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Montecore slides version 3


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  • Future Plans for pages-Page that shows the different posters we offer for free to our buyers- (example design: This poster has a picture of a guy in a professional looking shirt. Its un buttoned showing his riped abs. on the right is a picture of jerky. In the middle are words like 97% fat free, Lean Meat, low carb, with lines/arrows pointing to both the man and the jerky. This can be also done with a girl.) – posters should also be in thai. And a nother poster should be for kids. - Page showing
  • This should be turned into an INFO GRAPHIC
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    • 2. Section 1The Product
    • 3. History Of JerkyOrigins of Jerky Comes from the Incan word “Charqui” meaning “dried meat”. Essential source of nutrition for explorers of North America. Popular American snack. Photo property of Montecore Snacks – Anan Sukumpanumet
    • 4. Definition/Attributes Nutrition jer·ky [jur-kee].meat, especially beef, that has been cutin strips and preserved by drying in thesun; jerked meat. – Product Category: RTE (Ready-To-Eat)- Jerky Attributes: A high protein snack. Oven-baked (dried) not fried. Low in carbohydrate. A good source of vitamin B. A low fat snack. Nutrition Fact for Montecore Jerky. Tested by ALS Laboratories
    • 5. Highlands Jerky- RecipeHighlands Jerkys Recipe: Was originally developed by Krit Sukawat who latercollaborated with 5-Star chef, Champ Sirote, of Grand Hyatt Hotel (Bangkok)producing a uniquely American taste while only using natural ingredients. This recipewas later tested (bacteria and shelf life) and its production process was improved bythe Food Science Center of Kasetsart University. The result is a meat snack with awater activity level under .69 that is naturally preserved to last well over six months.
    • 6. PackagingPackaging Specifications : Packaging Design:-7 x 4 inch PET LL plastic pack. - Minimalist design with a hint of vintage.-Thickness- 100 microns. - Thai and English text. -Predominantly Texas Orange (burnt orange).-Full color print.
    • 7. Product: Highlands Jerky First commercial beef jerky product to be produced in a Thai FDA approved facility. First commercial beef jerky product to be supported by the Board of Investment ( B.O.I. ) Photo property of Montecore Snacks – Krit Sukawat
    • 8. Section 2MEAT SNACK MARKET
    • 9. Meat Snack Market in ThailandWeaknesses of meat snacks in current Thai Market Small RTE meat snack market. Mainly squid and pork. Short Shelf life. Mainly fried products. Products contain high levels of fat.
    • 10. Jerky Market - Insight Jerky is has the largest market share in the American meat snack market. Estimated at 80 percent. Big U.S. Jerky Brands are beginning to expand into Asian markets. Jerky Giant, Jack Link‟s can be found in Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Middle East, Korea. It Thailand , it is featured in TOPS super market since September 2012 at the price of 120 baht per 50 gram bag.
    • 11. American Jerky Market- InsightMarket Size Major BrandsAccording to the Agricultural MarketingResource Center‟s website: “Retail sales of meat snacks in convenience stores reached $836million in 2008. Convenience stores account for more than 72% of sales while grocery stores account for about20%. The Nielsen Company estimates that the total sale of meat snacks hasgrown 65% since 2003 and has reached about $1.2 billion in 2008”(
    • 12. Future growth of Meat Snacks Meat snack market will grow with the presence of Jerky. 75-80% of the US meat snack market comprises of Jerky. Presence of Jerky in Thailand along with health conscious trend will increase the size of the jerky market.
    • 14. Launch EventSoft Launch Event at Sonic Ekamai- July 19, 2012
    • 15. Social Media MarketingSocial Media Marketing Through Facebook We will link our events to our social media activities,  Within the first week of launching our fan page – Our Keeping the Highlands Jerky experience close and posts have reached more than 17,600 people and personal with our customers. We currently have had more climbing. While almost a thousand people are talking than 360 “likes” on our page while our product has yet to about our brand. Others have voiced their anticipation of reach the markets. ( Counterparts such as NK meat and seeing our products in stores through post on our fan products- producer of Mr. Capp, has roughly 50 likes) – page‟s wall. August 11th 2012
    • 16. Athletic Sponsorship By sponsoring athletes, we hope to tap into one of our main target markets. Athletes sponsored by Highlands are all high level athletes that compete at the international level.
    • 17. OutingsFairs and FestivalsWe set up out booths andmusic festivals which exposesthe brand to another one ofour target market; travelers.Since jerky is very shelf stablesource of protein that can beenjoyed anywhere.Highlands also joinsinternational school fairs,which are often events richwith people who are familiarwith this product category
    • 18. Section 4The Company
    • 20. Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd.Company Profile Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd. is a Thaiowned and operated American-style beef and porkjerky manufacturer. Our jerky is produced under thebrand „Highlands Jerky‟. We aim to bring to themarket the largest imaginable range of dried meatsprocessed in many styles and flavors. Ourproduction facility, equipment, and productionprocess is inspected and approved by the Food andDrug Administration of Thailand ensuring that ourproduct is always processed in both a safe andhygienic manner. Our meat washed with carbon andUV filtered water and is dehydrated to have a wateractivity level(aw) of less that .75 making it shelfstable for well over half a year; satisfying thestrictest of import requirements. Traditionally, Jerky is sliced into thickpieces of meat that produces a product that is toughand, as the name suggests, “jerky”. Our R&Dhowever have found out that thinner strips of beefare more friendly to customers who may havetrouble chewing, such as those over 65 years of age.Our jerky therefore still retains the tradition westerntaste of jerky but is easier to consume.
    • 21. Montecore Production Facility  Location : 211/226 MuangThong 2/2 Pattanakarn soi 61, Pattanakarn road, Pravej, Bangkok , 10250.  Inspected and approved by the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand via SGS Thailand.  Request for assistance from BOI currently pending.
    • 22. Corporate Identity
    • 23. Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd.History- In 2011, 21 year-old Krit Sukawat, founder and captain of the Chulalongkorn University Rowing Team, was training his team to compete in the 2012 Thailand University Games. He wanted to create a healthy snack that would not only reenergize the team during practice sessions but would also be a great source of protein that would help aid muscle growth. He developed a recipe for American-Style beef Jerky that became an instant hit with not only his rowing team, but also his friends and family. Coming from a long line of entrepreneurs, Krit Sukawat decided to produce his Jerky commercially giving rise to Highlands Jerky.
    • 24. Management team Chief Executive Officer/ Product Manager: Krit  Chief Financial Officer: Thierrawat (Gym) (Tone) Sukawat: Graduated with first class honors Jungprasert: Co-founder of the company, Is a student from the faculty of communications arts, Chulalongkorn of the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University. His University. He is the creator of the Highlands Jerky expertise in law and business systems is the main driving Recipe and co- founder of Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd. force of Montecore Snacks Co., Ltd. Chief Marketing Officer: Steven Avram: Graduated  Chief Operations Officer: Anan (Junior) Sukumpanumet: from the faculty of communication arts, Chulalongkorn A student at the Faculty of Communication Arts, University. With a multicultural background, Steven Chulalongkorn University, is the powerhouse of the Avram is an expert in people, languages and trends. He management team. He is an expert in information is the “creative genius” behind the unique Highlands organization and is the key player in the company‟s Jerky Brand. business operations.