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Kroger465 Apr2010 Helping Hands Fund
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Kroger465 Apr2010 Helping Hands Fund


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  • 1. Helping Hands Fund General Guidelines The Kroger Helping Hands Fund provides financial assistance to associates in good standing who are experiencing financial hardships due to an unexpected or emergency situation. Our local Advisory Team manages the day-to-day operations of the Fund. The Advisory Team reviews requests for assistance, forwards the request to the Fund administrator in Cincinnati, who then returns the check to the store for presentation to the associate. An Assistance Request Form is available on your MI-Net, Cultural Council page. The completed form should be FAXED to the individuals and number listed on the Assistance Request Form, along with backup information proving the hardship. General guidelines for receiving assistance The associate must have been employed by the Company for at least one (1) year and must be in good standing. Both full and part-time associates are eligible. Funds are provided to assist with expenses in times of crisis, including: • Loss of residence due to fire, flood, tornado, etc. • Death of a spouse who contributed to household income • Death or serious illness of a child living with the associate • Major medical expenses in excess of insurance benefits • Short-term disability of associate or other contributor to associate’s household income when disability income doesn’t adequately cover necessary living expenses • Emergency flight from a domestic violence situation • Other crisis circumstances, as approved by the Helping Hands Fund Advisory Team. Assistance will be provided to meet the following expenses: • Rent/Mortgage payment • Clothing • Food (excluding tobacco and alcohol) • Medical insurance • Medical bills/prescriptions not covered by insurance • Utilities • Other needs, as approved by the Helping Hands Advisory Team.
  • 2. No funds will be issued to assist with hardship caused by the associate’s own actions, such as: • Credit card debt; • Bankruptcy; • Gambling debts. • Checks will be payable directly to the creditors to assist with the associate’s expenses (mortgage company, utility provider, hospital, etc.). • An associate may receive assistance from the Fund once during a five-year period. • All grants will be approximately $500, but the amount may be less, but no more, depending on the need.