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Assignment description

  1. 1. Travel Brochure Assignment Due: Thursday October 13, 2011 NO LATES OR EXTENSIONS ACCEPTED!PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to have experience writing a variety of texts including abrochure that will sell, promote or market a particular service or product. Using persuasivewriting, you will design and develop a brochure to promote a particular travel destination.Task 1. Pick a destination. This can be anywhere from a small town to a city in another country (Ex. Churchill, Manitoba to Cape Town, Africa) 2. Make a log- use a sheet of looseleaf to record all the time spent in the various parts of this assignment. I will ask you to hand in your log with your assignment. 3. Research your destination. Use the attached handout to gather appropriate information and pictures on your destination using internet, encyclopedia, books and any other resources necessary). 4. Create your brochure using Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word. You may create a three-fold brochure or two-fold brochure. You will be evaluated based on creativity, visual appeal, graphics and layout used to “sell” your destination. 5. Create a Bibliography separately in Microsoft Word to reference any sources used. If personal sources, you will record them as well. You can use the APA style for referencing. 6. Submit your brochure, log and bibliography (either printed or electronically) for grading.RequirementsResearch- you should use at least 3 internet sources. If you have chosen a very small remotecommunity for which no internet sources are available and information is based on primarysources, then an exception will be made. However, if you have used common destinations than itis expected you will use multiple internet sources. Also try to use any available magazines,books or other sources with interesting facts/information about your destination.Destination- there are millions of places in this world! Each person should have a differentdestination. I will ask you to provide me with your selected destination to ensure no-one else haspicked the same one!!Format- You may be creative and use a variety of fonts and sizes for titles and subtitles in yourbrochure. Advice: for the main text of your brochure, use a standard readable font. Avoid hand-writing type fonts which make reading difficult. Font color may vary for headings and subtitlesbut it is best to use a dark font that is easy to read unless you plan to have a dark background, in
  2. 2. which case, a light font may be better. Font size: USE Between a 10-12. No larger font sizes willbe accepted!!!!You may choose to use a two-fold or three-fold brochure template.Graphics: feel free to use a variety of destination graphics to decorate your brochure. The bestway to do this is to use “Google images” to find pictures you like and then copy and paste theminto your document. ****YOU MUST reference these images!! To do that, create yourbibliography as you do the assignment. When you copy an image you like, copy the address inthe address bar and past it into your bibliography document.