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Q1a a2 g322 exam section a
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Q1a a2 g322 exam section a

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  • 1. A2 MEDIA EXAMLesson Objectives: To develop your examtechnique.
  • 2. The Exam The exam is 2 hours long, and has 2 sections. Spend 1 hour on each section. You may want to do the Section B question first as it is worth most marks. Remember to number your answers.
  • 3. Section ASection A is based on your coursework. You answer both questions 1(a) and 1(b).Question 1(a)you must talk about both AS and A2 coursework products.Question 1(b) you choose one coursework product, either AS or A2 to discuss.
  • 4. 1(a) In this question you will be asked to discuss the progress of your skills from AS to A2 in relation to one or two of the following:  Research and Planning  Digital Technology YOU MUST TALK ABOUT BOTH  Post-Production YOUR AS AND A2  Creativity COURSEWORK FOR THIS  Use of Conventions QUESTION.
  • 5. 1(a) Past Questions Describe how you developedresearch and planning skills for media production and evaluate how these skills contributed to creative decision making. Refer to a range of examples in your answer to show how these skills developed over time. Describe the ways in which your production work was informed by research into real media texts and how your ability to use such research for production developed over time. Digital Technology
  • 6. 1(a) Examiner Advice Strong answers have a range of specific examples. Weaker answers are descriptive. Technical and conceptual terminology needed Evaluation and critical reflection on your work is needed. There needs to be a sense of progression over your A Level – Journey.
  • 7. Examiner’s Checklist for 1(a) Creative decision making Process Progress over time Specific examples Reflection on own development It’s about the Candidate
  • 8. 1(a) Production Terminology Production Terminology: What key terms will you be able to use in your  Moving image answer?  Print Conceptual Terminology:  Encoding, preferred reading, signifier, signified, connotation/denotation, narrative codes.  Link to key terms from theoretical areas (representation, audience, narrative, genre, media language)
  • 9. 1(a) Discuss AS and A2 coursework Reflection Progress Range of specific, relevant and clear examples from your coursework Terminology – technical and conceptual This question is worth 25 marks. You should spend 30 minutes answering it.