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Presentation by Aaron Kronis - Slides don't explain everything so it may seem a little confusing without the presentation which was oral.

From Pubcon New Orleans, May 2-5th, 2013. See Aaron Speak next at Pubcon 2013 in Las Vegas, Oct 2013.

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Video & Viral Multimedia SEO -Aaron Kronis

  1. 1. Video & Viral Multimedia SEO Presented by: Aaron @KRONiS CEO - Stamina Records
  2. 2. What does viral really mean? • „The Urge‟ to share relevant content with your network (peeps). – Can be„Ego based‟ – „Sharer‟ posts & seeks „social credit’ or „social equity‟ for a niche from peers.
  3. 3. Viral Rhymes with Spiral (it does) • „Virility usually occurs when content connects on several emotions
  4. 4. It Makes Sense The Human Response Perspective Example: Valentine‟s Cards from grade school. Emotions: Nostalgia & Love
  5. 5. It’s the connections that go viral • If general enough & relatable, could connect two people with an old Valentine‟s story from grade school. • Then it is possible to connect others who relate & will thus share it virally after feeling „connected‟ to the topic.
  6. 6. How DOES one make something go viral?
  7. 7. Let‟s look at this with more scrutiny • 1) A video is NOT viral until it is shared • 2) A great video has the potential to go viral • 3) A crappy video has the potential to go viral if the right online influencers get behind it.
  8. 8. How do you make something „Go Viral?‟ • Similar to a newspaper‟s daily grind or a news outlet trying to get the „scoop‟ first. • Only in our situation, we‟re creating the news! • So it better be relevant and connect to emotions!
  9. 9. Create Something You‟d Share • The goal is to make something that causes the viewer to „WANT‟ to share it, possibly for their own ego. • CONNECT WITH 2 OR MORE EMOTIONS (valentine‟s nostalgia example)
  10. 10. Trends • Create a current take on a trend that has gained momentum online lately. • Add a unique angle to it, perhaps in your blog‟s voice or with your „flare‟. • You know what this means, now do it.
  11. 11. People STILL love lists. • Create a video that lists the top 10 bloggers in your field. • Uses the „EGO HOOK‟ such that some of these bloggers may link to you due to being IN it.
  12. 12. Everywhere I go people always ask me… • Well what have YOU done? • I don‟t get to execute that many Viral video campaigns. • Here‟s the latest one!
  13. 13. EXAMPLE • Kickstarter campaign • Ended April 17th. • SUCCESSFUL!!! • What was it?
  14. 14. The Mars Rover Art Car
  15. 15. The Mars Rover Art Car CHALLENGES: • A bit difficult to explain what you get • Pro Video made, but a little long • You can only share so much with your friends and network
  16. 16. The Mars Rover Art Car • Goal: $8K which if reached will be matched another $4K by a private citizen‟s donation. • Challenge: Get this FUNDED!!
  17. 17. How? • We took to Twitter and Facebook immediately. • Soon after we realized that our networks were saturated – didn‟t want to piss off our friends! • Outreach to Facebook groups, bloggers and celebrities.
  18. 18. Ways to promote a Kickstarter? • Local events: show up with 25 people dressed in orange flight suits to explain permaculture and hand out biz cards with the Kickstarter links. • Attended regional Burning Man event on March 23-24-25 in Joshua tree with our flight suits.
  19. 19. Outreach • To reach a critical mass, this helps with the national reach • As we were getting closer to our goal started to do more „spacey interest type‟ things to post pics from. • Such as going to NASA to meet Curiosity‟s twin sister here on Earth.
  20. 20. So what happened? • Well, we learned NOT to put our eggs in one basket. • I was told that the 5 million subscribers strong Facebook group „I Fucking Love Science‟ was going to post our campaign. • Elise was sick and traveling and didn‟t get to it before our deadline
  21. 21. Outreach • Tasked Rovernauts to approach 5 bloggers each and email them about our project to promote Permaculture. • We clarified our EDUCATIONAL component and cleared up what you get for donating a little better. • Everyone pulled together and we scraped by with $8,410 of $8K goal!!!
  22. 22. How are we for time? • Let‟s watch it? • YES • NO
  23. 23. Vimeo Vs. YouTube? • I spoke at WordCampLA 2010 • Ben Huh, creator
  24. 24. Vimeo vs YouTube? • Ben Explained: • Take the best Deal. • Get views, then • NEGOTIATE WITH THEM!
  25. 25. Setting up your custom YouTube Channel. • Some hints you may not know about. • Create the script of your videos for closed captioning – Upload it as a text file to youtube
  26. 26. How to prepare for traffic • Contingency for success! • If you have something that suddenly gets viral action you better be ready! • Own your profiles on all social media accounts.. Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest / LinkedIn / YouTube
  27. 27. Email Marketing • This is a huge part of a successful viral marketing campaign • Your already created list of targeted people will likely open the video if done properly.
  28. 28. Use your OWN data • Don‟t listen to some „social scientist‟ who claims, “8:30 AM is the best time to blast it out in your market” • The Answer is TEST your OWN data. • Send Emails out when YOUR audience opens them the most.
  29. 29. 3 Top Multimedia SE‟s? . • Pinterest!
  30. 30. • Do You Know About its Keyword Tool? • Keyword Research Tactics
  31. 31. Make YouTube Work For You • SEO Tactics: 1. YouTube KW research - Search KWs to find related terms in descriptions of videos results . 2. SEO Video Scripting – Planning out your videos 3. Upload Transcriptions (Earlier example) For Closed Captioning…and for Google of course
  32. 32. YouTube Optimization Less Obvious: – Text transcripts ( does it) – Use relevant copy surrounding images/videos with supportive keywords. – Don't forget to use the keyword VIDEO, never assume its there.
  33. 33. Remember to Engage
  34. 34. Remember to Engage • Engagement is half the battle. • Show how your YouTube Channel team is a fun group of people doing things that „define‟ them. • Post regular updates • Real behind the scenes candid camera phone videos are inexpensive and easy
  35. 35. • • Or Contact Info: Aaron Kronis CEO of @KRONiS (please follow!)