New Media & Communication Predictions for 2012


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New Media & Communication Predictions for 2012

  1. 1. 1. Five years from now the internet will be dominated by Chinese language content.2. Today’s teenagers are the model of how the web will work in five years- They jump from app to app seamlessly.3. Five years is a factor of ten in Moore’s Law, meaning that computers will be capable of far more by that time than they are today.
  2. 2. 4. Withing five years there will be broadband well above 100MB in performance.5. Distinctions between TV, radio and the web will go away.6. The mobile device will be the world’s primary connection tool to the internet in 2020.
  3. 3.  We reach the barrier of  The year of mobile 1 trillion network broadband devices  50 MB of newtwork Machine to machine capacity for each user communication:  People will be living in technology that will the smart cloud allow both wireless and wired systems to communicate with other devices of the same ability.
  4. 4.  Devices will adapt to our lifestyles and evironments Newspapers and broadcasting television will dissapear. The NY Times will sell e-paper newspapers for $1 The radio will go on the internet The media arena is less and less populated Google will buy microsoft Amazon will buy yahoo Together they will become the world’s universal content leaders will BBC, CNN and CCTV
  5. 5.  There will be a cultural shift, therefore people will find it acceptable to expose more of their personal details on different forms of social media. Sharing your likes, dislikes, opinions, photos, videos and other forms of personal information will be the norm. People will become more accepting of personalized experiences, both corporate and personal.
  6. 6.  Brands and businesses will place user ratings everywhere and they will accept open feedback on their actual websites. User ratings will become so common that marketers should expect them to compose most digital experiences.
  7. 7.  Social media defines the way we interact with digital media, commerce and online TV. We will see the significance of influencer marketing grow dramatically. Example: the inclusion of Twitter in Google search results
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