Thomas becket o'brien and lease 1st
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Thomas becket o'brien and lease 1st






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Thomas becket o'brien and lease 1st Presentation Transcript

  • 1. ThomasBecketBy: Madison O’Brienand Katelyn Lease
  • 2. Childhood Born December 21, 1118 in Cheapside, London Studied in England, France, and Italy
  • 3. Moving UP King Henry appointed Becket as Chancellor upon the recommendation from Theobald, the Archbishop of Canterbury His job was to manage the distribution of royal charters, writs, and letters During this time, the King and Becket became good friends. To show the loyalty to the king, Becket led an army into battle. In return, when Theobald died, Becket was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 4. Role as Archbishop Thomas Becket’s appointment to Archbishop upset the people because of his little religious affiliations in the past. People feared that because he was friends with the King, the church would not rule separately. He demonstrated charity by giving to the poor.  13 new people were brought to his home everyday where he washed their feet, gave them a meal, and gave them each 4 silver pennies.
  • 5. Cont’d. Instead of fancy garments, he chose to wear a monastic habit. To punish himself for his sins, he slept on a stone cold floor wearing a tight fitting hair shirt that was infested with fleas. He was whipped daily by his fellow monks.
  • 6. Trouble in the Knight 1164, King Henry passed a law ranking royal courts as higher than church courts. Becket did not agree with this law, so he fled the land. And came back 6 years later. Tensions rose again when Becket asked the pope to excommunicate the Archbishop of York because he was only being loyal to the King and not adhering the rules of the church. 4 Knights took it into their own hands to kill Becket in Canterbury Cathedral on Dec. 29, 1170.
  • 7. Sainthood He was canonized a saint and his death site has now become a pilgrimage. Four years after his death, King Henry walked the streets of Canterbury barefoot while monks flogged him with branches. This was done to honor the righteous Archbishop of Canterbury.
  • 8. Resources as_becket.htm ORbeckett.htm