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Memoir assignment

  1. 1. Writing a MemoirWhat is a Memoir?Memoir comes from the Latin word “memoria” meaning memory. A memoir is a type ofautobiography. An autobiography is a full-length story written by yourself about your life,usually written at the end of a career or lifetime and usually written in chronological order. Amemoir differs in style from the autobiography in that it tends to deal with more specific periodsof themes in your life. The types of memoirs that are published and sold in bookstores are writtenby people for their own reasons and for any number of reasons.What Sort of Events are in a Published Memoir?Anything and everything can be in a memoir, and they can be in any emotional range; however,the most popular are inspirational memoirs and the Mis Lit (Misery Literature) memoir, withmemoirs about war survivors and adults who have suffered from addictions, abuse anddepression.Why Do People Write a Memoir?Some reasons people write a memoir are:  They feel they have an important story to tell. Maybe they are the sole survivor of a disaster or have been treated badly by a big company. Maybe they have been misrepresented in the press or worked for a celebrity. Whatever the story, if they feel that a particular part of their life is an interesting story they choose to write it in a memoir.  For future generations. Maybe they are struggling through a divorce and want their children to understand in their adulthood what had happened. Maybe they want their grandchildren to know them better. Maybe they have emigrated and they want future generations to know what their heritage is. A memoir can be like a piece of them reaching out to their descendants long after they have gone.  To document their success, their rags to riches struggle, their journey from crackpot inventor to innovative millionaire, or their struggles as a freelance writer leading eventually to that one best seller. Both inspirational and interesting, everyone likes to read how people triumph in the face of diversity.  To document how they handle an illness. Whether they have an illness which will reduce their mobility, sight or attention span or have been diagnosed with a degenerative disease a memoir can be a good way to document their illness and treatment for others in a similar situation to read or to help their relatives understand how they may be feeling.  As therapy. Writing or talking about their feelings and past events can be an excellent way to work through them in their head and find some peace and resolution.  To remember. Writing a memoir can help to unlock memories they had forgotten they had and as a result can help them to understand themselves better.Memoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson
  2. 2. The AssignmentValue: 10% of Final GradeDuring this term you will write a Memoir. It will consist of a series of memories andthoughts on a predetermined set of topics. It is due on Thursday December 15, 2011. Itis important that you begin working on it NOW and for the remainder of the semesterto complete it on time without rushing.You will present your final copy of your Memoir in a loose leaf duo-tang or a snap-ringbinder. Whether you need a ½ - inch or a 2 –inch binder will depend on how much youput into your Memoir.Part of the mark is presentation, so you need to consider how to decorate the inside andoutside of your Memoir with personal artwork/photographs, etc. Your Memoir willhave a cover/title page and an interesting title.Your Memoir must include the following 15 chapters and an epilogue. The title andsubject for each chapter have been provided. If you have “issues” with a chapter andwant to propose an alternative, then please discuss it with me ahead of time.What It InvolvesYou are going to write 16 chapters. Each chapter must be at least 250 words (one fullpage of typing double-spaced). Feel free to write more when you get into the zone.Choose to share what you want. You do not have to share anything you don’t want to.Remember, you are writing for a public audience.Your good copy should be typed (font size 12 and double spaced only). If typing is notpossible for you, please let me know as soon as possible.Important Tip – Do not write your chapters as a single paragraph. Each chaptershould follow intro-body-conclusion model.Chapter 1 Who Am I How do you choose to describe yourself? What aspects of your life define who you are and how you see yourself?Chapter 2 Before I Was, There WereMemoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson
  3. 3. Describe an important relative or ancestor, some who impacted you life. Or you could write about your family and your heritage.Chapter 3 Suddenly I Became Me Share you earliest memories: people, places events, or all those cute things that you did when you were tiny (or so you’ve heard).Chapter 4 School Bells Share your early memories of school – Kindergarten through Grade 6, like learning to read, special school events, interesting teachers or good friends.Chapter 5 Furry Friends Describe what your childhood would have been like without your favorite pet, or what it could have been like if only your parents let you get the cute little puppy or kitten. Share memories of your special pet.Chapter 6 Home is Where the Heart Is? Or is it? Describe your impressions of your childhood town/city/reserve, neighborhood or house – whichever you want to focus on.Chapter 7 Hide and Seek Give a detailed description of a favorite childhood game you played, or talk about a specific memory when you had a lot of fun playing.Chapter 8 My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush Reminisce about those painfully sweet memories of discovering love.Chapter 9 I Wish I Could See ____________________ Again Tell about a childhood friend that you have no contact with any longer, but would like to see again.Chapter 10 Middle School / High School The dreaded junior high and high school years. We all had to get accustomed to the kids school, teachers, friends, activities, successes,Memoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson
  4. 4. heartbreak and manage puberty at the same time. Choose an aspect or incident from this period that you would like to share.Chapter 11 Favorite Flicks Write about your all time favorite movie(s) and experiences around watching them.Chapter 12 An Important Milestone Pick an event in your life that was a milestone for you. This may be getting your license, going hunting for the first time, your first trip alone away from home, buying your own place, or having your first child.Chapter 13 Let’s Take A Vacation A memorable trip you took with your family and/or friend(s), or a trip you would like to take.Chapter 14 What I Believe Share one or some serious beliefs that you were raised with, or share some silly superstition (s) or belief (s) you held (and maybe still hold).Chapter 15 Nobody’s Perfect We can not change our past, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like to. Write about one thing you would like to change from your past.Chapter 16 Epilogue Your epilogue is a reflection on the memories you have written about in your Memoir (your past) and how the process of writing your Memoir (your present) connect with where you hope your life leads to (your future). Did you notice a theme that came through in the various chapters of your Memoir?Memoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson
  5. 5. AssessmentYour memoir is marked using a rubric, which is based on expectations of grade 12outcomes.Memoir ChecklistHere is what you need to include in your final package:  Original title page (in binder or duo-tang)  Good copy of 16 completed chapters (in binder or duo-tang)  Brief brainstorm and rough copy of each chapter (submitted separately)ScheduleI have set up the schedule below to help you finish your Memoir. On the weeksindicated, I’ll ask to check to see your progress. These checks will count for marks. I willbe looking to see brainstorming or rough drafts. If they are completed you will receivemarks for that week.WK Week Chapters Due 1 Mon. Sept. 12 Ch. 1 : Who I am 2 Thur. Sept. 15 Ch. 2 : Before I Was, There Were 3 Thur. Sept. 22 Ch. 3 : Suddenly I Became Me 4 Thur. Sept. 29 Ch. 4 : School Bells 5 Thur. Oct. 6 Ch. 5 : Furry Friends 6 Thur. Oct. 13 Ch. 6 : Home is Where the Heart Is? Or is it? 7 Mon. Oct. 24 Ch. 7 : Hide and Seek 8 Thur. Oct. 27 Ch.8 : My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Crush 9 Thur. Nov. 3 Ch. 9:I Wish I Could See ____________________ Again 10 Thur. Nov. 10 Ch.10 Middle School / High School 11 Thur. Nov. 17 Ch. 11 Favorite Flicks 12 Thur. Nov. 24 Ch. 12 An Important Milestone 13 Thur. Dec. 1 Ch. 13 Let’s Take A Vacation 14 Thur. Dec. 8 Ch. 14 What I Believe 15 Mon. Dec. 12 Ch. 15 Nobody’s Perfect 16 Wed. Dec. 14 Ch. 16 Epilogue Thurs. Dec 15 MEMOIRS ARE DUE – NO LATES ACCEPTEDMemoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson
  6. 6. Evaluation RubricMemoir Transactional English Krystle Robinson