Press Release | For Immediate Release | January 4, 2011Kropp Circle on Apple iTunes Ping, Amazon Artist, and Amazon’s Soun...
Press Release | For Immediate Release | January 4, 2011                                                             (conti...
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Kropp Circle Press Release - January 4, 2011


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Press Release | For Immediate Release | January 4, 2011

Kropp Circle on Apple iTunes Ping, Amazon Artist, and Amazon’s Soundunwound Encyclopedia

Kropp Circle Charting At Number 27 and Number 42 on Two Top 40 Radio Charts

Alexandria, LA – To close the year, Kropp Circle returned to Alexandria by popular demand for live acoustic performances and meet-and-greets on December 18, 2010. Kropp Circle performed and made appearances for meet-and-greets at the Alexandria Zoo as well as at Centennial Wireless in the Alexandria Mall. Centennial Wireless was an official sponsor of the Ultimate Christmas Party & Concert with Emily Osment (Radio Disney, Hannah Montana) at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana on November 27, 2010.

Behind-the-Scenes Live Kropp Circle DVD

Las Vegas, NV – Kropp Circle is releasing a Behind-The-Scenes Live DVD of the Alexandria, Louisiana visit on December 18, 2010. The details of the limited release are still being worked out, but the DVD is expected to be available for purchase or included as a bonus DVD alongside the upcoming Kropp Circle CD album. An exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Live DVD is also in consideration for members of the Kropp Circle Fan Club.

Kropp Circle and the Power of Social Media

Facebook – Kropp Circle has accumulated thousands of new fans, having grown to nearly a record 5500 fans, a 2000-fan increase since December 17.

Street Teams – Kropp Circle has a tremendously active fan base and street team who have been hounding teen magazines to profile Kropp Circle. The most recent target has been Pop Star Online, which recently succumbed to fan pressure and embedded Kropp Circle’s official music video of “Can’t Stop The Rain” on the main page of their website.

Twitter – As a way to usher in the new year, Kropp Circle broadcasted live video to their fans using TwitCam on Sunday, January 3, 2011. Fans were able to interact with the band and ask questions. During the hour-long broadcast, over 774 fan tweets were broadcasted on Twitter. Due to popular demand, and many fan emails expressing disappointment that international fans were unable to participate due to differing time zones, Kropp Circle will begin holding weekly live streaming broadcasts using TwitCam on Sundays at 12:00 PM Noon PST, so that their fans around the world can also participate.

Apple iTunes Ping – Kropp Circle was invited to create their official Apple iTunes Ping account for fans on iTunes. Ping is iTunes’ social networking site that allows artists to interact with their fans, post videos, upload music, comment about music, and share news of favorite music purchases. Kropp Circle has four singles currently available for purchase on Apple iTunes.

Amazon Artist and Soundunwound – Kropp Circle was recently invited to create their profile for’s artist pages. The artist profile consists of a bio, photos, links to videos, and links to Kropp Circle’s singles available for purchase on and A more extensive profile of the band and its members is available on Amazon’s Soundunwound, a user-driven wikipedia where fans can submit information about the band.

Unsigned Las Vegas Pop-Rock Band Charting at Number 27 and Number 42 on Two Top 40 Radio Charts

Kropp Circle is still charting at Number 27 on the R&R Top 40 Indicator Chart and Number 42 on the Top 40 Mediabase Activator Chart. The band is

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Kropp Circle Press Release - January 4, 2011

  1. 1. Press Release | For Immediate Release | January 4, 2011Kropp Circle on Apple iTunes Ping, Amazon Artist, and Amazon’s Soundunwound EncyclopediaKropp Circle Charting At Number 27 and Number 42 on Two Top 40 Radio ChartsAlexandria, LA – To close the year, Kropp Circle returned to Alexandria by popular demand for live acoustic performances and meet-and-greets onDecember 18, 2010. Kropp Circle performed and made appearances for meet-and-greets at the Alexandria Zoo as well as at Centennial Wireless inthe Alexandria Mall. Centennial Wireless was an official sponsor of the Ultimate Christmas Party & Concert with Emily Osment (Radio Disney, HannahMontana) at the Rapides Parish Coliseum in Alexandria, Louisiana on November 27, 2010.Behind-the-Scenes Live Kropp Circle DVDLas Vegas, NV – Kropp Circle is releasing a Behind-The-Scenes Live DVD of the Alexandria, Louisiana visit on December 18, 2010. The details of thelimited release are still being worked out, but the DVD is expected to be available for purchase or included as a bonus DVD alongside the upcoming KroppCircle CD album. An exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Live DVD is also in consideration for members of the Kropp Circle Fan Club.Kropp Circle and the Power of Social MediaFacebook – Kropp Circle has accumulated thousands of new fans, having grown to nearly a record 5500 fans, a 2000-fan increase since December 17.Street Teams – Kropp Circle has a tremendously active fan base and street team who have been hounding teen magazines to profile Kropp Circle. Themost recent target has been Pop Star Online, which recently succumbed to fan pressure and embedded Kropp Circle’s official music video of “Can’t StopThe Rain” on the main page of their website.Twitter – As a way to usher in the new year, Kropp Circle broadcasted live video to their fans using TwitCam on Sunday, January 3, 2011. Fans were ableto interact with the band and ask questions. During the hour-long broadcast, over 774 fan tweets were broadcasted on Twitter. Due to popular demand,and many fan emails expressing disappointment that international fans were unable to participate due to differing time zones, Kropp Circle will beginholding weekly live streaming broadcasts using TwitCam on Sundays at 12:00 PM Noon PST, so that their fans around the world can also participate.Apple iTunes Ping – Kropp Circle was invited to create their official Apple iTunes Ping account for fans on iTunes. Ping is iTunes’ social networking sitethat allows artists to interact with their fans, post videos, upload music, comment about music, and share news of favorite music purchases. Kropp Circlehas four singles currently available for purchase on Apple iTunes.Amazon Artist and Soundunwound – Kropp Circle was recently invited to create their profile for’s artist pages. The artist profile consists ofa bio, photos, links to videos, and links to Kropp Circle’s singles available for purchase on and A more extensive profileof the band and its members is available on Amazon’s Soundunwound, a user-driven encyclopedia where fans can submit information about the band. (continued on next page)Media Contact Public RelationsStephanie Rachel Jeffrey GoldManager, Kropp Circle indivisiblePR/Corpus 376-7033 (702) 727-1767
  2. 2. Press Release | For Immediate Release | January 4, 2011 (continued from previous page)Unsigned Las Vegas Pop-Rock Band Charting at Number 27 and Number 42 on Two Top 40 Radio ChartsKropp Circle is still charting at Number 27 on the R&R Top 40 Indicator Chart and Number 42 on the Top 40 Mediabase Activator Chart. The band issteadfastly maintaining their standing in both Top 40 radio charts with the releases of their singles “Who We Really Are” and “Can’t Stop The Rain” oniTunes and Amazon and the accompanying official music videos on YouTube.About Kropp CircleKropp Circle is a super-charged pop-rock band out of Las Vegas and possibly the best new youth band in America. Kropp Circle comprises three over-achieving musical brothers who have been writing songs before they could ride bicycles. Kropp Circle has been a Finalist in Radio Disney’s competitionNext Big Thing, and twice the Top 3 Finalist among thousands of entries both in the categories of Rock and Pop in the UK’s prestigious song competition,The Peoples Music Awards. Kropp Circle has garnered over 11.5 million listener hits on their websites and gains nearly 500 fans daily through their activepresence on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. Kropp Circle’s single “Who We Really Are” receives hundreds of weeklyspins on Top 40 and Hot A/C radio stations nationwide. The band’s music is available on iTunes and Amazon. ###Media ResourcesKropp Circle Press Releases (PDF): Circle Website: http://www.KroppCircle.comKropp Circle Press Kit: Circle on iTunes: Circle on YouTube: Website: http://www.mykroppcircle.comAlexandria Mall: http://www.alexandriamall.comAlexandria Zoo: http://www.thealexandriazoo.comRapides Parish Coliseum: http://www.therapidesparishcoliseum.comKropp Circle on Pop Star Online: iTunes Ping: Circle on iTunes: Circle on Amazon: Contact Public RelationsStephanie Rachel Jeffrey GoldManager, Kropp Circle indivisiblePR/Corpus 376-7033 (702) 727-1767