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066733websitelessonplankritayaphorn 066733websitelessonplankritayaphorn Presentation Transcript

  • 066733Computer-Assisted English Language Learning and Teaching
    • Present
    • Useful&Interesting ESL website
    • By
    • Kritayaphorn Surinkham
  • LESSON PLAN Aim To practice listening, reading, and writing about past simple tense Level Pre-Intermediate Time 2 periods Preparation Hardware: one computer per person Software: the Internet Knowledge: searching information in IE
  • Procedure Pre-computer work
    • 1. Teacher introduces how to use Past Simple Tense; states the rules, the structure (S+V2) , and the key words (adverb of time: yesterday, ago)
    • 2.Teacher gives some examples of imperative & affirmative sentences with using adverb of time
    • Q: What did you do yesterday?
          • I went to the library yesterday.
          • I visited my grand parents in Bangkok.
          • I helped my mother to do the housework.
  • Pre-computer work (cont)
    • 3. introduce students the website for additional activity related to Past Simple tense
    • http://www.real-english.com
    • teacher teach students how to use the website briefly
  • Computer work
    • 4. Students follow the instruction and begin to use the website http://www.real-english.com using the lesson 46(yesterday, past tense)
    • 5. Students watch the video clip and try to learn the concept of past simple tense.
    • 6. Students instantly do the past simple tense exercises in the website with various styles to practice.
    • 7. Then, they can immediately assess their understanding of using past simple tense when they finish the exercise.
  • Post-computer work
    • 8. Teacher assigns students to do past simple tense worksheet for reviewing and makes an appointment to test next time.
  • Evaluation
    • students self-evaluation by doing the exercise the in the website
    • Past Simple Tense worksheet
    • Past Simple Tense post-test
  • http://www.real-english.com
  • http://www.real-english.com
    • “ A complete free site for learning English: original videos with interactive lessons, an English teacher can present to help students and community of teachers & students learning together”
    • 58 video lessons for every learners’ level
    • (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • How to use
    • Choose a lesson
    • Watch the video at the top
    • Click on the “ Exercise1” follow the instructions
    • Do all the exercise
    • Go back to review the video clip
    • Choose the lesson &watch the video clip
    • Various types of exercise
  • Past Simple Tense worksheet
    • Thank you for watching
    • Kritayaphorn Surinkham 540231039