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Kroger465 Apr2010 Dell Discount
Kroger465 Apr2010 Dell Discount
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Kroger465 Apr2010 Dell Discount


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  • 1. Kroger and our technology vendors have teamed up to offer employees sensational discounts on home computers! As part of the Kroger team, you can enjoy the benefits of reduced cost, easy procurement and great support from Dell, SARCOM, HP/COMPAQ, and Lenovo. Purchases can be made online or by telephone. Kroger provides access to these vendors at a reduced cost as a benefit of being a Kroger employee. Any transactions should be conducted on the employee's own time. Please note that all billing, support, etc. is solely conducted between the customer (you) and the vendor(s). Any questions about the discounts or products should be directed to the vendor. Dell Computer Dell offers Kroger Home Users specials and discounts plus a flat 7% off of purchases on a wide range of products. Code: GS13398188 To order by phone, call a Dell sales representative at 1-800-695-8133 to assist you with your purchase. If calling, please be sure to mention your Member ID: GS13398188 to ensure you get your special discount. SARCOM – Kroger’s Value Added Reseller (VAR) For Kroger negotiated corporate equipment offered to you go to the below link. This includes our heavily discounted LCD flat screen monitors used in the stores and on Kiosks. SARCOMDIRECT Additionally, for Cincinnati General Office Campus associates only, we offer purchasing of retired and refurbished computer equipment. Equipment must be purchased from the pool of reclaimed systems and is in a first come first served queue. This offer is tightly limited to 1 system per quarter and it is not possible for you to purchase your current system if it is being replaced. Due to the outstanding value of this program, there is often a backlog of requests. Used laptops are in the 100-200$ range, and Desktops/Monitors are usually sub 100$. BEWARE - Computers come without any software loaded, though an OS entitlement license is on the back of machines. HOW-TO questions and technical support are not
  • 2. permitted by either Kroger or SARCOM. This is a very limited supply program and available to Kroger associates only at GO, CDC, BTC, BAPB, Lunken, BAFP, and the HDC. For requests send an e-mail to SARCOM with the below required information: To: Subject: GO Campus Refurbished Equipment Request Body: Please place me in the purchase queue for the following equipment. < Desktop, Laptop, or Monitor >. My EUID is < euid > and I currently work for Kroger directly within the Cincinnati General Office Campus and certify I am also not a 3rd party or contractor. Hewlett-Packard /Compaq HP offers substantial savings on a wide range of products. Code: EN1271 Call 1-866-433-2018 for assistance.