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Structure for a2 exam section a
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Structure for a2 exam section a

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  • 1. OCR A2 media Exam – Section A G235Structure for A2 exam q.1aparagraph 1 should be an introduction which explains which projects you did. Itcan be quite short.paragraph 2 should pick up the skill area and perhaps suggest something aboutyour starting point with it- what skills did you have already and how were theseillustrated. use an example.paragraph 3 should talk through your use of that skill in early projects and whatyou learned and developed through these. Again there should be examples tosupport all that you say.paragraph 4 should go on to demonstrate how the skill developed in later projects,again backed by examples, and reflecting back on how this represents movesforward for you from your early position.paragraph 5 short conclusionRemember its only half an hour and you need to range across all your work!A2 exam question 1bpara 1 Intro: which of your projects are you going to write about? briefly describeitpara 2: what are some of the key features of the concept you are being asked toapply? maybe outline two of the theories/ideas of particular writers brieflypara 3; start to apply the concept, making close reference to your production toshow how the concept is evident in itpara 4: try to show ways in which ideas work in relation to your production andalso ways in which those ideas might not apply/could be challengedpara 5; conclusionAgain remember you only have 30 minutes and that you really need to analyse thefinished production, rather than tell the marker how you made it