
    • This level of geometry creates non-functional 無功能性的 styling models, usually milled out 磨 of a solid block of material 原料 on a CNC machine.
    • Styling model geometry acts as a template 型板 for producing more complete geometry.
    • Deliverables include styling model geometry.
  • 13.
    • Styling Model Build 造型模型建造
    • The purpose of building a styling model is to provide a 3D object of the design concept for clients 客戶 to see and touch.
    • Although the concept model is aesthetically 審美的 realistic and close in size, it is a non-functional model.
  • 14.
    • Styling Model Build 造型模型建造
    • Usually, appearance models are milled on a CNC machine from our styling model design.
    • Deliverables include proof-of-concept model(s), breadboard 模型版 model(s) or handmade model(s) from foam, foam core 發泡材 , renwood, plastic and clay.
  • 15.
    • PHASE4 Manufacturing Options &Vendor Sourcing 製造業選擇 & 供應商源頭
    • Vendor sourcing matches a proper manufacturing process and supplier to the new product design.
    • Early involvement 參與 with vendors reduces design changes and lead-time 產品設計與實際生產間相隔的時間 .
  • 16.
    • Manufacturing Options &Vendor Sourcing 製造業選擇 & 供應商源頭
    • We start sourcing estimates for tooling 工廠修整 and piece-part costs from the initial 最初的 concept geometry as a result of our long-term relationships with suppliers.
    • Deliverables include reliable 可靠的 estimates and final quotations.
  • 17.
    • Prototype Design 原型設計
    • The new product design is created as 3D Prototype 原型 Geometry completed in SolidWorks design software.
    • Prototype design contains fully defined exterior 外觀 surfaces with draft 草案 , preliminary 初步 ribs 架構 , bosses and parting line joints.
  • 18.
    • Prototype Design 原型設計
    • The prototype geometry is built around interior components 構成要素 with clearance checks performed based on client specifications.
    • The prototype geometry is a valuable template for the final engineering design, however it is not used directly for production tooling. Deliverables include prototype geometry.
  • 19.
    • Prototype Build 原型修造
    • A prototype model is built using the prototype geometry to physically 自然規律 Represent 代表 the new product design.
    • The aesthetics, number of parts, service, industry standards, manufacturing processes, materials and assembly 組成 are all represented as accurately as SLA and CNC processes permit.
    • We can provide silicone 矽銅 rubber 橡膠 molds and multiple cast parts with threaded 帶螺紋的 brass 黃銅 inserts when several prototypes are required.
  • 20.
    • Prototype Build 原型修造
    • Painted steel, machined aluminum 鋁 and stainless 不銹的 steel prototype parts are also available.
    • Deliverables include a functional prototype model and prototype evaluation.